Friday, October 31, 2008

Obama as Seen by Three Gernerations of Blacks (Video)

Witnessing history: Three generations of African Americans Youth, an Adult and an Elder talk on the record about the Obama race. This MSNBC project provides a unique look into the hart and soul of the Black community and what the obama run means to them.

Three generations and three different ways to look at the same event rolled into one magnificent quilt of steel will and hope. In this three part series which generation are you in? Do you see yourself.

Part 1: Inspiration for youth
Students in the Bronx see role model in Obama

Can you hear the Cultural Health improvement in our youth and Obama has not been elected to anything yet.

Part 2: Hope and concern
Single mom in Nashville has mixed feelings

An adult Cultural Citizen says it is "hugge and scary at the same time". Interesting, not much interest in politics in the past but she, family and friend are fully engaged now. Power to the people and to he who can wake up the sleeping giants.

As is always the case elders put meat on the bones of reality. One statement says it all "if he did not exist the United states would have had to event him..."

For the original article Click Here If you have time it is important reflective reading.

A final reflection, I need to read this again. I will. This also reminds me that there is a need to do a Three series with leadership members of the Cultural Health community. I.e. Dr. J, Dr. Amen, Dr. Vega. Last but not least, these folks and obama's run have energized me to complete three of the books I am working on by March of 2009.

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Obama and McCain Tied with White Voters

McCain holds a statistically significant advantage only among white evangelical Protestants (aside from Republicans). In addition, Obama runs nearly even with McCain in the so-called red states, all of which George W. Bush won in 2004.

Who would have thought that the European American vote would be tied. If this holds it means the ethnic votes we have been looking at in the early part of this Political Cultural Health Index series will carry the day.

For raw number details Click Here

Let's take a moment to think about this in the context of the Political Cultural Health Index (PCH Index) the PCH Index is a measurement I am constructing and adding to the language of Cultural Health so that we might more efficiently think about the dynamics of "race" in Political elections.

The historic election of 2008 is the first time since the 1960's that their is an opportunity to present and benchmark the realities associated with the PCH Index. How does it work? When Jesse Jackson Sr, an African American, ran for the Democratic presidential nomination in 1984 and 1988 , only 14% of Mississippi voters voted for him. This fact would allow one to conclude that the PCH Index for the state of Mississippi is 14%. Said another way, the largest number of people in that demographic that have demonstrated that they would vote for an African American for president is 14% of those that voted.

Naturally, we can expand this example state by state to the nation. A number of other African Americans have run for the highest office in the land but Barack Obama is the first of his ethnic group to have a realistic chance to win the super job interview.

The PCH Index has a demographic side and it has a psychographic side that can apply to individual ethnic groups.

So in this poll 44% of White voters are for Obama and 44% are for McCain. This would indicate that the European American PCH Index is at an all time high. The question is will it hold? If the race is close Obama will lose. The Republican voter suppression tactics and the Cultural Poisoning effect will upset the election. The Cultural Poisoning effect (Bradly effect) is the historic reality that describes Whites saying they will vote for a Black person, until they get in the voting booth.

This Oregon rally of 75,000 does not look like a tie but the polls say so

Today conventional wisdom in the MSM are discounting both Republican voter suppression and the Cultural Poisoning effect. They are saying it is all over but the shouting and Obama and the Democrats will win in a landslide.

What is troubling about this, is the old saying, "if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is". This applies to matters of Cultural Health and voting too. Most of the pundits say Obama will win and possibly blow it out. The trouble with this is, that the one group that has been consistently wrong in the primary contests of both parties is the pundits.

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Newsvine - Video: Top hits of the YouTube election

Newsvine - Video: Top hits of the YouTube election: "The power to control the message is no longer in the hands of the political parties and candidates or the mainstream media.

'It's now shared by the public at large. They can distribute a piece of media on YouTube faster in a 15-minute news cycle than traditional media can in a 24-hour news cycle'"

There is someting in this list for everybody.

My Top Three are:

1. Celebrities say Yes We Can

2. Obama's speech on race

3. Fey spoofs Palin in VP debate

Obama Leads with Women Voters (Poll)

"In fact, Obama’s significant “gender gap” advantage–Gallup currently shows him backed by 53% of female voters, compared to 40% for McCain–is due in large part to his strong support among women of color." (Video)

"Even with the avalanche of presidential polls, it’s still hard to find any good polling on Asian American voters. But here’s one interesting tidbit: Gallup reports that Asian American women are going overwhelmingly for Obama, 60% to 28% for McCain."

