Monday, June 03, 2013

Iphone is the Best Tool For the Blind

This is a remarkable disability community technology story as told by a blind person. Iphone VoiceOver" "A liberating experience.

I have a family member who has cerebral palsy, she is not blind but the Iphone has changed her life, reading the web was a challenge the Iphone made it a piece of cake like reading a book. The great Steve Job's invention has done a lot of visible revolutionary things for man kind. But I think it is the mostly invisible things it has done in the disability community that are the most revolutionary.

If the Iphone clone folks like droid want to copy something VoiceOver is something that might help balance their moral orientation if not their innovation.  Windows 8 is not just a clone and they have always supported the disability community back in their hay day. I look forward to good things mobile Windows 8 as it starts up.

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