Thursday, January 29, 2009

Rush Limbaugh Hopes President Obama Fails

Last week, Rush Limbaugh actually said that he "hopes" President Obama fails to meet America’s challenges.

Rush Limbaugh Hopes President Obama Fails

This is what I side to Rush:

You are a good example of a Cultural Terrorist. Your failure statement helps clarify your status as an anti-humanist American. The historical son of those who enslaved Africans in America.

Express your outrage at rush's un-american comment today

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Human Beings Flying Video - Wow

Source: I (Matt Hoover) took this photo. http:...Image via Wikipedia

Actually it is called Basejumping with a Wingsuit. If you are bored and just have not been able to find anything that could excite you, try this, Wow.

I play tennis, swim, Blog and do many things that I think are great fun. There is generally not enough time in the day to do all the things I want to do. I some times hear people say they are bored. I do not know how that could be but I now have the fix. Check it out.

wingsuit base jumping from Ali on Vimeo.

Can you imagine that, flying on your own with no plane, just your own personal flying suit. P.S. you must bring your own testicular fortitude.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Exclusive: Friend of Obama's Mother Interviewed

Vote IrishImage by dhlynsky via Flickr"Fran Korten had lived in Indonesia, where Fran worked with Barack Obama’s mother Ann Soetoro at the Ford Foundation." (Video) Click Here

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Obama Inaurguration - I Have A Dream II

Living the Dream, President Barack Obama, Dr. ...Image by BL1961 via FlickrMany people watching Barack Obama's inauguration missed the fact that Dr. Martin Luther King's friend Rev. Lowery launched "I Have A Dream II" in the controversial last prayer. It was not an attack on White people let, me explain.

Reverend Joseph Lowery's closing prayer confused some as a result of Cultural Illiteracy and some because of their anti-humanism. If you simply do not know the original "If you're Black Get Back" Poem I can fix that right now.

Let's listen to the honorable Rev. Lowery's I have a Dream II poetry and then lets look at the original "If you're Black Get Back" poetry used to teach African American youth the nature of ethnic relations in the America I grew up in. If you are Culturally Illiterate regarding African American culture then most of what you hear about Black people will only confuse you.

Closing Prayer Gets Some Laughs

Now look at the original "Black Get Back Poem":

"If you're White, you're all right. If you're brown, stick around, but if you're Black, get back."

Now lets look at the Lowery Revised "Black Get Back Poem" (I Have A Dream II)

Lord, in the memory of all the saints who from their labors rest, and in the joy of a new beginning, we ask you to help us work for that day when Black will not be asked to get back, when Brown can stick around, when Yellow will be mellow, when the Red man can get ahead, man; and when White will embrace what is right. Let all those who do justice and love mercy say Amen. Say Amen. And Amen.

Source: Wikipedia I corrected the wiki "give" Back with the speech GET Back. Ethnic capitalization errors have been adjusted for Cultural Health.

As a child I and most African Americans that I know were told the "Get Back Black Poem" by their parents or street parents. Our honorable Elder was on one level correcting the Cultural Poisoning induced into the veins of millions of us Black people.

Republican social conservatives (anti-humanists) have tried to spin this into a "racist" speech. Don't believe the hype. This is what I said to them.

To Reverend Lowery's benediction I say, AMEN! This is what every Culturally Literate African American and Cultural Humanists said. Yes, there was some Cultural Poisoning in the benediction, I would not use the terms red, and yellow to describe my Native American and Asian American brothers and sisters but I understood what was meant in the very familiar peculiar American poetry.

Finally, we should note as a matter of Cultural Literacy the remarkable ethnic specificity of adding the five major ethnic groups in America by description and desired Cultural Health outcome, WoW, Powerful! Of particular note is Lowery's courage in touching the "Indian" third rail of mentioning our Native American citizens. This is why I call it the "I Have A Dream Speech II"

Cultural Literacy Minute: If you are Culturally Illiterate regarding the other ethnic groups in our multi-ethnic Nation, then most things you hear about "race" will only confuse you.

In this new ere of American REsponsibility, it is time to CHANGE, ask questions, improve your Cultural Health.

