Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Woman's History Month - Life in Ancient Times

In Classical African Civilization,Kemet (Ancient Egypt/Nubia) the feminine principle and its roles, rights and place in the cosmos was well understood and mapped out. The Kemetic Woman's rights exceeded that of most of the nation's that followed her in ancient history. (Video)

Black history Month was in February and Woman's history month is in March. This seems fitting in the new multi-ethnic, multi-genda, power sharing America of the twenty first century. In the interest of Cultural Health, use this opportunity to improve your cultural literacy regarding the position and treatment of women in the context of the three major worldviews, Central (African,) Eastern (Asian) and Western (Caucasian).

Let's start with the one I am most familiar with.

The following video will introduce you to some of the Values Interests and Principles (VIP's) attendant to the Central Worldview (African) as manifested in KAmetic Cosmologics and the social life of the Kametic woman.

Thank you  Queen Mother Marera Kwesi for shedding light through your video presentation from the Mother Land. Now some in the AA community might take technical issue with this presentation in some respects however, most would support the fact that the presentation gives a good account of feminine principles in Kemet. What is important to note is the mode of thinking associated with this worldview. We don't say father land as in the Western worldview we say Mother land. This is an example of a fundamental difference in the cosmologics of the two worldviews. Having said that, you should not confuse the matrilineal with matriarchy. The neters of mother nature in kemet from Auset and Het Heru to Ma'at' and Sekerk, the feminine principle embodied in woman played critical interdependent roles in kemetic life. 

While we all see the same things in nature (ntr), we and our ethnic groups do not all come to the same conclusions about what we see. It is a working understanding about these different conclusions that is referred too as Cultural Literacy.

This month is a good time to do serious research and/or thinking about the role of women in your ethnic group with its VIP's. What is the role of women in the ethnic groups you interact with? If you have ever been on the ground in retail, selling big ticket items like Washers and Dryers or big screen TV's, you have come to understand that women and the family play very different roles in the decision process of buying these items. As a practical matter, you come to learn quickly, that as a Sales person, your pay is dependent on your Cultural Literacy, as errors can be fatal to the sale.

I will close with a question. In writing pieces on Black history month (BHM), from time to time I run into a reader who asks, why have BHM. They imply that BHM is unnecessary, the next thing you know we will have woman's history month, Irish History month, etc.

For myself, from a Cultural Literacy point of view, I would welcome such months to learn about my fellow Americans in this multi-ethnic Nation. My Question is, who is against Woman's History month?

P.S. Do not tell me, if you have not first told your wife.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tea Party Terrorist Spit on Black Person (Video)

White Tea Party Cultural Terrorist Spit on Black Person and it is caught on tape. The missing tape has been found, now it is your move FBI.

Let's Go to the Video Tape

Friday, March 26, 2010

Is Obama Our First Black President or the First President of Black America?

Years ago before I reached adulthood, I watched a scene on one of my favorite television shows, Law & Order, in which a Black attorney says the following to his white former supervisor: “You once asked me if I was 'a Black lawyer, or a lawyer who's Black.' I used to think I was the latter. Now I know I’m the former.”

I didn’t fully appreciate the meaning of that scene as an adolescent, but as an adult I certainly do. I was reminded of this scene recently when it was revealed that the Congressional Black Caucus is on the verge of declaring ideological war on the White House, to convey their displeasure at what they view as the president’s snubbing of the caucus, specifically its legislative wish list in his first year in office.

Aunk's Cultural commentary.

The Congressional Black Caucus and others who are wasting time raising non-productive questions in a time of change need to get a grip. President Obama with the passage of Health Insurance reform has done more for the African American community by default then any African American politician in my life time.

Everyone in the African American community has a role in improving our Cultural Health and effectiveness here in American and around the world. The President has his role, the Caucus has its role, Al Sharpton has his role and you and I have our individual roles. All these efforts should be synergistic.

When the United States goes to war, the Army does not start attacking the Navy, nor should we. Everyone understands such a poorly thought out action by the Army would lead to a predicable negative outcome.

Black people in America should be focused on three things IMHO

The Aunk AA Three Point Plan

1. Joining the Green Economy to expand job opportunity
2. Improve Education at home and in public schools
3. Moving America from Sick Care to Health Care, starting with reducing child obesity.