For more information Click Here

Hillary Clinton was a viable candidate Sarah Palin is an insult to most thinking woman I know. The Bush/McCain & Palin anti-woman's rights positions don't bring most woman to their cause.

Cultural Commentary: it is interesting to note that the Political Cultural health index is higher for women then for man. We know both groups suffer from similar degrees of Cultural Poisoning however, it seems that women are more effective at controlling or deleting negative cultural programs running in their bio-computers.

As a practical matter by nature woman are less inclined to war and conflict and in many cases more closely connected to their children's well fare so health care and education democratic strong points are more likely to meet their top three needs. Their numbers in the ranks of the head of household would also make them sensitive to the Republican trickle down destruction of the economy.

Lastly, it is interesting to note how women of color (African Americans, Latino Americans Asian Americans, etc) are weighting the political Cultural Health Index of all American Woman. Woman have always made the difference in church and politics. Lets see if this holds on election day.

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There is no Real America And Fake America (Video)

Once again McCain/Palin have hit a new low of cultural poisoning code words aimed at dividing America. Once again Barak Obama has the antidote.

Imagine that, trying to infect America with the idea that there are real Americans and fake Americans. The old anti-humanist Republicans could get the sheepeople to follow, not anymore, the sheepeople have returned to people. And the People are about to take their country back.

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Obama 30 Minute AD (Video)

Just in case you missed it here is the Obama 27 Minute Ad that McCain called an infomercial. It really is a story of Americans. I see myself and my neighbors in the story and I see Obama working hard like us and thinking about solutions for us.

American Stories, American Solutions

The technical quality is excellent a testament to Obama's management skills that is, the ability to get the right people to get the technical job done. The stories and the message is excellent, a testment to Obama's understanding of us the people and his vission for America's future.

This AD aired on 7 major networks in prime time and ended with live commentary at a rally on the ground. I it good to see Obama put part of the two cents that I donate to good use and not wast it my mentioning Bush/McCain or Palin once in the story he told. It is time to turn the page on Bush/McCain & Palin and start thinking about how we will rebuild America for ourselves and our children.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Asian-Americans Place Obama Ahead in Polls

Sen. Barack Obama leads Sen. John McCain 42 to 20 percent in New York and 37 to 18 percent in New Jersey, according to a recent poll of Asian Americans." This region is ahead of the Asian vote nation wide.

The first large scale survey of Asian Americans shows Obama ahead of McCain 42 to 37.

The question is will 5 point be enough to overcome Republican voter suppression tactics and the Cultural Poisoning effect (Bradly effect). For more survey details Click Here

The numbers from the large Asian population centers like New York and New Jersey have a much better margin but there is still a large undecided vote to be considered. The most encouraging numbers come from Asian woman. Gallup reports that Asian American women are going overwhelmingly for Obama, 60% to 28% for McCain."

Two things I would like to mention regarding Cultural Commentary. First this is the broadest Asian American election survey I know of but it might be to broad. It included Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Filipinos, the range of Pacific Islanders and those who identify as Indian or South Asian.

If the reference is continental or focused on descendants from the Asian continent this is a reasonable collection of representative ethnic groups. However, if we are talking about the Asian ethnic group proper the Indian ethnic group is not a clear fit. They are human beings capable of producing substantial amounts of melanin i.e. Black people and do not fit into the biological Asian ethnic group proper. Having set forward that Cultural Literacy qualification let us return to the issue at hand the election.

Killfile of Newsvine did a story yesterday Who Is Nancy Takehara? He pointed out that everyone new about the McCain European American worker that was attacked Ashley Todd, the woman who turned out to have lied about a Black man attacking her. However, the Asian Obama supporter who was attacked by a confessed European American did not get much notice in the main stream media. This story was not missed in the Asian community. Incidents like this along with McCain/Palin code word attacks on other ethnic groups and McCain being known for calling Asians "Guks" have drivien many Asians out of the Republican party.

It is surprising to me that the national numbers are not larger but my home town New York seems to be getting it right. The Asian American community tends to be relatively Culturally healthy, we will see what the actual vote brings.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Latinos Now Favor Obama - Poll

Protestant Latinos, a growing group of voters who were key supporters of President Bush in 2004, have shifted their backing to Democratic Sen. Barack Obama, driven in large part by anger toward Republican immigration policies, according to a poll released Thursday."

Cultural Commentary: McCain and his Pandora Palin have shot themselves in the foot when you think about it. If a Latino learns that McCain calls Asians "Guks" and has spun up Sarah Palin to whip up mobs of right wing nuts screaming kill him, off with his head, this is troubling. A Latino does not have to be a brain surgeon to understand that they are not far behind. It is not like anti-humanist haters only hate one group of people.

