My third focus is technology, a kind of thinking about the future and the tools of today

This space is now configured as 3 FREE Artificial Intelligence 101 courses.
1. A.I. 101 Intro           3 min (just watch the two videos)
2. A.I. 101 Basic         11:38 min (Intro + 2nd Watson  & Iphone linked videos)
3. A.I. 101 Extended   34:00 Min (1&2 + Overview of SW reasoning & learning)
Enjoy this A.I. 3 in 1 course and I hope you have your own PAL Soon
Choose the one that best fits you time for now.
I worked in field engineering back in the day of 25 million dollar 2nd generation mainframes. Much has changed since that time but one of the biggest computing challenges still remains to make thinking reasoning Star Trek like computers, communicators and androids like Data.

So here I would like us to keep each other informed about the latest in Artificial Intelligence (AI), modern communicators like Iphone/Droid and the latest in robotics  (including simulations from cars to planes).
Lets start with the latest in big commercial A.I. IBM's Watson

To learn more about the Watson Project see the links below:

IBM Watson: The Next Grand Challenge 4:48

You can find the full final game of Jeopardy on you tube. But now we will move from big A.I. now that you have a feel for the complexity, to little A.I. IBM spends billions In the big space in the little space it is free to inexpensive mainly your time.  
This is a personal project I worked on over the years called AunkBot a kind of virtual Rudy Aunk  that people could ask questions when I am not here. The idea behind Aunkbot is to put my reasoning on line in a way that my grandchildren can ask me questions when I have left the building (earth). AIML is the language used for those interested.

To visit with AunkBot Click Here

Please don't curse at AunkBot he is still in his infancy and doesn't know about somethings. Asking him about religion can get interesting though. 
Now as I was writing this page two remarkable things happened, the Iphone 4S was announced on Tuesday Oct 4th with built in Watson like world class A.I. (Siri) at a price an individual can afford. The second to happen was that Steve Jobs the man responsible died on Wednesday the 5th 2011. 

Wow the spirit works in mysterious ways, it is almost like Job's spirit was not leaving this plane until his next revolution was launched. Why did finishing this page not go on my To do List until this week? hmm

Let's Go To The Video Tape

Now you know I like this guy because I am a runner. There is nothing worst then not running because you are waiting for an important call or worst running (as I do with my Iphone GPS App) and getting the important call miles into a five mile run. Did we just see a system that will adapt to the user rather than the other way around? 

Now my AunkBot learns but real slow because I am the manual AIML teacher.  What we just saw was a cognitive software system, that is, a system that can reason, learn from experience, be told what to do, explain what they are doing, reflect on their experience, and respond robustly to surprise.

Wow, This changes everything again!
Here you will find some of the technology I use in my Cultural Health work along with tips for instance on my top apps for the Iphone. 

Here is your first question. I say I started using the Iphone before there was and I phone. What apple product am I talking about?

Feel free to put your answer in the comment section

Technology section of the Cultural Health Book Store (Yeah, I know I need to update it)

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