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

My President is Black - Song Video

If you can get hardcore thugs to move from f*$k the President to "MY" President, WoW! now that is real CHANGE. Warning: "N" Word Alert, this is not for the culturally sensitive.

I was in New York City at The Great Debate (Is Obama Good For Black People). One of the speakers a local politician on the YES side of the debate pointed out that he had just come back from a meeting with the Crips and the Bloods in Crooklyn (Brooklyn) and they were talking chillin on the killin and how can we help the country.

Everybody knows that the New Americans have done something for America. What ever they have done is in Obama and it is coming out in the most remarkable places and unusual faces.

Young Jeezy - My President is Black [ft. Nas] Music Video

Notice the f*$k Bush T in the video. Now any use of the "N" Word is Cultural Poisoning understand that as you read the lyrics but get the living message coming through the Cultural dis-ease. There is genius in the youth and Obama is taping it. "...I’m Important Too Though!..."


Yeah Be The Realest Shit I Never Wrote
I Aint Write This Shit By The Way Nigga
Some Real Shit Right Here Nigga
This Will Be The Realest Shit You Ever Quote


My President Is Black, My Lambo’s Blue
And I Be God Damn If My Rims Aint Too
My Momma Aint At Home & Daddy Still In Jail
Tryna Make A Plate Anybody Seen The Scale

My President Is Black, My Lambo’s Blue
And I Be God Damn If My Rims Aint Too
My Money’s Light green And My jordans Light Grey
And They Love To See White Now How Much You Tryna Pay
Lets Go!

{Verse 1}

Today Was A Good Day Hope I Have Me A Great Nite
I Dunno Wat U Fishin For Hope U Catch You A Great White
Need I Say Great White Heavy As Killer Wales
I Cannot Believe This Who Knew It Came In Bails
Who Knew It Came Wit Jail Who Knew It Came With Prison
Jus Cuz You Got An Opinion Does That Make You A Politician
Bush Robbed All Of Us Would That Make Him A Criminal
& Den He Cheated In Florida Would Dat Make Him a Seminal
I Say And I Quote We Need A Miracle
And I Say A Miracle Cuz This Shit Is Histerical
By My Nephews And Nieces I Will Email Jesus
Tell Him Forward To Moses And CC: Allah
Mr Soul Survivor Does That Make Me A Konvict
Be All U Can Be Now Dont Dat Sound Like Some Dumb Shit
When You Dogged Of Crew Orders Black As My Nigga Boo
It’s Really A Desert Storm Thats Word To My Nigga Clue
Catch Me In Las Vegas, A.R. Arizona
Rep For Them Real Niggaz Im Winnin In California
Winnin In Tennessee Hands Down Atlanta
Landslide Alabama On My Way To Sevana


{Verse 2}

Woke Up This Morning Headache THIS BIG!
Pay All These Damn Bills Feed All These Damn Kids
Buy All These School Shoes Buy All These School Clothes
For Some Strange Reason My Son Addicted To Polos
Love Me Some Spinach Dip Im Addicted To Use This
And If The Numbers Is Right I Take A Trip Out To Houston
A Earthquake Out In China A Hurricane In New Orleans
Street Dreams Tour I Showed My Ass In New Orleans
Did It For Soulja Slim Brought Out B.G.
Its All Love From The Beginnin You Pimp C
You Know How The Pimp Be
That Nigga Go’n Speak His Mind
If He Could Speak Down From Heaven
He Tell Me Straight All My Crimes
Tell Him Im Doin Fine Obama For Mankind
We Ready For Damn Change So Ya’ll Let The Man Shine
Stuntin On Martin Luther Cuz Im Feelin Just Like A King
Guess Dis Is Wat He Meant Wen He Said Dat He Had A Dream