What we need in this country at this critical time in unity and Latino Americans, like the rest of us, have concluded that Obama is the best man for the job.

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Highlights: Barack's Closing Argument for Change

Obama mentions and is still focused on my number one need health care. We have a lot of work to do in one week. (Video)

It is amazing how much depends on what we do in this last week. There is the tendency to feel like enough already, lets get it over with. Not yet, just one more week,it is time for the full court press. Let's get busy.

I am committed to putting up the voting patters of a different ethnic or religious group everyday this week and engaging the folks from that group in my Newsvine column, join me. At the end of the week I will put up the voting pattern of the whole world.

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Monday, October 27, 2008

Twitter Grader | Score Your Twitter Profile Power

"Twitter Grader gives you a grade based on the power of
your Twitter profile. Enter your name here FREE:"

Jewish Voters Nationwide Going for Barack Obama

Well it looks like Blacks and Jews are coming together for a political cause - Barack Obama. As reported by a new Gallup Poll, Jewish voters nationwide have grown increasingly comfortable with voting for Barack Obama for president since the Illinois senator secured the Democratic nomination in June."

Humanist of good will of every strip are coming together around TeamAmerica

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Debates are over. What Did You Learn? (Poll)

It is all over but the shouting. The debates and the big endorsements are over more or less. The debates and endorsements were only useful if you learned something from then. What did you learn?

Live shot from the last Presidential debate (Unmodified). The question is, which of these men would you want to lead the nation? The one who is leading, or the one trailing.

There are two things you always have to learn about in any political race, the hard facts and the soft facts. These facts are only useful to the extent that you are capable of applying them to your self-interests and the Nation’s interests which should be the same. That is, what the people need, is what the nation needs and vice a versa. A person’s self-interests can easily be pictured in their Top Three Issues. These are my Top Three needs as an example, yours may be different. Feel free to tell us your top three.

Top Three Issues (3 of 10)

2008 Presidential Election

1. Universal Sick Care (USC) (Pro-life for grown ups)

2. End the Iraq War in 30 days (Use money at home)

3. Green Moon Shot in 10 years (fix economy and form the future)

Key: They include my personal self-interests and what I think is important for the National interests.

With this in mind, let’s take a brief look at the hard and soft facts that you should have already applied to your own Top Three. Then we will look at what could prevent you from applying the facts to your self-interest.

Hard Facts,

The hard facts should start with your Top Three Needs. The more thoughtful citizens will expand that list to at least a Top Ten List. Doing this helps to confirm or adjust your Top Three Issues.

Key to the usefulness of your facts is where you get the facts. The standard places to look for the facts include Candidate Web sites, MSM and ISM (independent Stream Media). The key to having your facts match reality is variety of sources. If you only listen to fox news, or you only listen to liberal news, or you only listen to the news from your ethnic group you are in trouble. It is especially important to listen to information from sources you do not necessarily agree with, for it is here, where you hear the arguments against your position. In the end, it is only when you have the arguments for and against your position in hand that you are actually in a position to “decide”.

You should have matched your Top Three and the hard facts by now. What’s next? The so called getting the measure of the man is what we are looking for now. You see up until now the “man” has not been important. Blue, Black, White, Republican or Democrat is not relevant to the hard facts. Either a candidate is for Universal Sick Care or they are against it by record and word. The fact of the message and the messenger are not necessarily connected.

Soft Facts

I will not go into detail about soft fact for they are too mushy, I will simply list some as a base line, leadership, vision, Subject Knowledge, tone/temperament, understanding the people’s/Nation’s needs, steady hand on the wheel in calm seas and rough

Face to face tells you a lot about the soft facts that you don’t get from a stump speech or reading the facts in the news. Few Americans actually get face time with the candidates our time is near face to face like in modern video conferencing. But that is enough to get the measure of the men and woman.

How did you take the measure of the man? In the end, we must take the soft “emotional” and the hard “concrete” facts and match them to our self-interests. America is not a socialist nation or a communist nation we want to be a Democracy and believe the people should decide our direction.


What can prevent this natural process, replacing facts with negative emotions. Fear and distrust is the political antidote to self interests and facts. In the book 1984 Big Brother gave the people two minutes of hate daily. When I hear Palin on the stump daily it reminds me of 1984.


Democrats fear four more years of Bush and the forty thieves (neo-cons).

Republicans fear, Blacks, Arabs, Latino’s, Terrorists, “Losing” the Iraq war, Socialism, Communism, Taxes, regulation, non-Christian religion.

