Tuesday, January 05, 2010

African Tombs of The Pyramid Builders Found

The Pyramids were not built by slaves as I was taught, or by little men from space, they were built by free skilled workman who were paid. See the tombs of the builders of the pyramids, see the builders themselves, video.

Let's Go to the Video tape: CULTURAL POISONING WARNING!
The Black ethnic group known to be the majority population of Classical African Civilization, Kemet (Ancient Egypt) is misrepresented in this video's simulations of African workman in Kemet.

When the Hapi (Greeks called Nile) river flooded, the farmers joined the professional pyramid builders on National public works projects like the building of temple/universities, Obelisks and Pyramids. The concept is not unlike the New England tradition in the United States, where the towns people coming together to build a town church or raise a barn.

Until recently the Cultural Terrorism of religious and Western archaeological mythology was able to run wild in the world unchecked by the facts. Cultural anti-humanists first told me that the pyramids were build by "White" "Jewish" Slaves, and that the Egyptians themselves where White. When the evidence on the ground repudiated these myths, then Western Archaeologists claimed that while the Egyptians were not White, they were not Black either, they were multi-ethnic (Semites or Arabs).

The Arab invaders of Africa that now occupy modern day Egypt led by Dr. YourAss, I mean Dr. Zahi Hawass and the National Geographic disgrace, as Dr. Ben use to call the magazine, try to tell me that Arabs built the pyramids. As an "expert" he knows that there were no significant numbers of non-Africans in Africa until c.1500 B.C.E. (Hyksos invasion) long after the pyramids were built. It is like saying that we who today occupy the United States are the indigenous people of Turtle Island (Americas). This would be obvious nonsense to anyone who knows anything at all about North American history. The same is true to anyone who knows anything at all about North African history.


While Dr. Hawass is a known Cultural Terrorist, as an agent of his government and the Western archaeological establishment, he is for the time-being in charge our buildings, the remains of our ancestors and their literature. As they dig up the work of the shinny ones we must keep watch with the traditional grain of Cultural Health salt.

There are even groups of Westerners that rather then say that Black people built the African Pyramids, try to convince some folks that people from Outer space built the pyramids. Even some modern movies like Transformers propagate this Cultural Poisoning, clandestinely slipping the dis-ease into our children's bio-computers in a "fun" package.

Professor Vega pointed this out to me at a family function, and sure enough, I asked my grandson why the Transformers (digging into the top of the great African Pyramid) was desecrating the African legacy? He said, "They built them, so they can destroy them...". Naturally, he got an on the spot Cultural Literacy lesson. How many children have not had this lesson and now have the "modern" Transformer Cultural Poisoning built into their bio-computers unchecked.

You would not run your computer without virus checking software, and you should not run your children without checking them for viruses either. In the case of culture, the virus checking software is you.

Many people, "religious", "scientific", Hollywood etc, with no evidence, have said many things about the building of the African Pyramids without evidence. Kemetologist (Link "N" Word Alert) have read the words of our ancestors and conveyed the reality to us, now hard evidence on the ground confirms the realities and puts the myths to bed forever more.


The question is, now that you know, what are you going to do about it. How is the Cultural Health of your children and grandchildren? Are there cultural terrorists in institutions that you are associated with that slander Classical African Civilization? Would you simply just let the slander stand or will you stand and fight.

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Aunk said...

Note: All the links should be read with a Cultural Health grain of salt.

They are informative, but naturally not created as I would create them with Cultural Health corrections.

Take away with you what is of value.

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