My question to the caucus is, where is your three point plan for our community and how does it compare to the Aunk Plan?

For the full story go here.
Is Obama our first Black president or the first president of Black America?

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tea Party is the new Ku Klux Klan

The Tea Party may seem like a new movement until you look under the covers. In fact, the passage of Health Insurance Reform has caused them to take their covers off. If you think these people are not dangerous think again. (Video)

Since this peace was first done Glenn Beck lead a march on Washington of the Teabagers , did you notice Palin and the ethnic make up of the crowd. Did you notice the code words. He quoted the bible to tell his followers to go home and pick up sticks. The Beck Restore "Honor" March and the new Teabag house of Representatives, reinforce the original message about the danger of the (R)egressives to the progress of the progressives.

If you thought there was dis-ease rising among Cultural anti-humanists (Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for some.) when Obama was just running for President. What do you think is happening in these groups now. The Republican Vice Presidential candidate Palin, is an unapologetic pro-Tea Party leader. She just put out a Gun Map, with gun cross hair targets on democratic locations. Think about the code used in the Palin mob, the old south and today. While we are happy about America's progress, this is not a time to sleep on the realities of Cultural Poisoning in America.

In case you missed the big picture this is not just about African Americans, or an African American President. It is about Arab Americans, Latino Americans, Jewish Americans and anyone else The Tea Party types and their leaders like Palin consider foreign. David Duke a Neo-grand wizard of the KKK (Notice Sheet is off, Suit is on) will now present the Tea Party Big Picture, in case it is still not clear to you.

Did you hear what the grand wizards said about Latino "invaders". Immigration reform is probably the next reform on the table. Do you think a national debate about Immigration Reform will improve the sanity of these Cultural Terrorists?

We are moving the Nation's physical health forward. The question is, what will we do about the Nation's Cultural Health.

UPDATE: 2013 just in case you think things have improved, see this newsvine story and video

Arkansas Republican State Senator Jason Rapert Holds Klan Rally in an Open Forum
State Senator Jason Rapert's words demonstrate he suffers from Cultural Poisoning. His dis-ease puts him on the Cultural Terrorist watch list.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The New PayPal iPhone App and the Origin of Money

I use pay pal. and being knowledgeable regarding Classical African Civilization I remember my first awareness of money coming into recorded history. The Greeks and Romans as they developed initially used the same names for money as the Africans. But Pay Pal and I phone have taken money to a new level. (Video)

What do you think will you get the PayPal app for you Iphone?

Monday, March 22, 2010

Cultural Literacy, Africa, the Masons and Washington D.C.

What does Africa and the capital of the United States of America have in common. What is a Tekhen? What is an Obelisk? Do you know where to find these things in the Nation's capital. Come take the hidden tour of Washington, moving back through time to truth. (Video).

If you are like most Americans you are Culturally Illiterate regarding the founding and founders of America and their connection to Masonry and the study of Classical African Civilization, Kemet (Ancient Egypt). It is amazing to note that the founders knew that Cultural Poisoning had been so effective that they could place this important information in plain view and no one would be the wiser.

Let's go to the video tape (Part 1 of 3)

As I watched this remarkable video set (prt 2&3 of 3) and listened to the honorable Dr. Jeffries and our tour guide, it struck me how the powers that be (founders) assumed that the masses were asses and would never figure this out. They knew that only those that knew, would know, so there was no need to hide anything.

Think about this for a second, in Kemet everyone knew the Tekhen (Greeks called it an obelisk) and Heru maket (Greek Spinx). All the citizens of Kemet were raised in the context of the Central Worldview (African). Their Cosmologics was common knowledge and they understood the standard metu neter (writing - Greek Hieroglyphics) of their time. Fast foreword to today, and note that most citizens of America are clueless regarding this great legacy left to the world by the shiny ones (ancestors).

I can not tell you how many times I have been to Washington D.C. on business walking through the halls of congress, my name in the Smithsonian institute and having no Idea about the hidden African tour of Washington. How many people live in and/or visit the capital today and still do not know the full reality of what they see.

As the young people say, if you didn't know, now you know. Each one teach one. Keep Cultural Literacy alive. See Akhet Tours for more info.

