Sunday, June 28, 2009

Micheal Jackson Thanks for Helping My Son

My youngest son has cerebral palsy and your music and entertainment genius gave him countless hours of joy and great dancing fun. His mother and I thank you for activating the sound in our son's spirit.

Michael JacksonMichael Jackson via

I was talking to the Queen mother of our family the other day on the passing of Micheal Jackson and she told me something I had not heard from her before. She reminisced about how our son use to love to dance to Micheal's music and how he new all the words. For a minute, we could both see him in our minds eye, in those eyes that only parents have.

She told me she had always wanted to send Micheal Jackson a letter thanking him. So today, as we offer our condolences to your family in this time of transition, I am saying thank you for both of us

Our son has grown to be a fine young man and a technical wiz. This is what my son wrote on his new cyber-magazine this week.

I was very sad to hear about Michael Jackson's death I grew up with his music I'm currently 31 years old and despite my disability I did my best as a young child to imitate his dance moves when I was dancing to his music whether it was in my wheelchair or on my knees his music helped me forget about my disability for that time.

My mother gave me the middle name Micheal which, my youngest sun carries. As you may know, it is from the christian archangel Michael. This cosmological archetype comes down to us from classical African Civilization, Kemet (Ancient Egypt) as the Neter Huru. Heru is the source of the universal archetypal concept that we understand in the West as a Hero. You have certainly been a transnational, trans-ethnic musical hero to many.

You may know about these prisoners but I and most of my readers did not.

Michael Jackson “Thriller” by Philippines’s Prisoners

The reach of your positive cultural energy through your entertainment genius is remarkably transcendent, King of pop. Here we have Prisoners at the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center in the Philippines, activating and energizing a core values of the African and Asian worldview, collectivism. This is the most massive and remarkable jail exercise routines I have ever seen. Wow! Talk about different roads to psychological and cosmological freedom.

As an ancestor we know you will receive all your messages, it is not like E-Mail down here on the earthly plane, so thank you for taking a microsecond to absorb our family thank you.

P.S. If you are feeling Mr. Jackson's spirit during this transition, I highly recommend you watch the videos in the three stories below especially, the last one which, tells you a lot about this spirit's impact on our planet.


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Friday, June 26, 2009

The Obama Plan in 4 Minutes (Video)

Here is the Obama Three Point Health Care Plan in 4 Minutes, completely transparent in on national TV and bulletized in black and white. Every American should have this resource, so you can read it and compare it to the written plans as they come forward before passage.

Lets go to the video tape, 1. Insured: what is in it for you. 2. No insurance: what is in it your you. 3. What is in it for all Americans. Let's hear the educator in chief.

As far as I know there is no transparent, on TV, for the people, Republican summary and extended bulletized summary that the average citizen can follow and compare of the pro-deathers plan.

Don't believe the hype of the Republican pro death care, selling Health Fear machine. Go to the source and read the facts. So you can compare and make an informed judgment.

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Black Judge Says Black Voting is Unconstitutional

Clarence Thomas, official portrait from {{w|EE...Image via Wikipedia
The United States Supreme Court on Monday in effect upheld the Voting Rights Act that was enacted to enable African Americans to actually vote in Southern America. The lone Republican African American dissenter Clarence Thomas said, in effect, Black Voting is unconstitutional.

There was speculation in the African American community that the extremist right wing Republican stacked Supreme Court would strike down the Voting Rights Act and its protection against Southern racists interfering with an African Americans right to vote.

This is the Court that stood by while Bush and their forty thieves prevented three million African American and Latino American voters from voting and appointed Bush to the White House. Obviously, the history of this court was not encouraging to my community.

The court deserves credit for their relatively positive 8-1 vote not to attack the Act. But what about that one vote?

In case you don't know Judge Thomas, he is that cruel joke that the Republican President Regan played on America's EEOC and the Supreme Court. He is a Cultural Traitor of the highest order, from his infamous dealing with African American (AA)job protection during his time at the Equal Employment Opportunity commission (EEOC), to his behavior with AA woman (Anita Hill) and now his disgraceful track record on the Nation's highest court.

This is just one more nail in the cultural coffin of Mr. Thomas.

The good news is, that almost every AA alive today would know this enemy of our community on sight. He is unwelcome anywhere Culturally Healthy people I know of in the community gather. The bad news is, that he is appointed for life and his Cultural Poisoning dis-ease will probably be with him for life.

