Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The American "Health" System is SiCKO

Michael Moore's SiCKO (official trailer) What is important to note is the insurance corporation employee that on camera, under oath, tells us she was hired to kill the corporations customers, us the insured. (Video)

I just saw Sicko. Just so you know, I am not a movie goer However, after I heard a Republican recommend one of Micheal Moore's movies, I made it a must see. I am currently writing a book on Health and SiCKO is about Universal Health Care (UHC), Which countries have it and how it works. However, Sicko is not just about UHC it is about what kind of country do we want America to be.

In case you missed it, at 1:40 into the video, Dr Linda Peeno testified that she was hired by the criminal insurance industry to kill its customers. Dr. Peeno has subsequently pointed out that no "law enforcement" agency has contacted her or her company, let alone initiated prosecution for crimes against patients.

I mean wait a minute. just think about this for a second. Suppose you were hired by Walmart as a cashier and your manager told you ("implied") that you need to kill a certain percentage of the customers you serviced. would you want to be a customer? I mean what kind of store would this be? What kind of country do we live in?

I mean, I am just saying, now back to the immediate issue reform.

FDR had it right, here is the surprise lost clip that was at the end of SICKO.  These are the three pieces that caught my eye.

The right to adequate medical care and the opportunity to achieve and enjoy good health;

The right to adequate protection from the economic fears of old age, sickness, accident, and

The right to a good education.
From bottom to top Public Education, Social Security and our President has made a good down payment on the FDR health vision. 

Here is a link to a Universal Health Care Map . You will notice that their seems to be no UHC on the continent of Africa. It is interesting to note that the continent that invented universal health care (Everyone in a village was entitled to adequate care), seems to have forgotten.

Every American and every African shouid see this movie!

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