Saturday, May 25, 2013

Even in Death an Apple is worth more then a Droid. SOLD: Apple 1 $671,400

One of what's thought to be only six working Apple 1 computers -- hand-built by Steve Wozniak -- flies out of a German auction house for a tidy sum. The last one went for $640,000

It is interesting to note that no droid anything is worth what an apple is worth. Microsoft's Windows Apple clones thought they won the PC wars against Apple, they were wrong. PC sales down, Ipad sales up. Tomorrow you will not be able to find a PC as everyone has Ipads.

Today Iphone clone's (the google drone mob lead by the foreign Samsung) thinks they can win against the gold standard Iphone ecosystem, they are also in error.

I remember this machine what a revolutionary beauty. It is marvolus to see this "A" Team spirit still alive at the great Job's apple. I can't wait for the June/July WWDC IOS 7 and other announcements. It was this machine that lest to the medical health break through apps I have on my Iphone like, hart rate monitors, Istethoscope with it's EKG graph, the first diabetes app to check a person's blood, Iphone comparable weight and blood pressure products and much more.

So speaking of investments that might be worth real money in one's retirement, even a dead Apple is worth more then a live droid, where is my, still working, Apple Newton.

Long Live the, still working, Apple 1


Apple 1 breaks auction record, goes for $671,400 | Apple - CNET News:

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