Sunday, April 25, 2010

Big Business Says it Loves the President and the People

This is a most remarkable Video, where the the President of a fortune 500 American Company says in effect, we love our President and the American people. The Bankseters should be regulated and some put in Jail, but we should support this business (Video)

Obama has escalated the war in Afganistan, bailed out GM, the economy is recovering and the Stock market is uP. As one comedian put it, Rush Limbaugh said, he wanted a Republican President, and he got one. As this remarkable commercial demonstrates, the President has been an effective conservative pragmatist regarding our economy.

A new Poll shows that Americans now favor American cars over Foreign cars. I have only owned American cars in my life, except for one temp car, how about you.

The bigger question is, will you help our country go green to the future. Will you start trying to buy American starting NOW!

If you have been a Rush the drugster listener, you can switch to the Ed Show where he is focused, not on anti-Americanism and wanting the our President to fail, but helping American small business.

How Americans Can buy American puts the steering wheel controlling our nation's fate in the hands of those who care about it most - The American People. The time has come for ordinary Americans to take control of America's destiny.
Ed Show

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