Monday, January 18, 2010

Dr. King, Cultural Poisoning and You

Every Dr, Martin Luther King Day should be a day of self-improvement. It is a National Holiday, take your well deserved time off, but don’t let the day go to waste. It is a day that all Americans should use to improve their Cultural Health.

Did Dr. King exhibit symptoms of Cultural Poisoning? The answer is yes.

If you listen to Dr. King's speeches you will note that he uses the word "Negro" often. This was common among most Americans of the sixties. “Negro” is a DoubleSpeak word (not reality based). It is both a symptom of Cultural Poisoning and the means of transmitting the dis-ease. King suffered from this strain of Cultural Poisoning known as Name AIDS.

Cultural Literacy Minute: Cultural AIDS = Acquired Information Deficiency Syndrome.

How have we done since the 1960's regarding Name AIDS? We have done well in some respects and terrible in others. African Americans and as a result most Americans in general have cured the "Negro" strain of Name AIDS, even though they did not have Cultural Health terminology to describe the dis-ease. The Culturally Healthy result of their actions is that few Americans call anyone a "Negro" in 2010 (African year 12010).

That is, except the Democratic leader of the Senate Harry Reid, and even he knows better now, after all the flack the use of this Culturally Poisoned term brought him.

Our honored ancestor James Brown helped move us from “Negros” to I’m Black and I’m Proud. Malcolm X helped move us to African American, along side Asian American and European American.

On the other hand the pejorative "n" word form of Name AIDS has grown to epidemic proportions among African American youth and is threatening to spread to the larger American population. This back sliding trend of youthful N-word crack must be stopped. We must restore the Cultural Health of our youth. I am sure Dr. King would be standing next to us in this 21st century challenge. Our honorable ancestor Dr. King was also anti-Kamitic. That is, he from his religious training was on occasion heard to refer to our honorable ancestors the Kametans (Egyptians) negatively. This was another symptom of Cultural Poisoning that sometimes results from Cultural Illiteracy. Raising Cultural Literacy regarding Classical African Civilization, Kemit, (ancient Egypt) remains a 21st century challenge.

Now, Dr. King no doubt was a great American leader. Cultural Poisoning (CP) does not keep you or I from functioning. Despite CP, King did more then his share of good for humankind. I am not Dr. King bashing. I point out King’s symptoms to raise a Cultural Health Flag regarding who can suffer from Cultural Poisoning. In my DoubleSpeak book, I assert that 90% of all Americans suffer from some degree of Cultural Poisoning including Dr. King, and you and I.

The term Cultural Poisoning and the concept of Cultural Health did not exist in King’s time. Happily his moral motor was strong enough to drive the non-violence 18-wheeler of Civil Rights onto the main highways in America. If the Cultural Health concept came forward in his time, I am confident that he would have looked into it and incorporated raising Cultural Literacy and the reduction of Cultural Poisoning into his non-violent approach to America’s "race" problem.

King like Gandhi and others before them worked against the odds. Non-violent civil rights, was not as popular then as it is today. But King stayed focused, seeing the light of the future at the end of the tunnel. And so in our time, we understand that Cultural Health is not as popular today as it will be tomorrow. And so all of us, who have started this journey especially on this day, need to be reminded by our honored ancestor, to stay focused on the power of language and keep our eyes on the prize.

Truth crushed to earth will rise again. The concept of Cultural Health is on the move. As we transition from the Civil Rights Movement of the nineteenth century, to the Cultural Health Movement of the Twenty First Century, we must make NuuSpeak phrases like Cultural Poisoning and Cultural Literacy household words in America and around the world.

Every MLK day should be utilized as an opportunity to remind Americans, that the very best of our citizens can suffer from some strains of Cultural Poisoning. This does not make a person a racist. There is a middle ground between humanism and racism; the middle ground is Cultural Poisoning. It is not a disgrace to suffer from Cultural Poisoning; it is disgraceful not to do anything about it.

Cultural Health requires action to gain traction. Now that you know better, you must do better. Your mission, should you decide to accept, is to identify one symptom of Cultural Poisoning that you suffer from and cure it.

I wish you Cultural Health, Wealth and Wisdom.
Happy MLK Day


See Video Clip of Dr. Kings speech against the war 2 minutes

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mass Race-Who Wins- Dems or Repubs

Is it possible, that Ted Kennedy’s hard core Democratic state of Massachusetts, could elect a Republican? Step to the plate and go on the record before the election. How do you bet?

Democratic U.S.Image via Wikipedia

Ted Kennedy's life work was focused on getting health care reform passed. Just as this great deed is about to happen, could the Massachusetts people, elect a Republican, that is against everything that the great Kennedy name stands for? Or, is it just Republican Tea Party hype?

Personally, I don't think such an upset is possible. As long as I can remember, Mass has been a working class Democratic state. Working class people need health care, without Insurance Company "preexisting condition" dirty tricks. It's a no brainer, right.

However, as Dr. Martin Luther King's holiday approaches, I also remember, that when Dr. King brought the Civil Rights Battle North in the 1960's, he was shocked. He said, he ran into some of the most hateful "race" crowds he had ever seen in Mass. I remember the pictures, they made to South look like Boy Scouts. Have the Tea Party gang tapped something the main stream media has missed?

