Monday, June 28, 2010

10 Reasons Why Black People Should Not Take The HIV Tests!

Black AIDS organizations, as well as some Black Clergy, Black politicians and Black sports figures have been encouraging African Americans to take HIV tests and to take HIV/AIDS drugs. In making these recommendations it is clear that these individuals and groups have failed to research the debate over the validity of the HIV tests and whether HIV is really the cause of AIDS. On the other hand, doctors, scientists and researchers for years have been challenging the HIV/AIDS hypothesis. Few in the Black community have heard their objections. Let's go to the video tape for some of those objections.

HIV/AidS Doctors and patients, this trailer should alert you to the fact that House of Numbers is a must see if you have an interest gathering all the information on both sides of the HIV/AIDS debate.

1. None of the manufacturers of the HIV tests guarantee the accuracy of their tests.

2. There are about 70 things that can trigger a false positive.

3. Test results vary over time. you can test positive one day and negative the next day.

4. Test results vary between hospitals.

5. Test results vary between countries. There is no international HIV test standard.

6. Test results vary depending on which test kit is used.

7. The HIV tests do not look for HIV in your body. The tests just look for chemical reactions which have never been proven to have anything to do with HIV.

8. The personal information you give can impact test results.

9. If you start taking typical HIV/AIDS drugs, you will be poisoning your body in a manor that can cause your death.

10. No HIV virus has ever been isolated.

We in the African American Community must wake-up and start thinking for ourselves! We must take a serious look at the debate over HIV/AIDS and start asking serious questions.

For the full Story Click Here

To Hear a Radio debate Click Here

By Curtis Cost

Cultural Commentary: Cultural Health is facilitated by physical health. Medical literacy is a prerequisite to physical health. From the original view of medicine in recorded history, Central Worldview, Kemet, an Eastern tract and a Western tract emerge and are with us today. Non of these three major medical philosophy/sciences have all the answers to all health issues. I use a doc that knows all three views, how about you?

Friday, June 04, 2010

Growing Body Parts - A Status Report 2010

Suppose you cut off your finger in an accident and could just grow a new one in four weeks like a Newt. Well medical science has a new tool, Regenerative Medicine, the ability to grow new body parts.

This is new medical technology that can be extremely important to soldiers who have lost a limb or a transplant patient waiting to replace a sick organ. This article is a Video status report on the state of this new technology.

There are two main tracts at this point in the race to build new body parts, the stem cell tract and the ECM tract. Universities, Private industry and the military have regenerative medicine projects underway.

Let's go to the video tape to get you up to speed.

Now a word about loosing your finger. Here is a real world accident miracle repair that demonstrates ECM's practical potential. This guy was lucky to have this particular doctor as his brother. Video (8 Min)

Last but not lest, the breakthrough that is most important to me. I am an elder and all my parts work, however, I could use a few teeth and one or two more strands of hair. So stem cell teeth grown for the first time in animals got my attention. Video. (2 min)

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