Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Adidas Planed To Sell "Slave" Shoes to Black People - Video

Just when you thought you have seen all the Cultural Poisoning there is to see.   German sports apparel maker Adidas has withdrawn its plans to sell a controversial sneaker featuring affixed rubber shackles after the company generated significant criticism when advertising the shoe on its Facebook page.

Lets Go To The Video Tape

I have goon through my Tennis Bag, Gym Bag and closet, found and put in the garbage, every piece of sports gear I have from the Cultural Terrorist organization Adidas. Anytime I see an AA wearing anything with the Adidas terrorism symbol affixed, I will remind them of the Adidas re-enslavement sneakers. I will further advise them in the interest of Cultural Health that they should disconnect themselves from such culturally treasonous material.

This is an affront to the 2 billion+ Black People world wide. No self-respecting Black person should touch  the Cultural Terrorist sneaker's designer, Jeremy Scott or anything he has designed with a ten foot pole. 

There are some who have suggested that this is not an accident that these slave shoes were to be released in the middle of the Presidential election year when President Obama the first AA President of the United States is moving toward his reelection. 

For more on this story: Adidas cancels 'shackle' shoes after outcry - CNN.com:

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Cricket Prepaid iPhone Goes on Sale

 Iphone is now the gold standard of the prepaid market too. This is great news. It is good to see that Apple's marketing geniuses continue to take it easy and stay breezy.

People were lining up outside Cricket mobile storefronts. That’s because the company has just begun to sell its version of the iPhone 4S. For those with an inability or lack of desire to get a traditional carrier contract, the 16 GB iPhone 4S costs $500 out of pocket. The 8 GB one from Cricket will “only” set you back a cool $400. The plan is $55 per month for unlimited calling and texting.
Users can consume as much data as they want, but after hitting a limiting 2.3 GB, speeds will start to markedly slow down. Of course this is a huge deal for Apple, but the real winner here is Cricket. 

Aunk's commentary.
The big winner is the consumer who is not have to settle for an Iphone clone (droid/ms) just because they can't get or don't want a contract. I have an a 4S with AT&T and I have had an Iphone from before their was an Iphone it is the best quality Interpersonal Computer in the world bar none. In this post PC era this is one simple indicator of Gold Standard quality vs. Clone quality. The gold Standard is glass and metal and most clones are plastic, nuff said! Now the superior apple ecosystem, no I won't even go their. 

Glad to see the cricket Iphone tribe in the house.  

Full Story Cricket prepaid iPhone goes on sale 

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Republicans Definition (Haters/Banksters +1%)

I was thinking of the FORWARD Dems and the BACKWARD Repub and this simplified all enconpasising description popped out of the blue.

Republicans (Haters/Banksters +1%) Mitt, corporations are people, Romney and dumb as a rock Palin have much in common. The major difference is that  Palin could not speak English.  Our choices could not be clearer in November, The smart effective guy, his Dems  and American JOBS or the Poster child for the 1% corporations are people and the continued prioritization the American commons and the selling out of American jobs to China and India.

How would you describe the Republicans? What are their Top Three Election issues?  

To visit the Poll and discussion Click Here

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Barack Obama Speaks on Father's Day (case you missed it)

Obama makes a remarkable speech about one of the most important elements of Cultural Health, fatherhood and the family as rocks in our foundation. (video 23 min)

Talking about fatherhood in the AA community is a road with many pitfalls, it requires courage, love and understanding. Thinking about fatherhood and being the best dad you can be requires these things too. I think about my father Marlin on this day and I think about my children and my fatherhood. I think about my mate's father who just passed yesterday and her relationship to her dad. As Dad. Obama says we will be imperfect father's but we must try to be the best fathers we can be.

Someone once said to me that the most important thing a dad can do, besides being in the home, is letting his children see him be respectful and loving to mom. I can't disagree with that. In fact, I would assert that it is the love and respect that Mom and Dad reflect in each other that will or will not be reflected in their children.

If  roles, respect and love are in order in the family than the family is in order. Your Cultural Health mission for today is, should you decide to accept, to think about the state of roles, respect and love in your family and what you can do to strengthen it.

Click Here for my original  story and video.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Roadblock for KKK - Cultural Health is on the risE

The US state of Georgia has turned down an offer by the Ku Klux Klan to adopt a stretch of highway to keep it tidy, saying the sight of the group's name on a sign would be distressing.

Not to worry, they have adopted the Republican Party. 

Roadblock for KKK - Aunk (The Cultural Health Guy)'s column on Newsvine:

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For discussion see MSNBC/Newsvine

Monday, June 11, 2012

Federal Spending Growth By Presidency - InfoGraphic

Who has produced less growth in federal spending then any President since Eisenhower? No it is not Bush.