Undecided – If you are the information poor and you have not matched your Top Thee to the facts. Do it now and stick to it unless something happens in the next days to change your mind.

Here is my final argument. If you can’t apply this process because you run from your gut, than the pictures in this article are for you. If you are still undecided when you see these pictures you should be decided after you see them. LoL

The lead picture is odd to say the least, but it is telling. My reaction was WTH? What is your reaction and what did you learn from the Debates?

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Oak Park Mall - Journeys Prints Racial Slur On Receipt

Cultural Terrorist (s) loose in Oak Park Mall in the Journeys store attacking African Americans at random. At least one young person had been harmed in Overland Park, Kansas and the facts and arrests need to follow. Who programmed the machines to attack Black customers?

I know you are pissed. However, the challenge, in the interest of Cultural Health, is to bring MAAT (justice balance). This is going to cost that Mall and Journey's a lot of money.

Racial Slur On Receipt Prompts Boycott Call

I did not think Black people in that area of the country would be sitting on their hands on this one. Let us demonstrate that people of good will would like to see Oak Mall restore MAAT and return the Mall to being a Culturally Health place for all Americans to shop.

Money Talks! Here is a number to the Mall 913.888.4400
Here is a Number to the store 913.859.9418
Let's give them a proper Holiday Season Rush

Friday, October 24, 2008

Exposing the Cholesterol Myth (Video)

Has someone from Mediplex (Medical Industrial Complex) told you, a family member or friend, that you have "High" Cholesterol? Did they tell you they wanted to sell you a drug as "the" fix? Then you need to see this.

Double Check what your doctor tells you especially if your doc only has alliopathic skills.

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Newsvine - Farrakhan Speaks of a Culturally Healthy New Biginning

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan sounded like a man mellowing in his senior years Sunday. Farrakhan looked robust after his battle with cancer, and he spoke for two hours

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Monday, October 20, 2008

George Will’s Cultural Poisoning Slip is Showing.

General Colin Powell's endorsement of Barack Obama sends George Will over the top. He says Powell endorsed him because he is Black and because of Al Sharpton/Jessee Jackson, WTF?

Did you just hear a Republican "Race" "Card" or is it me? It sounds like the whole Republican Party is mobilizing to reactivate the Cultural War. As the Bush/McCain & Pandora Palin ship sinks, now they are wining and bleating like stuffed pigs as their cultural orientation comes to the surface. Even those who have been clever at hiding their Cultural Orientation can no longer hold it in. The possibility of an African American President is causing Brain Crashes left and right, and symptoms of Cultural Poisoning are leaping into the light.

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Abandon Ship - Gen. Powell and Republicans Bailout of McCain's Ship of State

Colin Powell is the latest and most visible Republican to bailout on Bush/McCain & Pandora Palin's Cultural Terrorism. (Video)

From William F. Buckley's Son to David Brooks and now Colin Powell, sober Republican are repudiating the current direction of their party.

No they did not use the term Cultural Terrorism but when General Powell says the McCain campaign is "narrowing" its focus and the Obama campaign is broadening theirs, we all know what he is saying. When Powell says he is disappointed in the Robo call and the un-American language of senior members of his party we understand what he is saying.

He says he has watched Obama closely and he passed the final exam (the economy crisis). He points to Obama's "...definitive way of doing business that would serve us well... " and his demonstrated unifying skill set as reasons for his endorsement. On these points I agree. Powell has much work to do to restore himself with the American people in general and the African American community in particular. His decision to endorse Obama is a timely step in the right direction.

Anyone can error and get in with a bad crowd, I will be watching Mr. Powell.

P.S. I recommend that you watch the video in the related article.

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Was Joe the Plumber A Fox/McCain Plant

It Turns out that Joe the plumber does not make $250,000 now. He is an employee of a pluming company. Not only is he not going to be taxed under an Obama plan he is not likely to own a plumbing company anytime in the foreseeable future. (Video)

At best McCain's Joe is not a truth teller. at worst he is a plant. In any case he can count on everything he has ever done in his life being dragged through the press in the next week or so.

The other side of this is that a small merical happened at Obama/McCain III last night. McCain the bank deregulator with 9 houses and 13 cars and ethics problems all of a sudden is the best friend of Plumbers. WoW. I think I will call this the Plumber hail mary.

McCain went down in flames last night in the last the debate and Joe did not save him. Final Debate Result Obama 3 McCain 0.

Update: Joe is not registered to vote in Holland, Ohio
Joe has no plumbers license
Joe gets no tax increase under Obama's plan
It is a shame that Bush/McCain repubs take advantage of low information Americans like joe

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Place Your Bets on the Last Debate of O8

This last debate of the 2008 election, maybe the knockdown drag outfight that Republicans have been asking for. McCain must land a knockout blow tonight.

