Monday, January 13, 2020

What Do You Think About BloomBerg for President?

Yes, I have been away from our Cultural Health Blog for a while.  But in this 2020 Election year Treason Trump and my friends have brought me back, by popular demand. I think this will be the most pivotal election in my life time, if not the most important in the short history of the great "American" experiment. This is not one to sit out.
Republican enough to speak at the Republican National Convention.
At a Republican convention ?

The following is an email sent to me from a friend Nman, 

Fw:  Arrogance is the Bloomberg way: All his billions can’t obscure a history of party switches and imperious behavior


I thought you would find this interesting. given the fact bloomberg claims he will keep his money in the race. even if he does not get the nomination. maybe this is the case. if his dislike for trump rivals his love for money. you think trump's attempt to
create an empirical presidency is something. watch out for this guy. trump's action will seem like the minor league compared to president b. he is smart enough to hire the people here and not Russians to create successful game plans to his amassing power.

from Nero to Augustus. as you like to say WOW! the proper order in written history is the reverse but that was then and this is now. trump v Bloomberg. now that's a show i would watch blow by blow every day. i don't think the dems are incline to give us that show. but money is a very powerful thing. it did give us trump the first. i do fine it ironic that trump's fate rest
in the senate. does that remind you of anything historically? not in Kemit. 


Aunk’s Response:

 “watch out for this guy. “

Isn’t this the guy who turned 2 terms into three in New York City?

 I agree, watch out for this guy!

Given the choice of an idiot Or a smart would be king, i’ll take the idiot because we could probably get rid of him.

“ for money.”

Yes, a core VIP of the WWV

Let’s hope our fellow citizens are smart enough not to hire another billionaire.

Right now it looks like the Dems battle will be shaping up between Bernie and Biden.

And yes they will need the rich “cultural humanist” money to help them do the heavy lifting.

” ...i do fine it ironic that trump’s fate rest in the Senate...” 

And the plot thickens!

Cultural Literacy Minute:
VIP = Values, Interests and Principles 
WWV Western World View

We are divine beings having a human experience.

Amen 👁𓊨 

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