History, Black History
No President Ever Did Shit For Me
Had To Hit The Streets Try To Flip Some Keys
So A Nigga Wont Go Broke
Then They Put Us In Jail Now A Nigga Cant Go Vote
So I Spend Dough All These Hoes Is Trippin
She Aint A Politician Honeys A Polotician
My President Is Black Rolls Golden Charms
22 Inch Rims Like Hulk Hogans Arms
When Thousands Of People Is Riled Up To See You
That Can Arouse Ya Ego You Got Mouths To Feed So
Gotta Stay Tru To Who You Are And Where You Came From
Cuz At The Top Will Be The Same Place You Hang From
No Matter How Big You Can Ever Be
For Whatever Fee Or Publicity Never Lose Your Integrity
For Years Theres Been Surprise Horses In This Stable
Just Two Albums In I’m The Realest Nigga On This Label
Mr Black President Yeah Obama Fa Reel
They Gotta Put Ya Face On The $5000 Dollar Bill



So Im Sittin Here Right Now Man
Its June 3rd Haha 2:08 Am
Nigga I Wont Say Win, Lose Or Draw
Man We Congratulate You Already Homie
See I Motivate The Thugs Right
You Motivate Us Homie
Thats What It Is, This A Hands On Policy
Ya’ll Touchin Me Right
Yeah 1st Black President
Win, Lose Or Draw Nigga Haha
Matta Fact You Know What It Is Man
Shouts Out Jackie Robinson
Booker T Washington Homie
Oh Y’all Aint Think I Knew That Shit!
My President Is Black
I’m Important Too Though!

The task is, pants up or pants down, "N" word in or out, Cultural Health or Cultural Death. My Black youth, will you emulate prisoners or presidents? Its on you, handle your business.

Yoo! Don't Sleep on the two video's below.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

African Symbolism Hidden in Plain View at the Inauguration

On January 20th we all saw President Obama and many different things. I have watched so much cable my eyes have shorted out. However, I saw one of the great symbols from Classical African Civilization all day, what was it? Did you see what I saw?

I enjoyed the great words and pageantry of the inauguration like everyone else. That is not the objective of this article. Now it is time to act on Obama's " age of responsibility..." by improving our Cultural Literacy about the Capital in general and African Americans in particular. Here is my contribution to the lessons of January 20th as it passes into the history books.

My Cultural Health commentary is primarily on two facts about the capital that you may not have known and will not see on MSM cable.

Did you know that 400 of the 600 builders of the capital were African Americans? That is, they were enslaved Africans with about fifty Free African Americans. When I was in school they told me that the statue on top of the dome was an "Indian". This turns out not to be true, see the real story below.

Role of Slavery in Construction of the U.S. Capitol (2:23)

To learn more about the African American role in building the Capital I recommend the book, Black Men Built the Capital, Discovering History in and around the capital by Jessey Holland. See Holland Interview on Democracy Now, Click Here

While it is important for all Americans to be Culturally Literate regarding modern African Americans and the enslaved Africans in early America, it is also important to know something about the cosmological orientation of the founders and designers of the United States of America and our capital.

The answer to the symbol question is Tekhenu (What the Greeks called an Obelisk)

"N" Word Alert - If you are culturally sensitive do not watch the video.

The video was made by young people and may not be as polished as you or I would like, but absorbing the information in a short format is what is important here.

Nubian/African Origins of the Washington Monument (3:55)

It is interesting to note that it was our youth including hip-hop youth that were the energetic force of CHANGE. In the Obama Era of Responsibility, like in all other great change the youth are a foundation. Here we find the youth dropping knowledge as they say.

You may recall that it was George Washington that said, I will have no general in my army that is not a Mason. Many of the founders from Washington to Lincoln were "Free Thinkers". They studied Classical African Civilization, Kemet (Ancient Egypt. The African temple/university Karnak model that the brother mentions is what the "Mall" was designed to model here in America. So let it be known that long before Obama came to Washington some African cosmologics did exist in the capital. If you wish to claim the title of Culturally Literate American one should learn how the past, the present and the future of all Americans are tied together.

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Obama's Named Cultural Health Family of the Year

Man of the Year would not tell the whole story. The historic run for the presidency is obvious but what is special, is the fact that this was a public and private family run to help our nation. There are two moments caught on video that mark a new level of honesty and integrity in this renewed multi-ethnic America. (Videos)

The Cultural Health Award has been given to individuals in the past, this is the first time this award is given to a whole family. In the African Tradition, we like to wait until the year has actually ended before a final judgment on who gets the Cultural Health Award for the year is rendered.

