Thursday, September 30, 2010

President Bill Clinton's Weight Loss Secret

President Bill Clinton and I are the same age But our health and fitness level is very different why? Take a look at Bill and I then tell me what you think the difference is (Video)

That was Bill and here are some shots of me, hit the link and tell me what you think?

Lets go to the Video Tape

No wise guy, the answer is not that he is White and I am Black. There are two things we have in common, we both have a protean drink in the morning. Here is my LifeRcise "Morning FreeThree". The first thing I do when I leave my bed is have a Glass of water. The second thing I do is have my second glass of water with my supplements. Then I do my morning LifeRcise afterwards I have my third glass of liquid, fresh juice from my juicer with a scoop of 25 grams of protean powder (My power Protean Drink). My protean drink is my breakfast, often I will add an Organic V8 type premixed drink that comes in a glass jar (no plastic).

We should all drink at least eight glasses of water a day. The name FreeThree comes from the fact that you will note that I have had the first three of my eight glasses of liquid and I have not left the house yet. So I think of my first THREE as FREE.

Fitness and wellness will depend to a large extent on the images we carry in our bio-computers (Mind). I don't see how I can drink eight glasses of water a day, is one image. The other is the FreeThree. What image program is running in your bio-computer.

Now back to the original question, What do you think the difference in Bill and I are? I will give you a hint I have not had a hart bypass and Brother Bill has.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

AA President Elected, Republicans Turn to Witches and Satan

 If Obama said he was a Witch and worshiped Satan or anything like that, no Democrat could go near a camera without being asked about Party Witchcraft and Satanism support. (Video) How did this get off the corporate news front pages?

The Taliban Christian Christine O'Donnell indicates she will throw Jews and Blacks under the bus. OK now, you think I have made and over statement. Trust me, anyone who's Cultural Anti-Humanism would cause them to give Jews up to Hitler would not hesitate to give of Blacks up to slave catchers like the KKK (Klu Klux Klan). 

Any Republican foolish enough to drag out the distraction tactic of the old "Socialism" boogie man, should be asked about Republican Satanism.

Did you see these videos, you can't make this stuff up. My Republican friends who are still standing, if you are going to march to restore honor. For the love of God, you must march to restore honor to your party, by purging the Taliban Christians, Satan candidates and the Confederate Party, that drinks tea from your ranks.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

IReport: Buses Brave Flooded Bridge, Wow!

You have to see this to believe it. This is one buss I would not be getting on, I don't care how bad I wanted to get home.

CNN producer note

DigibuzzMM says she shot this video August 27 while visiting Nicaragua to make a documentary. She says she filmed buses crossing and then decided that chancing the cross was necessary. Her group paid seven men to push their truck across, and she describes the trip as feeling almost as if she was floating through.
nsaidi, CNN iReport producer

This is an example of the power of iReports all news outlets should incorporate them. Local people on the ground can be where the MSM is not. HypoLocal is this years news buzz word of the year.

 Join us again for Technology Tuesdays.  Cultural Literacy and Computer Literacy for 21st century effectiveness.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Are you going to the One Nation March on Washington October 2?

Ed Schultz is about to kick Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and the Tea Party's butt on October Second. In one corner, The Republicans have Rush and Beck, in the other corner, Rachel and Ed. You can see modern American diversity, and the lack of it, just in the comparison. (Video)
I am an Ed Head, and I support the March. What do you mean you don't know about Big Ed and the March.

Let's Go to the Video Tape

This march, unlike the Beck, let's use MLK to attack African Americans and fire up the Confederate Party, that drinks tea march, the crowd will look different. This middle class march on Washington, will look like America. Every stripe in America will be fully represented, hundreds of thousands are expected. and they don't have to tell psycho's not to bring signs.
The One Nation March will show the Confederate Party, that drinks tea march, for what it really was, as small tea party. I predict the Union, NAACP, Ed march will be the turning point in this election. I have Republican friends who are sick to their stomach about the psycho talkers taking over their party and they want it back. Many of these moderate Republicans and independents will go to the polls in November to vote Democratic, as a Tea Party protest vote.
We have serious issues in our Nation and we need serious Culturally Healthy leaders and voters working on them. We need to focus on Jobs,China and ending the Israeli/Palestine war.
Let me go public, I support the Republican Tea Party Protest Vote. I predict it will send a shot across the bow of the party and end the Republican Civil War.
Will you be at the The thriller in manila Oct 2?
Do you support The one Nation March?