HCR Bill Passes: GOP Mass Suicide Live on National TV

Health Care Passes for the American people 219-212. Almost as important, is the fact that the Republican party committed suicide on national TV and on the Internet. (Video)

This week Republicans in the Tea Party openly used the "N" word and spit on African American congress persons. Last night I watched Republican leadership curse on the floor of the house during the end of the health care debate. One congress person yelled calling a pro-life democrat a baby killer.

It is in this backdrop that we have adults doing what I hired them for, pass health insurance reform.

Let's go to the video tape.

Republican Leader says "Hell" NO! President says this is what changes looks like.
Compare the words of the adults vs. the anti-humanists, then take my advice.

Elect no Republican for 100 years.

It is a simple choice, what is more in your and our country's best interests, the "N" Word, or 33 million more of our fellow Americans with access to sick care. In the end, the Republicans did this to themselves.

Focusing on our future,
there is more work to be done. We need to get reconciliation through the Senate and the bill signed. As law, we all need to help make the bill work. It won't be perfect, but we must highlight the good elements and tell the stories of the Americans who are helped by the reform. We must also focus on things that go wrong and move quickly to fix them.

In the new America, the best Democrats, will be Republicans who get sick.

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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Last Call At the Health Care Ball, Place Your Bets

On Sunday the Congress will take the historic Health Care Reform Vote. The question is will it pass? Go on the record and I will meet you back here on Monday to see who has to eat crow. (Video)

Let's go to the video tape

I was taught that at a party you dance with everyone however, when it is over, you leave with them who brung ya. We the people hired the President and a Democrat congress to deliver Health Reform. The music has stopped, we have danced with the Republicans and now it is time to go home.

Call (Email, IM, etc.) your congress person NOW! and remind them you were the one who brung em.

Just in case you think I am not fare and balanced like fox news, see the other side here

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Obama Takes Off Gloves Punches Republicans in Mouth

The President punched them right in their "cost" mouth. - Obama To Republicans: 'You Had Ten Years' To Focus On Health Care Costs -- 'What Were You Doing?' (VIDEO)

Full Story

International Women’s Day - Video

Thousands of events are being held around the world to celebrate International Women’s Day, an idea that was launched 100 years ago when a group of women from seventeen countries gathered in Copenhagen, Denmark to champion the rights of women.

OK, be honest how many of you knew this was International Women's Day before you read this? Did you say the appropriate congratulations? it's never too late.

Full Story

Monday, March 08, 2010

Scientists find why vitamin D is crucial

"Vitamin D is vital in activating human defenses and low levels suffered by around half the world's population may mean their immune systems' killer T cells are poor at fighting infection, scientists said on Sunday."

To Full Story
Scientists find why sunshine vitamin D is crucial:

To hear Doctors talk to doctors about Vitamin D view this lecture.

You will notice in the lecture Black People and Melanin are not mentioned. Except for the concept of using equatorial Africans as the standard for optimum natural nutrition no studies of substantial melanin producers are mentioned. You will also note that the doctor speaking, indicates that MediPlex's drug companies have no interest in this subject, as there is no "Money" in it for them.

If you are going to learn about vitamin D, you are mostly going to have to do it on your own. Here is one doctor who actually talks about African Americans.

Simply supplementing with Vitamin D is not the hole answer. Supplementing and Testing is the road map to help you get where you need to be. I have taken 5 to 25,000 IU's of Vitamin D depending on my blood work. My Goal is to keep my Vitamin D level at 80 to 100 ng/dl.

I first heard about the relationship of Vitamin D to melanin from my doctor, Dr. Kokyi and other African American doctors talk about the Melanin/D Relationship in Black People above 30 degree latitude. Most Black People above this latitude are chronically D deficient.

This reality has profound implications regarding the cause of illness in Africans living in the cold latitudes. This also raises questions about effective dosing in Melanin producing humans vs. minimal melanin producing humans.

If 5,000 IU's is recommended for non substantial melanin producers, say skin type 1 to 3, If you are skin type 4-6, what should you take. This is where a culturally competent doctor who has had experience with your skin type (person who produces melanin at your level) can come in handy.

What do I do. I started taking 2,000 IU's of Vit D daily, along with my 1,000 milligrams of Vit C as prophylactic against colds. My first Blood test was 27 ng/ml. I upped my dose to 5k IU's daily and my next test 3 months later was 47 ng/ml. I increased my dose with my goal in mind to 10,000 IU's daily. So it is interesting to note in the relatively conservative medical lecture video, that the studies showed about 1 ng/ml increase for every 100 IU's taken. My guesstimation sounds about right my next blood test will tell.