In the year 2008 we and the world had the historic privilege of watching the words and actions of a great and mighty family. Not just the history, words and action of Barack and Michelle but also the words and actions of their children just being children. They reminded so many Americans of their own children. I remember an expert in psychology once saying that if you really want to know the parents just watch and talk to the children. However, this award is not given to just mother, father, children, Grandmother and Grandfather but to the entire multi-ethnic extended family.

In a 2006 interview, Obama highlighted the diversity of his extended family. "Michelle will tell you that when we get together for Christmas or Thanksgiving, it's like a little mini-United Nations." he said. "I've got relatives who look like Bernie Mac, and I've got relatives who look like Margaret Thatcher."

From a Cultural Health prospective it is a most edifying family. Obama has nine siblings eight living. Imagine if your family had one from "every" ethnic group, cousins and all. By default some degree of Cultural Literacy and cross cultural respect would be the norm. What a remarkable modern family model for the country and the world and the reason they received the 2008 Cultural Health Family award.

If you came to read a quick blog piece and move on you are at the wrong place. This piece is intended to challenge you to think a little deeper then you may have in the past. Now it is your turn, look at the videos if you have not seen them. Even if you have seen them look at them again. Think about your family, your Cultural Literacy and cross cultural respect level. With this family example in mind, how can you and I improve and become better citizens.

Obama Speech: 'A More Perfect Union'

38 minutes
Few Americans can talk from both side of the country's "race" problems and make it plain.

Michelle Obama at the 2008 DNC

20 minutes
American family values, hopes and dreams in full view.

Soon the inorgeration speech will go into history. It will be the last thing Obama has complete control of. It is my hope that his speech and Obama's subsequent actions will bring America back to life. In the end, I think how we do will depend, in no small part, on the Culturally Healthy ACTIONS, of his family, your family and our American family.

To participate in the related Poll Click Here Newsvine

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The King is Almost Dead - Bush Headed Back to Bushes

Tricky Dick Cheney as president of the Senate declares Obama President to a standing Ovation in a joint house session. This week Bush gave his last Press conference. (Video)

The good news is that the inauguration is next week and Bush will no longer sit on the thrown that voter suppression and the rogue Republican Supreme "Court" placed him on in 2000.

Cheney Declares Obama President To Standing Ovation in Joint House Session + 8 Years Back!

As we leave the Bush disaster era we should not forget how this treasonous era started lest we repeat the risk to our constitution in the future. As the video shows there were precious few who stood up for us the people, while most of the elected sheepeople where asleep at the switch at best.

I won't waste your time with a video of Bush's last press conference. To sum it up, Bush is leaving as dumb or evil, as the case may be, as he came in. He does not admit to the Bush Iraq war, to his Katrina disgrace, American world disgrace, or the Bush/Republican induced Depression. He said he thought trying steal American Social Security pensions and put them into his Wall Street forty thieves gambling house of cards, that has since collapsed, was simply a marketing timing error.

As the grand old lady of the press corps has reported, I have one thing to say to Bush, History can not save you.

Like "remember the Alamo", one hundred years from now, there will be AA's saying "remember Katrina", and all Americans will be saying "remember Bush".

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Monday, January 12, 2009

Obama Causes CHANGE in Black Press

WASHINGTON - NOVEMBER 10:   U.S. President Geo...Image by Getty Images via DaylifeAs the inauguration gets close, Barack Obama’s election as president is prompting major changes in the nation’s black press, ushering in a series of firsts that editors say will reshape print, Internet, radio and television coverage aimed at African-American audiences.

Essence, the top-selling magazine among black women, will have a full-time White House reporter for the first time. Ebony magazine will add a White House reporter, either full time or as needed. Its sister publication, Jet magazine, will have a weekly two-page Washington report in every issue."

Politico Story Click Here

From a Cultural Health point of view, the fact that African Americans are reengaging that part of society responsible for determining and managing economic resources in the country is a good thing. in 2009 I will be focused on Cultural Health and Physical Health as usual but I will be specializing like the big news folks. My special focus will me the National "Health" Care beat.