Original Story: my MSNBC/Newsvine News Column with Poll and original discussion.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

The 42 Commandments of Ancient Egypt

The 42 commandments of Classical African Civilization, Kemet (Ancient Egypt/Nubia), were as widely know in the ancient civilized world, as the ten commandments are known in the civilized world of today. (Video)

Here stands an African American still reciting these ancient commandments today.
:Let's Go To The Video Tape

In this version of the 42 Declarations of Freedom from Sin it is interesting to note that the Sister says I have not committed treason against my ancestors. She is hear talking about Cultural Treason. She also talks about Ma'at. To find out more about Ma'at and the worldviews that enable one to distinguish Cultural Treason Click Here.

Now let's  rewind to early Classical African Civilization (CAC) c. 4500 B.C.E. ,  and the African Astro-psychology charts. What we will see is the original cosmology that is today seperated into the "modern" disciplines of Astronomy, on the one hand and Astrology and Psychology on the other. Here we see the earlyest concept in recorded history of universal laws "Jupiter" representing the ntr law of Tehuti and justice "Mars" representing the force of Nature Herukhuti. It is from these cosmologics that the basic 11 laws flow.

Fast forward now to the Nuk Au Neter (African Bible) which, stands as the ancient testament, in relation to say the old and new testaments of modern Christianity. These holy scriptures are the source of the decelerations of freedom from sin, also known as the positive assertions (mis-named Negative confessions by Cultural Terrorists). Initiates in the Kemetic spiritual system judged themselves daily, and at the end of their lives, using Ma'at, (law, ridiculousness,  love, balance)

So what you have seen in this year of the African Star Date c. 12,010 A.S.D., is a modern African in America continuing the legacy of the shiny ones (ancestors). It is one thing to read about the 42 Commandments, it another to see a modern mut brining herself to judgement daily on her path of spiritual development. Amen, Aaaaaamen, Amen!

Cultural Literacy Minute: The African Bible has been historically mis-named in the West as the "Book of the Dead" because it was found with the dead by Culturally Illiterate invaders who robed the graves of Kemet. The pert em heru (book of coming forth by day) which, is simply a title of one of the chapters of the Nu Au Neter, is a name usually lovingly given the African holy scriptures.

What cultural technology do you use to judge yourself daily?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

We Need the Dems Preemptive Health not Republican Preemptive War

Corporate Democrats will do the same thing as corporate Republican that are locked into MediPlex. The key to cutting Health cost is improving American's health. Bill Maher makes the case for Preemptive Health in in this short clip (Video).

Bill says and I agree, "...We can't stop being sick unless we stop making our selves sick..." He also put out a very interesting insight into Hillery Clinton and Corporate Democrats.
The preventive elements of Health Insurance Reform that went into effect yesterday is a start on preemptive sick care that is, detecting sickness early in its symptom stage. Now we need to empower the president to go further to a new actual preemptive health care like mandating that allopatic doctors be allowed recommend  a multi-vitamin and other supplements to prevent sickness.

Key Health Care Reform Changes Start Today: Are You Affected?

Some of the things we've learned to really dislike about our health insurance plans and companies will start vanishing today because of the new health care reform law approved this past Spring. (Video)

This is why I hired this President, spread the word CHANGE is starting. A corporation is a privilege extended by the people and managed by its government. When governments think they are governments unto themselves then we the people will step in and correct their error. It is folly for them, or their water carriers, to believe they have the same rights a people.

If we want to keep these positive health insurance reforms, we have work to do in the November elections.

Elect no Republican for 100 Years, starting Nov 3ed

Source: Newsvine - Key Health Care Reform Changes Signed By President Obama Start Today: Are You Affected?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

MSNBC/Newsvine - Poll: Obama Used Poor Judgment in Keeping the White House White?

The lead story in many news organizations today is that Obama tells Black leaders: Fire up against GOP surge. Fox News will focus on a White and Black thing, but the nation needs to focus on the White and Green thing. (Video)

For full story and discussion Newsvine - Poll: Obama Used Poor Judgment in Keeping the White House White?:

Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Origins of Allopathic Medicine!