I hope not, but now it is time to go on the record. Who will win in Mass on Tuesday Jan 16th in the Special Election?

Democrat Martha Coakley or Republican Scott Brown.

See you back here after the election, to see who was right.

To vote in the Newsvine Poll on this subject Click Here

For more race details Click Here

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

"Science": "Beauty of The Week" #DMV

The Jameson Sista's are on point on and off the track. Keep a sharp eye on these up and comers. Name:Tameka Jameson, Kecia Jameson Age:20 Sport: Track & Field Major: Sports Administrations Minor: Communication Studies

We attened Eleanor Roosevelt High School that's where our
competetive spirit for the sport of Track & Field began. We had the opportunity
to work with Coach Desmond Dunham ( Founder of AAU summer T&F program The DC
Redwings) & who served as a major father figure & mentor in my life and still
does to this day.

For the full story hit the link and tell me what you think.

"Science": "Beauty of The Week" #DMV

Sunday, January 10, 2010

This Was The N-Word Week In Politics

N-Word ALERT: The week started with the Republican type President of the Tea Party caught using the N-Word, then moved to the Census Form and Ended with the Democratic leader of the Senate caught using the N-Word.

In case you were culturally asleep this week, or had something better to do. Here is a three part sample of what the reporting and conversation was like regarding these symptoms of Cultural Poisoning. Also see my cultural commentary following each major story link.

1. Tea Party President caught using the N-Word in public Click Here

If you have your RaceDar on you know who these people are and you are familiar with their code words. They have repeatedly demonstrated symptoms of Cultural Poisoning, often rising to the level of overt racism in the past and they most likely will be caught again. Tea Bagger code words 101, if you hear anything about the "Obama" government, will "enslave" you, or the N-word from these folks or their friends and apologists your RaceDar should go from low and peg at near 100%

2. Census Bureau caught using the N-Word Click Here

This bureau has been historically culturally confused and a consistent spreader of Cultural Poisoning regarding the misuse of the term "race". However, this is a new low, even for them.

New Census Form Choice: Black, African American or "Negro"

In the 21st century to regressively add "Negro" to this form is and outrage and a direct insult to every Culturally Literate African American. I think there must be some Bush undead or Tea Party folks infesting the census bureau. They should be hunted down and fired.

Cultural literacy Minute 1: There is one race the human race and many ethnic groups.

Cultural Literacy Minute 2: "Negro" and all its culturally poisoned variations, as used in the United States, is a term invented by racist for the purpose of perpetrating racism.

3. Democratic Senate Leader caught using the N-Word Click Here

I am a Democrat and I have never said there is no Cultural Poisoning in the Democratic Party. Before the 1960's the Dems were the Party of Cultural Poisoning and overt racism with Dixiecrat's leading the pack. However, that is not the case today, with some exceptions.

This is what I said about it in comment #35

Hetep and Respect Folks, this must be the N-Word Week. So there is Cultural Poisoning in the Democratic Party, never said there wasn't, this is America.

The difference is Reid apologized immediately when exposed and directly to the offended party and the apology was excepted, end of story. Compare that to the N-Word President of the Tea Baggers, who is still dancing. Or the Republican Anti-humanists at Fox News who don't even bother with that apology crap.

Hay, if Reid helps us turn the corner on Health Care Reform, he will go down in history as one of the most effective leaders of the Senate in history. I will shake his hand and help him get reelected.

What is important to learn here, from a Cultural Literacy perspective, is that not all symptoms of Cultural Poisoning rise to the level of racism. A working RaceDar can help you make this distinction. Keep yours tuned up, if it is broke fix it and if you don't' have one, get one.

This has been an odd week for a strange and troubling set of words that still plagues the Cultural Health of the Nation. The Cultural Terrorists are hard at work, listen for them, they are easy to spot if you are paying close attention.

The question for you is? How is your Cultural Health? Are you adding to the dis-ease of Cultural Poisoning or helping to put people at ease?

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

African Tombs of The Pyramid Builders Found

The Pyramids were not built by slaves as I was taught, or by little men from space, they were built by free skilled workman who were paid. See the tombs of the builders of the pyramids, see the builders themselves, video.

Let's Go to the Video tape: CULTURAL POISONING WARNING!
The Black ethnic group known to be the majority population of Classical African Civilization, Kemet (Ancient Egypt) is misrepresented in this video's simulations of African workman in Kemet.

When the Hapi (Greeks called Nile) river flooded, the farmers joined the professional pyramid builders on National public works projects like the building of temple/universities, Obelisks and Pyramids. The concept is not unlike the New England tradition in the United States, where the towns people coming together to build a town church or raise a barn.

Until recently the Cultural Terrorism of religious and Western archaeological mythology was able to run wild in the world unchecked by the facts. Cultural anti-humanists first told me that the pyramids were build by "White" "Jewish" Slaves, and that the Egyptians themselves where White. When the evidence on the ground repudiated these myths, then Western Archaeologists claimed that while the Egyptians were not White, they were not Black either, they were multi-ethnic (Semites or Arabs).