I think the best thing I can do for Cultural Health this year is get National "Health" Care passed in 2009. People who are worried about paying for their physical health do not have much time for Cultural Health. No one who is sick should be denied care because of money and Universal Sick Care in 2009 is a first step. I hope you will join me in the good fight.

Newsvine Poll

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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Prince Harry Exhibits Symptoms of Cultural Poisoning

Prince Harry the future King of England exhibits symptoms of Cultural Poisoning. It may be a mistake to call these statements "racist". (Video)

One might make the mistake of thinking that the words you heard dripping from the Prince's lips are not serious. Aside from being a general disgrace to the Royal Family and his nation, one must remember history.

Prince Harry racist outbursts

The British you will remember helped to kill millions in India, Africa and America (Turtle Island). Racism and its modern cultural anti-humanism comes to America from Europe. It would be nice to think this dis-ease is history but Prince Harry reminds us, as Arabs die by the millions, the murderous thinking of the crown is not dead yet.

Cultural Literacy Minute: Words are both the symptoms of and means of transmitting the dis-ease of Cultural Poisoning.

So the question, from a Cultural Health point of view, becomes is this the "normal" view in the British military and the source of Harry's dis-ease or did the Prince receive his infection from his family?

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CES World Tech Update

The Consumer Electronic Show 2009 world technology update. See what is new and what they have created for you. (Video)

I liked the flex display that I want to attach to my Iphone and the wireless charger that I can get later this year, how about you.

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Thursday, January 08, 2009

White BART Cop Shoots Black Youth in Cold Blood

This Video shows that the European American Bay Area Rapid Transit Police Officer Shot the African American youth Oscar Grant while he was on the ground face down and handcuffed.

Proof Oscar Grant Was HandCuffed and THEN SHOT by Bart Police officer

Why has this murder and his accomplices in this crime not been interviewed by investigators. This is part of the Criminal cop "blue wall of silence" code that must be outlawed in America.

Remember Bush and the Cultural Anti-humanists Republican forty thieves. Tricky Dick Cheney shot a citizen in the face and said to the police I really don't want to talk now, come back tomorrow. Imagine if you or I shoot someone, questions, they would be shooting at me and asking me questions later. I European American stole 50 Billion Billion Dollars, has caused people to kill themselves (Sounds like murder to me) and he is under house arrest. OJ tried to get his own property back and he is in jail forever.

OK, go ahead and tell the African American community we are just paranoid, there is no Criminal Injustice system that needs to be fixed. What is the cops name so we can look up his record. Who are the other cops. The Jewish American community here in New York would have already stormed the police station.

This Bush and the forty thieves crap must stop where is the state attorney general, FBI, What is going on. When the police chief comes to the mic he better have a lot of answers.

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Monday, January 05, 2009

Israel Attacks African American on the High Seas

Israel war ships attack a former American congress woman in international waters. CNN correspondent Karl Penhaul was aboard The Dignity and interviewed the American. (Video)

From a Cultural Literacy point of view it is interesting to note that a European Government attacked an African trying to deliver medicine to a historic African land known in ancient times as Canaan.

For more information Click Here

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How Technology May Soon "Read" Your Mind

(CBS) How often have you wondered what your spouse is really thinking? Or your boss? Or the guy sitting across from you on the bus? We all take as a given that we'll never really know for sure. The content of our thoughts is our own - private, secret, and unknowable by anyone else. Until now, that is.

As correspondent Lesley Stahl reports, neuroscience research into how we think and what we're thinking is advancing at a stunning rate, making it possible for the first time in human history to peer directly into the brain to read out the physical make-up of our thoughts, some would say to read our minds.

Seeded from CBS

Technology is always a good news bad news story. This is bad news for privacy. From a Cultural Health point of view it will be a most remarkable tool for uncovering the Cultural Terrorist. Imagine what we would find if we read an Egyptologists mind and compared it to a Kemetologists mind, hmm.

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Sunday, January 04, 2009

What Does Obama’s Barber Shop Have To Do with You?