In the first three rounds, the Republicans have failed to lay a glove on the Democrats, Democratic issues, or Obama. They are 6 to 9 points behind in the polls and this is the last call for alcohol. If McCain fails to land a knockout punch tonight the party is over.

Obama must once again demonstrate that he is steady and ready.
The pressure is all on McCain. What will he do? Put forward a great
economic plan that will help the middle class and poor Americans? Stick
to the issues? Or come out fighting and attack Obama as the red meat
Republicans want?

What do you think will happen? Go on the record! Vote and tell us how and why you voted the way you did.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Olbermann Calls McCain on His Cultural Terrorism

MSNBC must be given credit for some of its people standing up and calling McCain/Palin on their cultural terrorism. Even Bush, as bad as he is, did not overtly insight mob violence against Americans. (Video)

SENATOR McCAIN YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE!!! Keith Olbermann Special Comment

It was the Palin mob, but McCain's refusal to fire Palin and repudiate the Kill him mentality in her crowds, now makes it the McCain mob. McCain took Barry Goldwater's (Extreme anti-humanist)seat in the Senate. He is now in the shadow of his fathers McCain Plantation unleashing the mob violence of Goldwater and Wallace on America. God Help America if he is successful. **vote!** **Donate** **write** but don't sit on your butt.

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Obama's Global and Local Disability Plan

Compare Obama's comprehensive approach to improving life for the disabled and all of us,globally and locally, to McCain's narrow view. The United Nations has a role and Universal Sick Care helps everyone. (Video)

Health care and dignity is a right not a privilege.

Senator Barack Obama on Autism and Disability

A Culturally Healthy person by default naturally does the right thing for physical health.

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Palin is a Cultural Terrorist and Should Resign

2008 is a historic election for which their is no script. Palin is writing her own script like everyone else. However, Sarah Palin is the first one to write a dangerous script. In attempting to tar and feather Senator Obama as paling around with terrorists, she has become a domestic Cultural Terrorist herself. (Video)

We have all heard about the Palin mob screaming "...kill Him...", "...Off with his head..." and attacking African Americans, Now, we see Black people being shot for waring an Obama shirt.

It is time for Americans of good will of all stripes to call for Palin to ceases and desist from this coded Cultural Terrorism or resign. If she will not do this of her own volition then Senator McCain should take leadership in insuring the common good so that all Americans can be secure in their life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

Let's take a closer look at what Palin poisoning is doing to the minds of ordinary Americans. I want to tell you two short stories about Palinites one in cyberspace and two on the ground. Lets start up here in cyber space with a palinite I met at Newsvine recently.

The Story of the CyberSpace shadow and the straw man.

What to do if you run into Palin Poisoning on-Line? Cut and past my response!

Background Rayan is responding in a seed - Man shot three times by racist gunman - for wearing Barack Obama T-shirt. I am responding to Ryan's comment.

Hetep and Respect Ryan, welcome to the vine. In looking at your column and profile, I noticed that there is no picture of you and that you seem to be one of the new shadow Republicans. I may not agree with you, but your comments up until now generally seem reasonable enough.

Ryan "...What about a hate filled church Obama belonged to?..."

Now most readers know that you are attempting to raise a straw man. Bush/McCain and the forty thieves are famous for this SOP. Naturally it will fail this time for five reasons.

1. America and all us Americans are in the middle of an Economic crises as noted by Obama and McCain. People want to talk about the economic issues facing us.

2. Rev. Wright's church members nor anyone in his community, called out "Kill" anything after his sermons. Naturally, a minster of the lord would correct any member of the church advocating killing in America.

3. No one from Rev. W church or community as a result of his words has attacked verbally or otherwise any European American Reporter or crew member.

4. No European person from any nation has been shot after one of Rev. W's Sermons.

5. Last but not least, their is no Black Christian Church in America associated with the threat of mob violence now connected to Palin's riot speeches.

These being the facts, I would like you to clarify your position for the readers and I, so that we do not misunderstand your position and mission.

1. Do you support Palin, right or wrong, no matter what she says and/or causes to happen including violence.

2. I am advising you that Palin is engaging in Cultural Terrorism. Having been so advised, do you now declare yourself to be a self proclaimed Cultural Terrorist or a Cultural Terrorism supporter or collaborator?

3. Are you now, or have you ever been, or would you ever be, part of a Palin mob, inclined to do violence against African Americans or any other Americans.

