Thursday, November 29, 2012

Microsoft calls Google 'Scroogle for Screwing with Search Results -Video

: "In an outburst of Christmas spirit, Redmond creates a shopping Web site that paints Google -- and its search results -- in a very unfestive light." This is a must read, not only is Google ripping people off with the Iphone clones they call droids, now now they are also tricking computer illiterate shoppers who do shopping searches.

Microsoft calls Google 'Scroogle' | Technically Incorrect - CNET News

It is interesting to note that Apple is the most trusted computer maker in the world and the "do no evil" Google is degenerating into to hell fire pits of moral turpitude.
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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Iphone Beats Android in US Market Share and Corporate Mind Share

iPhone’s market share in the US increased to 48.1%, and surpassed Google‘s Android 46.7% in the twelve weeks ending October 28, 2012 according to a report released by Kantar Worldwide.  There are three important underlying themes.
Three Trends Underlying Apple's iPhone Market Share Surge

First, there was pent-up demand for the iPhone 5, which most likely affected less-impressive Q2 2012 and Q3 2012 market share results.  Applereleased the iPhone 5 at the end of September, and experienced supply constraints for several weeks, going into the earnings release in the end of October.  Even with supply constraints, Apple surged past Android to take the top billing in the US for the past twelve weeks, with only a handful of weeks without supply constraints.
The Samsung Galaxy 3, which has also proved to be a very popularsmartphone, was released in May.  So, while Samsung benefited from its new product introduction over the summer, Apple will benefit from its iPhone 5 release in this period.  I have written previously that smartphone market share numbers can be distorted period-by-period due to the timing of product introductions, and be influenced in any period by carrier subsidies and promotions.  For example, carriers can promote different smartphones on their websites.  The iPhone is the fifth and fourth smartphone displayed for Verizon and AT&T, respectively.  And, if one goes into a carrier store, chances are that the phones of which they have the greatest inventory are the ones a customer will hear about first.  It takes a determined customer to wait for an iPhone, and apparently they did.  This is what the Kantar numbers have borne out for the short term.
The real test will be the Q4 2012 market share numbers.  Q4 is different from other quarters because manufacturers introduced a bevy of new products at the end of August for sale by the holiday season.  The fourth quarter will be a horse race among the newest products on the market and the largest number of consumers buying them.  The momentum, currently, appears to be with Apple.I

For Full Story AIThree Trends Underlying Apple's iPhone Market Share Surge - Forbes:

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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Who is trending Iphone vs Samsung Galaxy S3 InfoGraphics

Who is trending Iphone vs Samsung Galaxy S3 Google trends has the answer. The InfoGraphic will surprise you.
The broadest Interpersonal Computer (IPC) lineup in the world

Where is the Trend InfoGraphic?

It is interesting to note that the popularity of the Samsung s3 (Iphone clone) according to Google the Droid evil doer themselves is trending below the Ipad mini and it just got here. The Ipad mini officially makes the non American Samsung Galaxy, about which they has been so much hype in the media, neither fish nor fowl. It is to big to be an Iphone and too small to be and Ipad Mini. Why when the Iphone 5 was announced Verizon could only sell S3's by Giving them Away. Wow! a picture is worth a thousand words.

Did some one figure out from customer feedback that the original s3 was to big and to small and now they are trying to right size it and call it a "mini" to clone again an apple made popular term in IPC's. 

When will Samsung actually demonstrate some vision and develop something that is not a clone of an American idea.  

If you understand that one product line is glass and metal and the other is plastic then you know all you need to know about the two company's. Personally, I use Iphone!


Sunday, November 11, 2012

Romney Looses because he failed to have an Iphone App for his ground game

That is right it was not Black and White it was a Romney management failure to use the mobile gold standard Iphone or even a droid Iphone clone app for his 30,000 ground game people in the swing states that cost him the big margin losses in the swing states.

The the so called ":small government" Republicans gutted the local get out the vote efforts of local states and replaced it with a centralized untested big government type Republican crap app that was deployed at 6Am on election day and failed killing the Republican ground game and ending whatever chance Romney had of winning.

This is the untold story of the election Romney was not a capitalist business man that made products like Jobs of Apple of Gates of Microsoft. these men we makers Romney was a taker, a vulture who scavenged for weak company's to sneak up on and attack.

I had all kinds of Obama apps on my Iphone. So this Romney technology failure goes down in history to prove once and for all that our President was and is a better businessman then Romney ever thought of being.

If Republicans expect to ever be elected to national office in my life time they need to rethink their mission, their position and their technology.

  Inside Team Romney’s whale of an IT meltdown | Ars Technica:

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Friday, November 09, 2012

Why Apple-Supplier Foxconn Should Open a Plant in the US?

 "A new report alleges that Foxconn, the Taiwanese tech manufacturer that builds parts for Apple iPads and iPhones, is eyeing the US. " Will Apple make this happen?

In the Presidential debates the question was raised. How do we get Apple to build some plants in the USA? Apple needs to make this happen. At least build the Iphone that AT&T gives you for free with a two year contract here in America. Use mostly automated plants and put them in silicon valley and in Detroit and the old steel mill towns where Americans need jobs and Apple needs workers. Our government can step up to the plate in the name of infrastructure investment and provide our citizens with job training and the states can step up and give tax breaks.

There are two reasons this makes sense beyond the obvious JOBS,  one is the Buy American call by the President, all Americans need to get on board with this including Apple. Secondly, I ordered an Iphone 5 in October and will probably not get it until December. This type of product backlog in the US is unacceptable.  If apple had more control of the manufacturing process (US Plants) this would not happen.

Google is also an American company and they have brought an American phone manufacturer that need to convert to making effective Inter-personal computers - IPC's ("smartphones"). Suppose the Google phone was made in America and the Apple Phone was not? How would that change the market.

I am a die hard apple customer. I had an Iphone before there was an Iphone but it would make me think, as I am also a patriot.  

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