Monday, March 22, 2010

HCR Bill Passes: GOP Mass Suicide Live on National TV

Health Care Passes for the American people 219-212. Almost as important, is the fact that the Republican party committed suicide on national TV and on the Internet. (Video)

This week Republicans in the Tea Party openly used the "N" word and spit on African American congress persons. Last night I watched Republican leadership curse on the floor of the house during the end of the health care debate. One congress person yelled calling a pro-life democrat a baby killer.

It is in this backdrop that we have adults doing what I hired them for, pass health insurance reform.

Let's go to the video tape.

Republican Leader says "Hell" NO! President says this is what changes looks like.
Compare the words of the adults vs. the anti-humanists, then take my advice.

Elect no Republican for 100 years.

It is a simple choice, what is more in your and our country's best interests, the "N" Word, or 33 million more of our fellow Americans with access to sick care. In the end, the Republicans did this to themselves.

Focusing on our future,
there is more work to be done. We need to get reconciliation through the Senate and the bill signed. As law, we all need to help make the bill work. It won't be perfect, but we must highlight the good elements and tell the stories of the Americans who are helped by the reform. We must also focus on things that go wrong and move quickly to fix them.

In the new America, the best Democrats, will be Republicans who get sick.

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