P.S. have you ever met Mr. Thomas' ex-girlfriend Lillian McEwen who says he was a drunk and a pervert. Is it me, or do Republicans know just what type of AA's to use as shills.
Does anyone have the antidote for this AA?

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Monday, June 22, 2009

The President Pitches to the American Murder Association (AMA)

The American "Medical" Association has been against "health" care for all for decades. So it was amazing to me that the President should choose this Republican stronghold to lay out his New American "health" care plan including costs. (Video)

Some may think my calling the American Medical Association the American Murder Association is over done. IMHO, that name is more repetitiveness of their performance toward me the patient, so I coined it. Here is an example of what I am talking about. Dr. Linda Peeno while working for one of medical industrial complex which the AMA is part of caused the death of a patient (her words)and no one has done anything including the AMA to stop the patient killings by MediPlex.

You don't even want to get me started on the Sick Care provided by AMA doctors vs. the Health Care that we really need. Do you know American medical history? Did you know that the Allopaths used the law to killed off the homeopaths to the determent of the American patient's health.

In Closing, there is a Cultural Literacy test for you in the video. There is something African in this picture, can you find it? No,President Obama is not the answer, look closely.

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Have a Happy and Culturally Healthy Fathers Day

On this father's day we must remember Neda of Iran and her father and mother. Bless them and send them loving energy.

The spin no longer works in America, in South America or Iran. We are standing here in CyberSpace and the truth can not be buried. The people are standing up. Bush and the Taliban Republicans of the 2000 election and extreme right wing everywhere have taught the world a lesson.

So today I am reflecting on what it means to be a culturally literate father? I am also thinking of Neda of Iran and what it would mean if I lost my daughter to a Bush or an Ayatollah Humani.

A fellow columnist on Newsvine synthesis pointed me to the Neda story and like him I can not bring myself to link to the video. If you are a father and your children are still on this plane you are lucky indeed, it is not so for all.

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Religion has a Roll in Cultural Health (Video)

Many new Korean churches have opened up in my neighborhood. I always wondered what their services were like. Take a peek - My Desire is to Worship God - Heritage Mass Choir, Afro-American Style Gospel in Korea

Cultural Health can show up where you least expect it. I think these young Korean brothers and sisters have got it down. It feels like the creator is singing through her creation.

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Monday, June 15, 2009

Bill Maher Tells Some Truth About President Obama

I voted for the President for some of the same reasons as my fellow citizen Mr. Maher. Mr. President I hope you watch this video because brother bill has something to say that you should hear.

American "Health" Care for all (everyone in, No one out) Vets no charge - in 2009

And I don't care who don't like it!

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Sunday, June 14, 2009

White Cop Attacks Black Ambulance Personnel

You have to see the Video to believe the willful disrespect for the life and health of African Americans. If your mother is in an Ambulance you better be in there with her with a video camera.

The cop choking the African American should be fined a minimum of fifty thousand dollars, fired and barred from working with the public for life. All these cops should be disciplined and their record with the African American community investigated for patterns and practices unbecoming a police officer.

Full Story Click Here

The officer who calmed the out of control cop down may deserve a medal. However, he should be disciplined for not arresting the criminal cop on the spot. The district attorney should be fired and disbarred for not bringing charges and the head of the state police should be relieved for allowing this criminally insane cop to remain a threat to the health and welfare of the good citizens of his jurisdiction.

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Nurses Embrace Single-Payer Healthcare System

Sen. Bernie Sanders and Nurses Union Leader Rose Ann DeMoro Urge Obama to Embrace Single-Payer Healthcare System

Support your Nurses, now is the time to ACT!

Members of twitter - Go to Twittion and sign my American Health Care Partition Click Here

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Monday, June 08, 2009

Oldest Human Foot Print Found in Kemet (Ancient Egypt)

Archaeologists found the human footprint, imprinted on mud and then hardened into rock, while exploring a prehistoric site in Siwa, a desert oasis in Egypt.

The oldest Africans in Nile Vally civilizations was previously dated at 200,000 the new dating may be 2,000,000. Live and Learn or Crash and Burn.

Full Story

Related Story

Oldest Human Footprints With Modern Anatomy Found

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