We await your on the record answer.


Now to the last stories and videos.

The story of the mindless woman and the malicious man.

McCain to his credit is trying to undo the Cultural Poisoning that Sarah Palin has injected in the vanes of some Americans. The problem is, as you will see from the unfortunate woman that McCain was trying to cure of Palin Poisoning, that the dis-ease has completely taken this woman over.

The problem is, Cultural Poisoning takes over the bio-computer in such a way that the person is disconnected from reality. You will note at the end that some Culturally Healthy people around her, try to help her by administering the antidote (truth), to no avail.

McCain let Palin out of Pandora's box and she has activated the mob, Now it may be to late for McCain to put Palin and her mobs back in pandora's box. The mindless mob is loose in the streets they are everywhere. Look at this next video.

Palin Supporter Brings Racist Monkey "Obama" Doll to Rally, see Newsvine Discussion

Most Cultural Terrorists are cowards, they attack in large groups. By themselves they are cowards who will sacrifice anything, even children, to hide their evil anti-humanist behavior. When he realizes that he has been identified and is being taped, watch what he does with his Cultural Poisoning monkey Tool.

Wow, Imagine if Palin was allowed to continue to fire up and embolden these crazy people All over America. Imagine if McCain's bad judgment became POTUS, WoW.

Perish the thought, Palin should resign now. McCain has dealt himself a fatal blow. self-respecting Republicans will distance themselves from this cowardly behavior. And McCain has out done himself. This last piece of Tricknology has backfired and knocked the woman and independents off the fence onto the Obama lawn and a new dawn.

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Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Cultural Traitor James Harris Begs McCain to Attack Obama

Sarah Palin is not the only one fanning the flames of Cultural Terrorism. Mr. Harris was proud of the "...Ass whipping..." he has been taking from the African American community and people of good will for advocating attacking Obama Like Palin who he admires.

The McCain mob went wild and leaped to their feet at his remarks. He looked like the only African American in the typical Bush/McCain & Palin crowd. James T. Harris is a talk show host at WRMJ-AM in Wisconsin.

Supporter Begs McCain To "Take It To Obama"

It is amazing what some folks will do to get known and make a buck. It is important to watch Cultural Poisoning in action. Your racedar should pick up symptom signals from all ethnic groups especially signals from our own group.

Between 95-98% of African American's will vote for Obama mainly on the issues, Health Care, the Economy, and the war which, most African Americans were against from the beginning. Cultural Illiteracy got us into the war and a Culturally Literate person like Obama will get us out. That he happens to be from our ethnic group is a plus. Mr. Harris as you have noted does not want Obama attacked on the issues he wants him attacked on the Palin politics of personal destruction slander. James Harris has been added to the Cultural Traitors List, along with such notorious ostracized individuals like Tara Wall, Armstrong Williams, and Judge Thomas.

Writing this piece caused me to think about the odd concept of the talented tenth. The 10% of the best "educated" African Americans that should lead the rest. They, in my opinion, tend to be a culturally treasonous lot. It is interesting to note, that the historic 2008 US election, may demonstrate that overt political cultural treason may be down to 2 to 5 percent. November the forth will tell the story of the tape and Mr. Harris.

Cultural Literacy Minute: Cultural Treason

1. Violation of allegiance toward one's ethnic group, especially the betrayal of one's ethnicity by waging war against it or by consciously and purposely acting to aid its enemies.
2. A betrayal of trust or confidence.

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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Obama Youth and Positive Energy

The We Are The Ones Song

people say Obama’s words are just words...
when was the last time "words" weren’t important...???...

when was the last time a great leader didn’t use words to lead...??...
when was the last time a person didn’t use words to describe how they felt...?...
when was the last time "words" weren’t empowering...?...

and we can all recall the last time "words" were used to divide us and install fear...

Cultural Health is on the move, hope is a power of powers and the people sound hopeful.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

McCain Loses His Mind in Debate Calls Obama "that one" (Video)

Under pressure Cultural Poisoning has cause McCain to revert to the McCain Family Plantation language of William Alexander McCain. Couple this with Palin's hate speech and the Palin mobs attacking an African American reporter and I can only conclude that McCain has lost his mind.

Let's Go To The Video Tape

McCain calls Obama "that one"

How did McCain refer to the United States Senator from Illinois, Not by his sir name "Obama", Not "The Senator," Not "My Distinguished Colleague," But "That One." McCain hurled the most disrespectful, disdain, I have ever heard, from one senator to another in public at the honorable senator Obama. This is a National disgrace an outrage, an affront to the Senate and civility. McCain exicuted with precision a gross act of disrespect toward Senator Obama, African Americans, and all Americans of good will and should be loudly condemned.