The studies show no adverse effects at 200 ng/ml. They show dosing of fifty thousand to 10 million IU's, not recommend. I have heard Doc's explain, that giving 50,000 IU's in their practice to get a patients level up is not on common. Then naturally dropping the patient to a more normal dosing to maintain the target level.

Ethno-neutral medicine is a myth. If you are part of the Black ethnic group or the White ethnic group dramatically impacts your Vitamin D dosing.

The Bottom line is, this is new ground for most allopathic M.D.'s. You now have more information about Vitamin D then most allopaths today. It is OK to "trust" your doctor but verify. Pay close attention, test you individual level and let Ma'at guide you.

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Sunday, March 07, 2010

First Lady upstages President's Marching Orders with "Let's Move"!

This Week the President gave marching orders to pass Health Reform this month. While the President is focused on Insurance company sick care reform, The first lady is focusing on real health care reform with her "Let's Move" challenge to our children. (pics/Video)

The First Lady is not just talking but moving with our children. Wow, now that sounds like a plan to me. A person who is fit and in outstanding health trying to help the nation get healthy. We know that we don't do "health" care in America, we do sick care. So the President's plan, however badly needed, is at best a sick care insurance reform bill. So it is good to see someone focusing on the future health of our citizens.

You would think that this would be on every front page in the country. What side is your elected official on, are they for or against the health of your children? How will that impact your vote and political action?

This is another one of those opportunities/tests for the Republicans. Not unlike the televised sick care debate, we the American people need to watch this on TV and give the two party's a pass or failing grade.

Can anyone list one bill or national infinitive, that the Republican party has launched in the last 10 years, to improve American health, that does not benefit insurance company's and MediPlex (Medical industrial complex) profits.

Please do not bother to list Anti-Vitamin McCain's current stop the healthy people from taking supplements bill.

What do you think, will Republicans start moving too?

Friday, March 05, 2010

Growing Body Parts - What Does it Mean to You

I go to a Veterans Hospital (VA) but I did not know that they can, and have been growing some body parts, until I saw this video. Did you know that cells can be taken from your finger and caused to grow you another finger? (Video)

Some have claimed that the President's Health Insurance Reform is socialism. Well, that is not true. Naturally, the political implication is that socialized medicine is bad, or backward. However, the VA is socialized medicine. Lets go to the video tape, and you tell me if it seems backward.

Watch CBS News Videos Online

The implications from the video are obvious, it looks pretty advanced to me. However, what are the implications that are not so obvious Dr. Jewel Pookrum has some thoughts on the matter. How much control do we have, and should we have, over our body parts when we are alive, and when the body has stopped functioning?

Would, or has, your doctor or hospital experimented on you? How can you prevent unauthorized experimentation? Thanks Dr. Pookrum for your insight into these matters. Dr. Pookrum mentioned Gattaca a movie about a future were DNA modification is the norm. If you enjoyed and learned from Avatar's view of the future you should put GATTACA on your list.

I saw GATTCA and it is interesting science and social food for thought especially, the ethnic implications.

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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Tap Your Skin to Dial Your Phone (Video)

This is freaky future stuff, where you're the interface. That's where electronics are heading, apparently. Researchers have developed a way for people to use their own skin as a keypad or pull down menu to control MP3 devices, make phone calls or play games.

It's called Skinput, and here's how it works: The user wears an armband, which contains a very small projector that projects a menu or keypad onto a person's hand or forearm. The armband also contains an acoustic sensor. Why? Because when you tap different parts of your body, it makes unique sounds based on the area's bone density, soft tissue, joints and other factors.


I thought of a lot of things to do with a pico projector, I have one for my I phone. Heads up displays of all types is an obvious one like on your eye glasses. But Skinput now that is revolutionary.

Full story and pics
Tap Your Skin to Dial Your Phone
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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

The 5 Foods You Should Eat Every Day

Eating right on a budget can be a challenge, but it's certainly not impossible. Consider this your cheat sheet to the 5 inexpensive foods you should eat everyday for optimum health.

Read Article Click Here

I would not ordinarily pick Walmart as a source of healthy food information but Holly Robinson does a good job here.

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