Thursday, August 20, 2009

Republican "Health" Care Reform Brought You Health Murder Organizations (HMO's)

That's right, two Republican criminals and their "reform" are responsible for the so called Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO's) designed to give you the customer less care and divert more of your premiums to management and shareholder profit. (video)

You see I was not blowing smoke, we have the Rethuglican leaders like Ehrlichman and Nixon (Known Water Gate criminals) on tape conspiring to destroy the American "Health" Care system and they were successful. You and I can claim ignorance the first time we let this happen, we will not be able to claim ignorance if we let it happen again.

Now, look at MSM reporting like CNN, with the Wolf and "Dr."Gupta. If you and I have heard these recording, so have they. but what are they reporting regarding the newvo Rethuglican Health Care mobs. I say there is a link between blacking out historical perspective, attempting to attack Sick O, their advertisers and Renewed HC Rethuglicanism.

Couple this with Dr. Linda Peeno's testimony under oath that she was hired to kill patients by an insurance company, and you have the facts. This should advise and empower you to act in your own self-interest by de-electing any Republican, or Democrat, that votes against Health Care Reform in September. This includes any congress person who tries to take the public option out of reform.

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