The Arab invaders of Africa that now occupy modern day Egypt led by Dr. YourAss, I mean Dr. Zahi Hawass and the National Geographic disgrace, as Dr. Ben use to call the magazine, try to tell me that Arabs built the pyramids. As an "expert" he knows that there were no significant numbers of non-Africans in Africa until c.1500 B.C.E. (Hyksos invasion) long after the pyramids were built. It is like saying that we who today occupy the United States are the indigenous people of Turtle Island (Americas). This would be obvious nonsense to anyone who knows anything at all about North American history. The same is true to anyone who knows anything at all about North African history.


While Dr. Hawass is a known Cultural Terrorist, as an agent of his government and the Western archaeological establishment, he is for the time-being in charge our buildings, the remains of our ancestors and their literature. As they dig up the work of the shinny ones we must keep watch with the traditional grain of Cultural Health salt.

There are even groups of Westerners that rather then say that Black people built the African Pyramids, try to convince some folks that people from Outer space built the pyramids. Even some modern movies like Transformers propagate this Cultural Poisoning, clandestinely slipping the dis-ease into our children's bio-computers in a "fun" package.

Professor Vega pointed this out to me at a family function, and sure enough, I asked my grandson why the Transformers (digging into the top of the great African Pyramid) was desecrating the African legacy? He said, "They built them, so they can destroy them...". Naturally, he got an on the spot Cultural Literacy lesson. How many children have not had this lesson and now have the "modern" Transformer Cultural Poisoning built into their bio-computers unchecked.

You would not run your computer without virus checking software, and you should not run your children without checking them for viruses either. In the case of culture, the virus checking software is you.

Many people, "religious", "scientific", Hollywood etc, with no evidence, have said many things about the building of the African Pyramids without evidence. Kemetologist (Link "N" Word Alert) have read the words of our ancestors and conveyed the reality to us, now hard evidence on the ground confirms the realities and puts the myths to bed forever more.


The question is, now that you know, what are you going to do about it. How is the Cultural Health of your children and grandchildren? Are there cultural terrorists in institutions that you are associated with that slander Classical African Civilization? Would you simply just let the slander stand or will you stand and fight.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Republican Party 8 Points Away From 0% Approval Rating

The Republican party just can't seem to catch a break. Chicago not getting the Olympics is the only victory the poor Republicans have had in quite a while and they couldn't even celebrate that lone score without coming across looking like they were cheering against America. And then just a week after their celebration of our country losing the Olympics and that action 'signifying that the world was rejecting Obama' those damn Norwegians have to go and give him the Nobel peace prize."

Cultural Commentary:
Any Party that can not capture the imagination of America's youth will suffer greater losses in time. Repubs had less then 5% of the African American vote. Now another American demographic is running more then 90% against them. This is not a formula for success in Health Care Reform, or 2012. Let's get Health Care Reform done. Youth get on those smart phones and hit the congress.

For full story and the numbers, click the link and tell me what you think. The party of fail.

Friday, January 01, 2010

The Obama Kwanzaa Series Day 7 of 7 2009

In the Obama Kwanzaa Series we have been comparing Obama's principles and performance, especially his first year in office, to each of the seven principles of Kwanzaa. The question today is does Obama demonstrate and/or merit the traditional faith of the ancestors?

Call: Habari Gani
Response: _________?

7. IMANI (Faith) [ee-MAH-nee]

To believe with all our hart in our people, our parents, our teachers, our leaders and the righteousness and victory of our struggle.

In Classical African times the people had faith in their leaders the Kings and Queens of Kemet (called pharaohs by the Greeks). Most of the leaders were fully developed individuals living in the service of their people and building the first great multi-ethnic society in recorded history. The great monuments and instructional tools of Classical African Civilization, shine to this day, proclaiming the victory of their struggle. But the King did not do this by him or herself the people helped. The people built the great African pyramids with the King as the greatest public works project in recorded history.

Now we are in a new time, where the Sleeping Giants sat on a wall, and the Sleeping Giants had a great fall, and all the King’s horses and all the kings’ men, even with community organizers, had difficulty putting our community back together again.

There are children who have had faith in Obama as a parent, there are students that have had faith in Obama as a professor of law and his leadership as a politician is already legendary. He had faith in the American people when we and many in the world had lost faith. I humbly submit to you, that Obama’s "Yes We Can" mission of hope is Kwanzaa's IMANI in modern practice. Imani's brings with it a special community wide positive energy and we must keep that energy moving all year, especially, this year, if we are going to get our down payment on Health Care for All passed by the end of February.

We had faith in Obama and he has done his job during his first year in office. It is now time for us to do ours.

I have faith that the community organizers, with our help, will deliver “Health” Care Reform - version 1 - in 2010

Obama's first years performance as President confirms the fact that he is a good new wave example of the ancient First Fruits Festival principle of IMANI. Our ancesters from Ausar, Heru and Auset to Garvy, King and fanny lu hamer are proud of the President's first year efforts.

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