MSNBC/Newsvine discussion:
Federal Spending Growth By Presidency - Aunk (The Cultural Health Guy)'s column on Newsvine:

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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Corporations Beat the $ell out of Workers in 2012 Recall Election

Republican Criminal Corporations Beat the Hell out of Workers in the Historic Wisconsin 2012 Recall Election. Walker survived the recall. One worker cried and said it was the end of Democracy. (Video)

The number that was most remarkable to me was that 36% of union folks voted for Walker? Paul Begalla said it best last night, Union folks or families voting for Walker is like Chickens voting for Colonel Sanders (of KFC Fame).

It is my understanding that Walker outspent his Dem opponent 36 million to 4 million. Conclusion criminal corporations used money to remove a core American value from WI workers, their right to organize and negotiate their working conditions, benefits etc.  

 There are about 5,712,000 people in Wisconsin 86% of them are European American, most are high school educated. There is a very low percentage of people below the poverty line. In Short, a very middle class state  that has mostly voted democratic in the National elections.

One of the interesting aspects of the race is that ethnicity was not a big part of the equation like in the national election. So we were mostly looking at political a philosophy battle, that is Citizen Rights (workers)/vs. Corporation's Rights.

One of the questions this raises for me is, why do states like Wisconsin and New Jersey vote Democratic Nationally and Republican locally? are local politics truly local?

I think our President understands the separation between National and Local politics and wisely maintained his policy of mostly staying out of local politics except for making a comment or gesture that tells you where he stands.  Before you Repubs start,  Mr. Romney did the same.

What do these numbers tell me? Well there were 900,000 certified recall signatures if each person only got one other person to go to the polls then the Dems and Workers would have won by a land slide. My conclusion, baring Republican dirty tricks, is that WI Dems did not turn out as required to protect their rights as workers and the corporations used Doublespeck Ads to dupe many low information voters, also workers, to vote against their own interest.

How do the local and National numbers compare? Turnout was off the charts with more than 2.5 million people,57 percent of voting-age adults, While better then the 2.17 million in 2010 Governance election it was far short of the 3 million votes cast in the 2008 presidential election. The good news is the legislature is split 16 to 16. One Dem has declared a win and if that holds Dems will have power in the upper house.
What does this tell us regarding winning in November? We Dems better bring our A Ground Game. The numbers tell us that each Dem voter needs to bring at least one new dem vote to the polls with them. This can be a new voter or a Repub or independent that voted for the opposition in 2008/10.  I call it the 1+1 Ground game. 
I have been working on my new voter for the last four years and I have him almost nailed down, How about you?

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Psycho II Wisconsin Recall 2012

Last call or alcohol, go on the record what will happen to Governor Walker for attacking Police Officer, Fireman and Teacher. Will he be rewarded or punished for attacking the middle class?  Go on the record and I will meet you back here after the votes are counted to see who was right. 
The day the Political Earth Stood Still

President Barack Obama tweeted support for Wisconsin gubernatorial candidate Tom Barrett Monday night, the day before Badger State voters weighed the recall of incumbent Gov. Scott Walker.
My prediction Tom Barrett by big numbers. 

I am going to the polls today are you? 

Monday, June 04, 2012

Black Man Kills White Supremacist

By 2050 Africa will have more children on the continent then all the people in China. The question is, should culturally poisoned invaders who occupy African land and remain untreated for their dis-ease expect business as usual? Or is it the case that karma or some other cosmic force will kick in to restore Maat? (Video)
Trayvon Martin George Zimmerman

A picture the dead man posted on FB

Farmworker convicted of killing South African white supremacist and notorious Cultural Terrorist Eugene Terre’Blanche.

Let's Go to the video tape

Not every thing is what it seems like on TV, South Africa still has much cultural health work to do and so do we, As long as Cultural Terrorist walk free on the streets among our son's and daughters then no one is safe.

Here in America especially, in the south Republican extremest are running wild as we come to the 2012 election. Nation wide Republican voter suppression second only to treason against AA's, LA's the elderly is in many states. The department of justice had to step in and stop unconstitutional voter suppression in Florida. IMHO, it will not be the last state the DOJ must move on between now and November.

June 5th is primary day in my state and many states in the country, be sure and vote. I and my family plan to vote straight democratic. They have an unfinished miracle in South Africa and we have one here. We all know what is at stake. Who is trying to kill jobs, unions, woman's rights and education. Remember one can not use one's foot to push another down in the grave, without having one foot in that same grave.  

This is a time to pay close attention, world citizens we can do better, we must do better.

Live and learn or crash and burn!

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