There are Allopaths, homeopaths and Naturopaths. Do you know who is who, and what type of doctor do you go to. If there are three philosophy's of medicine, do you want a doctor that knows only one line of thinking about your health or all three? (Video)

The first hospitals in the United States were homeopathic, not allopathic. While there are still hundreds of homeopathic hospitals in Europe the MediPlex allopaths have wiped them out in the U.S..

As part of MediPlex's training of Allopaths includes limiting their Cultural Literacy regarding the history of medicine. Here are two questions to ask your doc that will give you an idea of their range of medical knowledge regarding the three major medical philosophies mentioned earlier.

1. Where is the oldest Hospital in recorded history located?
2. Where does the symbol of medicine, the Caduceus, come from?

Some people who tell you that they are interested in your health have been programed by MediPlex to mostly be interested in your sickness.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

President Utilizes 911 to Invent a New Cultural Health Phrase, It's Just us.

In the President's first speech since May, he said many important things about the American economy to set the stage and fire the first serious round in the November electoral battle. But from a National Cultural Health point of view, his most important words of wisdom were cultural and came at the very end of the speech. (Video)

Listen to how this new Cultural Health Lexicon gets into American language.

Let's go to the video tape

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Our President is a nice guy and there are somethings he will not say, I don't have that restriction.

Partly as a result of the Beck frontal attack on MLK speech day, by the new confederate party, that drinks tea, on all American cultural humanist. And partly as a result of the focused attacks they have mounted against Muslim Americans regarding a Muslim "YMCA" in Manhattan, not to mention one of their Taliban Christian minster's threatening to burn Muslim holy scriptures. The President had to once again plant the flag of TeamAmerica on high ground for all to clearly see.

Naturally, the President was reminding us of, and calling for the constitutional religious tolerance we all enjoy and that in many ways is unique to our Nation. However, IMHO, if you listen carefully to the last minute or so of his speech, you can hear words that apply to more then just religion. If every time the President says Muslim or Muslim American, you replaced those words with Jewish American, or Catholic American, His new Culturally Healthy phrase, "It's just us" would apply. In fact, if you substituted African American, or Native American, or Latino American, or any of the other ethnic groups on TeamAmerica, It's just us! would apply.

The Democratic battle cry for this November's election ought to be "It's Just Us". That is, remember Bush and the forty thieves, that sold us out (American Jobs) to China and India and bankrupt the Nation (Banks out of money), almost causing a depression here and worldwide. It was US that woke up and threw the bums out, and "it is just U.S.", that must keep the bums out on November, as we continue to rebuild our economy and produce more jobs at home first. Be American, Honor all Americans, Buy American!

The President has set the major serious discussion point to start this election season, and now, it is just our turn to act.

I think Muslim Americans are Americans just like you and I, we need to keep our eyes on the economic prize, what do you think?

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Japanese synchronized Walking - Collectivism

Japanese precision a most amazing choreography and a good example of collectivism.

Here in the West we have a core value of individualism. In the Eastern Worldview (Asian)  and the Central Worldview (African) a core value is collectivism. If you saw the Chinese olympics you saw this demonstrated in a massive way in the opening ceromony and the other cultural entertainment that display the country's values.

Cultural Literay is truly a most amazing thing as we look at the diffrent ethnic groups and their attendent value, intrestes and princples.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

75% of the Americans Will Be Obese by 2015, African Americans are in Worst shape

Yes, your right, this is not a Culturally Healthy or Physically Healthy picture, neither is the research behind it.

Researches have revealed that in 2003 and 2004, 71 % of the adult men and 67 % of the adult women in the US were overweight or obese, with an obese adult population of 33 %. The number of Black Americans is even higher: about 80 % of black women aged 40 or over are overweight and 50 % are obese.

Improving your cultural health includes physical health. If we Americans do not manage our physical health, we will not have to worry about our National Cultural Health, as we may not be hear to enjoy it.

If you want a reason to go to the polls in November and elect a Democrat, this is one more reason. The President and the Dems have moved on Health Insurance reform with some focus on prevention. The First Lady has launched her lets move program to help our children. On the other hand we have Anti-Vitamin McCain and the Confederate Party, that drinks tea (Republicans) opposed to getting Americans more healthy.

The Republicans are counting on us not showing up at the polls in an off year election. Let's prove them wrong again, we Americans do know what time it is. We do want each other to enjoy better health.

Original seed and discussion at my news column
Newsvine - 75% of the Americans Will Be Obese by 2015 - 33% already are - Softpedia

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