"John McCain delivered one of the ugliest, nastiest, most invective-filled personality attacks a major candidate has ever delivered"

McCain's language in the debate is not a simple slip. It is part of a sustained pattern and practice perpetrated with malice and forethought. This is not only, not leading America toward unity in a clean issue based campaign, it is heading in a dangerous direction.

Amid shouts of "terrorist" and "kill him", Palin crowd turns on African American reporter with racist epithets and threats

This melt down behavior was not entirely unanticipated, if you are familiar with McCain's family history. One of the things I have learned over time regarding Cultural Poisoning is that, if you suffer from the dis-ease, like a drunk, you will not be able to hide it forever. Symptoms of Cultural Poisoning are most likely to come out under pressure. I can think of few pressures greater then a Presidential campaign.

In case you thought McCain would come to his senses when the debate ended, think again.

Lets go to the video tape

The McCain-Obama Post-Debate "Handshake"

It is better that we know about a persons instability before he is placed in a leadership position. We made that error once with Bush, lets not repeat it. An error is not a mistake, unless we fail to correct it. The world is looking to us to correct our errors.


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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Back Against the Wall Palin Plays the "Race" Card.

With his political back against the wall, McCain orders Palin to play the "race" Card. One more bad judgment that will backfire and punch another hole in McCain's erratic dance card.

Let's Go to The Video Tape

"Our opponent ... is someone who sees America, it seems, as being so imperfect, imperfect enough, that he's palling around with terrorists who would target their own country,"

She has also said:
"This is not a man who sees America like you and I see America,"

We know code when we hear it
. The implication is you know you can't trust "these people" (my opponent) they don't love America like we do. They might even attack it. In this clip note that Obama is talking about my number one issue Health Care and McCain/Palin has exchanged the word Willie Horton for the word "Terrorist". Palin just like in Orwell's 1984, She is trying to feed the American people two minutes of hate.

Obama points out, in a nice way, that McCain's folks say they are turning the page on the economy that the Bush/McCain forty thieves ran into the ground. Instead they will be working on fear and hate through the politics of personal destruction.

When Biden tied McCain to Bush she accused him of "focusing on the past", this naturally is bad depending on who's ox gets gored. So much for Palin's integrity and her Cultural Health.

McCain now feeling cornered like a boxer who survived a knock out blow, is on his feet, but has reverted to his original fighting style. Pay close attention in this final round, will the real McCain consume the "good" McCain.

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McCain Used Palin to Dumb Down the Debate (Poll)

Why wouldn't the Presidential Debates and the Vice Presidential debates have the same rules? Don't we need to know all the same information about the next president and the person that he has chosen as his partner and back up.

McCain used two tricks to control information flow to the public, manipulating the debate rules and reprogramming Sarah Palin his VP choice with something I am calling energy DoubleSpeak.

The key tricknology used to restrict the amount of information the American people could get from the Vice Presidential debates was the elimination of the follow up question. Why? Because the answers to the follow up questions informs you of the depth of knowledge on the subject that the person answering has or does not have. You will remember the Katie Couric interviews, Palin made errors in answering some initial questions but where she really went down in flames is on the follow up questions. e.g. ...should we really attack Russia...? or ...Name just one newspaper or magazine you read to stay up on foreign policy...?

Were you faked out of your shoes with style over substance. style has a roll but it is not the whole ball game. Did you stay focused and measure the VP's answers against your self interests (Top Three Issues)? I did and this is What I heard. Fist let me put up my Top Thee. Then we will go to the horse's mouth.

Top Three Issues (3 of 10)
2008 Presidential Election

1. Universal Sick Care (USC) (Pro-life for grown ups)
2. End the Iraq War in 30 days (Use money at home)
3. Green Moon Shot in 10 years (fix economy and form the future)

Key: They include my personal self-interests and What I think is important for the National interests.

Let's Go To The Video Tape

Health Care

Palin/Biden on Health Care

Iraq War

Sarah Palin Vs Joe Biden Debate 08 - War In Iraq


Palin: Bailout is about HealthCare?

Obama/Biden came closes to my Top Thee. Bush/McCain spoken for by Palin was 180 degrees out of phase with my Top Three needs. Palin had the nerve to say, she would not answer the questions of the moderator (representing the people) and would not answer questions by Biden. So why was she their? To avoid crashing and burning by giving a reprogrammed stump speech that spewed Energy DoubleSpeak and sent code to "joe six pack".

