Monday, December 31, 2012

Obamacare Will Cover Alternative Medicine

 "Under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), otherwise known as "Obamacare," what is now called alternative medicine may become as accessible and as widely accepted as conventional medicine."

Obamacare will cover alternative medicine -, Myrtle Beach/Florence SC, Weather:
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Obama Care is not just the best thing to happen to AA's since the civil rights laws of the 1960's, It's the best thing to happen to Western Medicine in my life time. Imagine that, a bill that tries to use all the tools available to help a patient. Why the next thing you know people will start talking about integrative medicine.

America up to now has only sanctioned allopathic Sick Care System. This is the first move toward an actual Health Care System. There are many more citizen benefits that will be reveled over time as the President's health reform law is implemented.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Dammit, I’m a doctor, not an iPhone!

 "Your iPhone now tells you when it’s time to visit the doctor. Soon it could save you the trip.

In 2013, the biggest revolution in medicine will be in the palm of your hands, as smartphones are reconfigured to turn into mini doctors’ offices and medical labs. This is the year your Android measures your blood sugar, your iPhone becomes an ECG machine and the hardware we keep in our purses and pockets diagnose everything from ear infections to cancer."
Dammit, I’m a doctor, not an iPhone!:
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Iphone always gets the leading med apps. I have a doctors bag folder and it had a stethoscope with EKG capability 2 years ago, Iphone what to fist to have an app and attachment to measure blood sugar. I have Sleep Timer in my bag (the Iphone watches me as I sleep) that provides detailed sleep analysis. i.e. how much on average, quality etc and I have ITriage just to name a few. Yes the Star Trek doc's tools are coming to us.   

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Poll: Kwanzaa 101 2012 (Video)

Poll: Kwanzaa 101 2012 (Video) - Aunk (The Cultural Health Guy)'s column on Newsvine: "Hetep and Respect, every holiday is a Cultural Health opportunity. If you have never seen the seven principles of Kwanzaa take a look. If you have seen them and need a refresher here it is. One of the nice things about the holidays is that we get a chance to learn about each others holidays and the culture behind it ."

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Friday, December 21, 2012

iPhone tool automatically screens calls - CBS News

Corporate executives have administrative assistants to screen their calls for them. Now you can do the same thing yourself with your iPhone.

Call Bliss is a powerful iPhone app that extends the phone's "do not disturb"feature, which appeared in Apple's (AAPL) latest operating system for its mobile devices, iOS 6. Using iOS 6, it's easy to block all calls at particular times of day. You can also mark "favorite" contacts who can get through the filter,

I said to Siri Do Not Disturb

Sire said:
OK, Just let me know when you need me.

If you don't want your apps to disturb you, you might want to change your Do Not Disturb settings,

Siri while you are accurate that is not what I meant, lolt but you were helpful.

Bottom line Siri does not do DND yet, but Call Bliss does.

Now I thought that when I left corporate America my Admin Asst days were behind me, well not so fast. See link for details below. Now just wait until Siri has This Do Not Disturb added to here knowledge bank.

iPhone tool automatically screens calls - CBS News:

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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Winter Solstice 2012 - Infographic

There are all types of complex astrologically calculated explanations of the sun and how the winter solstice works. I built this simple Infographic for the average Joe like me.

The world Celestial Clock c 10,000 BCE
In Dr. Amen's lecture he mentioned the Great Pyramids first of the seven wonders of the world as a celestial clock that told seasonal time i.e. Summer Solstice and winter solstice. I could not picture it in my mind as is the case for many of us so I made this Infrgraphic to help me and you.

In Classical African Civilization, Kemet (Ancient Egypt) everyone knew when the seasons changed and the Winter Solstice arrived because they had the biggest celestial clock in the world. Like the watch on your wrist one just need look at it.

These Africans invented the calendar we use to this very day consisting of 360 days with 5 days added. The Kamu (Kematians) in accordance with their monothiestic practice lived for 360 days and listened to God and the cosmos on these five from the 21 to 24 ending on 25.

For more on this subject see the link below to Dr Amen's Radio Show on the topic

Winter Solstice 2012 - End of What World?

Is this the time to plan an end of the world party or a beginning of a new era party? You have heard many views on this holiday season come hear the central worldview on this important event through Dr. Amen.

Winter Solstice 2012 - End of What World? 11/29 by Taui | Blog Talk Radio

I will post some more here on this subject as we go through this Solstice the once in a life time end of a 5,000 year era.

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Netherlands' Put on Cultural Terrorist Nations Watch List.

Today  the Netherlands' became the first nation in modern history to be put on the Cultural Terrorist Nations Watch List. The Dutch people and their nation earn this dubious holiday distinction for "Black Pete" and the dis-ease it infects their children with.   

 Here is how I rate "Black Pete" and the Dutch Nation on Cultural Health. (I also put this post here so that readers do not think I did not give them a chance to respond and to provided additional information)

USA's National Cultural Health Rating is 53% (up from 0 to 25% pre 2008)

Netherlands' National Cultural Health Rating is maybe 5%

Their Culturally Poisoned national holiday has earned them the distinction of being the first nation in modern history to be put on the cultural terrorist nations watch list.

Let's Go To The Video Tape

Just when you though you have heard all the cultural poisoning in the known world, SURPRISE!

Cultural Literacy Minute: The Dutch were main players in World War Zero (WW0) {"Slave trade"] and the murder of 100 million+ Black people.

It is interesting to note, that with this disregardful history of cultural terror, physically lasting up until recently with the relative hand full of Dutch that had their foot on the necks of 51 million Azanians (South Africans); the Dutch people during this time of peace on earth and brotherhood to man should have White Supremacy (Racism) as the corner stone of what they teach their children on this holiday.

One organization reinforcing the Zwarte Piet image is educational broadcaster NTR, which also airs "Sesame Street" in the Netherlands. It has developed a popular fake news program for kids, devoted to the doings of the wise white Sinterklaas and his many bumbling Petes, all with the traditional blackface look.

Can you imagine the poisoning and dis-ease NTR is pumping into it's nations children?

Several years ago, the broadcaster experimented with a story line in which the Petes were turned different colors after sailing through a magical rainbow. That drew thousands of complaints, in part because the backlash against immigration was cresting at the time: Fans said changing Pete was sacrificing Dutch cultural heritage to the forces of multiculturalism.

It sounds like, not only did we inherit Santa Claus from the Dutch but we inherited some Romney, kill Big Bird, type Republican extremists from the dutch.

Cultural Terrorist Nations Watch List
1. Netherlands

If you have other suggestions for the list please advise
I am keeping a close eye on Egypt who has a Muslim Brother hood President that looks like he wants to force a theocracy on the citizens instead of the multi-ethnic/religious democracy their revolution was for. The Brother Hood is on Record as saying they want to blow up the African Pyramids in the land they invaded. Keep a sharp eye.

Source: MSNBC/Newsvine  Original story and my comments and discussion regarding "Black Pete".

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