2008 has ended, so what is your New Year’s Resolution for 2009. My resolution includes “hair” care and “health” Care and we can learn from Obama on both counts. (Video)

We are now in 2009 and I have put two things on my To Do List, Hair Care and Health Care, one is good for what is on top of my head and the other is good for what is inside and under my head. In the Sankofa tradition, let us take what is good from the past and bring it into a positive present. The most important event in America in general, and in the African American (AA) community in particular, in 2008 was the election of Barack Obama now the President Elect.

Who is Obama? A lot has been written regarding Obama politically. I looked at that question from a Cultural Health point of view in the Obama Kwanzaa series. The series pointed out that his life values and choices speak loudly for themselves. In the Obama Barber Video we are reminded that you can tell a lot about an AA man or woman by their hair care choices.

In my research I found two video’s I think are instructive. One video is on Obama’s Barber Shop where he has been a customer of his Barber in Chicago for around 12 years. This community based loyalty speaks to an economic reality we need to reactivate in our community and America. The Black Owned Beauty Supply Association (BOBSA) advises us that we have lost the manufacturing and distribution segments of the Black beauty supply industry. We have also lost our Automobile leadership position in America and the world. Buy Black can’t just be a Slogan and Buy American can’t just be a slogan. We all must pull together and connect the dots for change in 2009.

Senator Obama's Barber Shop

You will note that even Obama's choice in Hair Care is connected to tradition. A shop that has been in the community for 80 years. Culturally Healthy people are usually found building on tradition. How about you, did you build on the Kwanzaa tradition? How about you and your customers, is your head on tradition or transactions, or both?

The other video is regarding Michelle Obama’s mysterious stylist. I could not get a lead on her stylist but there is this stylist on YouTube who is asking Michelle for her business. Now it does not seem that this stylist has a chance in *ELL of getting Mrs. Obama’s business, but the point is, the stylist is trying everything possible to improve economically. America we need to try everything possible to get us out of the mess we are in. The Beauty industry and the Auto industry are excellent metaphors for us citizens here in America. A Culturally Healthy consumer is our best customer. What are you doing about your economic and physical health and what will you CHANGE in 2009.

LOL, I don't know that this video will make him famous, he needs to clean up his act a little, lol, but it got him on my blog. How are you using the technology to expand your economics? What about automated medical records to improve our "health" care?

My New Year’s Resolution is to grow economic “hair” and get “Health” Care passed in 2009. What are you resolved to get done in 2009?

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Thursday, January 01, 2009

The Obama Kwanzaa Series Day 7 of 7

In the Obama Kwanzaa Series we have been comparing Obama's principles and performance to each of the seven principles of Kwanzaa. The question today is does Obama demonstrate and/or merit the traditional faith of the ancestors?

Call: Habari Gani
Response: _________?

7. IMANI (Faith) [ee-MAH-nee]

To believe with all our hart in our people, our parents, our teachers, our leaders and the righteousness and victory of our struggle.

In Classical African times the people had faith in their leaders the Kings and Queens of Kemet (called pharaohs by the Greeks). Most of the leaders were fully developed individuals living in the service of their people and building the first great multi-ethnic society in recorded history. The great monuments and instructional tools of Classical African Civilization shine to this day, proclaiming the victory of their struggle. But the King did not do this by him or herself the people helped. The people built the great African pyramids with the King as the greatest public works project in recorded history.

Now we are in a new time, where the Sleeping Giants sat on a wall, and the Sleeping Giants had a great fall, and all the King’s horses and all the kings’ men, even with community organizers had difficulty putting our community back together again.

There are children who have had faith in Obama as a parent, there are students that have had faith in Obama as a professor of law and his leadership as a politician is already legendary. He had faith in the American people when we and many in the world had lost faith. I humbly submit to you that Obama’s Yes We Can mission of hope is IMANI. Imani brings with it positive energy and we must generate that energy especially this year.

I have faith that the community organizers, with our help, will deliver Universal “Health” Care in 2009

Obama is a good new wave example of the ancient First Fruits Festival principle of IMANI

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