In the end we find that McCain with is army of lobbyist, and Bush's forty thieves reprogrammed Palin into Bush with a dress. The Vice presidential debates demonstrated that not only is the real McCain gone but the real Palin is gone. imagine that, telling the American people you are not answering their questions. In November, we should let Bush/McCain and Palin know we remember those who refuse to answer our questions.

Did you listen for your top three. Who best meets the needs of you and your family? Who is best for America and its economy?

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Friday, October 03, 2008

Why I am opposed to the $700 billion dollar bailout

A friend of mine Curtis sent me these four reasons why no bailout should happen now. Breaking news: the bailout just passed the house and Bush said he would sign the giveaway to his have's and have more base.

1. Based on all indications and expert opinion, it will not stop the economic downturn.

2. Bush started his presidency with an economic surplus and now has plunged the country into an estimated $10 trillion debt. A below average high school student could have done a better job. Bush is the last person in America and the last person on the planet who should be trusted to give economic advice. We should consider doing the exact opposite of whatever he recommends. In addition, everyone knows that Bush is for the rich, and this bailout smells like one last gesture to stuff our money into the pockets of his rich friends.

3. Something of this magnitude should be in the form of a referendum which the American people should vote on, not a handful of politicians under pressure from big financial institutions. Most Americans have not read the latest proposal and only hear bits and pieces from the news media. The public does not know all of the loopholes that are contained in it.

4. This issue should be dealt with by the next administration, not in the final stages of a presidential election.

5. Other options should be considered. For example, one idea I heard of was to simply cut all home mortgages in half, or require that they be renegotiated to a level that homeowners could afford. The reason for the crisis is because a lot of home loans were made to people with weak credit, so that they could be overcharged. If these mortgages were made affordable by drastically reducing them down to where homeowners can afford the payments, then they would pay their debts and the crisis should be over or greatly eased. They would also have more disposable income to spend which would be good for the economy. The point is, other options are not even being considered. Average Americans are essentially being told to pay up or else. The argument could be made that this whole sudden collapse could have been orchestrated for the purpose of getting this $700 Billion paycheck.

6. Any proposal supported by Bush, the Federal Reserve and the Treasury Secretary has to be viewed with the most extreme skepticism. These guys are not for the average working American. They are the ones who created this mess. Now they want $700 Billion! The fact that the presidential candidates support the bailout is meaningless, because in an election year, neither one of them can afford to take on the financial sector who wants this bailout.

7. Economic downturns are necessary to cool off the market. Housing prices could not just keep going up indefinitely. Prices in general had to start coming down. Managing this process should be the job of the next administration.

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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Will Palin Show up for the Debate? (Poll)

This debate will be more watched then the first Presidential debate, if Palin shows up. McCain has mostly kept her locked up in Pandora's Box I do not think he will let her out for the debate. (Video)

If he does let her out, clips of her answers will make YouTube loops and Democratic commercials from now to November. I predict that based on past performance she will self destruct.

Let Go To The Video Tape

Palin Spells Disaster For GOP

We have no Idea what the rules of the debate are. There are no third party's included and they will only have 90 seconds to reply. A private corporation, The commission on Presidential debates controlled by the Democrats and Republicans exclusively control this debate. Corporations like Anheuser Bush fund this private corporation. We need to bring the League of Woman Voters back.

Having said that, the debate is what it is. Not a free flowing event designed to provide the listeners with the maximum information about these candidates but an event engineered to minimize the mistakes they may make in their responses to questions.

Did the contestants see the questions before the test? Did they see a list of questions that the test will be chosen from? Who knows, since the debate contract is secret. While you chew on that food for thought it is time to place your bets. Will Palin or Biden win. What will the polls say on Friday?

Live Poll

Palin 25% Biden 75%+

Palin 35% Biden 65%

Palin 45% Biden 55%

Palin 50% Biden 50%

Palin 55% Biden 45%

Palin 65% Biden 35%

Palin 75%+ Biden 25%

Click Here to Vote

So many are expecting a slaughter when Palin is forced into the arena with the lion, that if she is still standing in the end, she wins.

What do you want to bet, that it the moderator Ifill, asks an unscripted question and Palin shoots herself down in flames, Ifill gets the blame for the Palin loss, not Palin/McCain.

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McCain Voted Against VA Benefits & Lied

Senator McCain repeatedly voted against veterans benefits that I need. Then, to add insult to injury, he lied to my face. (Video)

Have you ever met a man that will lie to you, know that you know, that he is lying, and still plow forward. Have you met a person who will not look you in the eye? What would that tell you about the person.

We Vets know about the real McCain - McCain Swift Boats Himself

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