Sunday, March 29, 2009

What the L is a Blue Dog Democrat?

More importantly the question is will this group of Democrats vote for the budget and reducing health care costs or will they be Bush Dog democrats as they have been called in the past.

Like most people I have not followed politics as much before Obama as I am now. I missed these Blue Dogs. I remember their anti-humanist disgraced predecessors the Yellow Dog Democrats and the unreliable near criminal Boll Weevils (“Social Conservatives”). We understood these folks as they were self-confessed public enemy’s of African Americans.

Most of these Southern anti-humanist types where run out of the New Democratic Party and into the Republican Party in the 60’s. It is rumored that the New Democrats muted the voice of the relatively few anti-humanists left in the party by strangling them until they were blue. This is how they got their name as Blue Dogs.

The problem is
these Blue Dogs have regrouped and now threaten the Obama budget from inside the Democratic Party. 51 “moderate” and conservative Democratic members of the house are part of the Blue Dog Democratic Coalition. Their official platform is “fiscal conservatism” but they got the name of Bush dogs by siding with him on the war, banksterism and the deregulation that brought us the Bush Depression of 2009.

The question is
, will these Blue Dogs behave like Bush Dogs on the Democratic budget or American Blue Chip Dogs in favor of Jobs, health care, and education.

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Obama Exhibits First Sign of Cultural Poisoning

I voted for the President but what he said regarding the disabled community was a non-traditional symptom of Cultural Poisoning that should be looked at closer.

As a matter of Cultural Health we should always endeavor to reduce Cultural Poisoning of all types. Normally I do cultural commentary on Cultural Poisoning as it relates to Black and White ethnic group issues. Cultural Poisoning as it relates to the disability community is a reality that is even less known and understood then Black/White issues.

For the first time, a sitting President appeared on the Jay Leno Show, where President Obama unfortunately referred to bowling and the “Special Olympics”. See the video on YouTube.

First let me say that anyone can, and most of us do, exhibit a symptom of Cultural Poisoning (CP) from time to time. for instance, Dr. Martin Luther King used the “N” Word (Negro) as common parlance. I have watched the President closely and I have not detected any inter-ethnic Cultural Poisoning yet so, why this odd off hand disrespect of the disability community. Was it competitive arrogance?

If you have ever been in a Gym locker room and heard the trash talk, you might suspect that the President probably picked up this CP in such and environment. Whatever the case, the good news is that unlike Bush and the forty thieves, this President immediately acknowledged the mistake and apologized. Now, that is change, and a good example of how to cure a specific symptom of Cultural Poisoning. Amen!

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Single Payer Action - Everybody In, Nobody Out

There is a new movement afoot that All Americans should learn about. I just joined to lend my voice, what about you? Are you behind Single Payer Health Care or Profit Care?

If you are thinking about this subject you should see SickO Micheal Moore's Health survey movie and the video clips about two American Single Payers UHC (Universal "Health" Care initiatives. One is a State initiate from the great state of California. The other is a National Single Payer initiative in Bill HR 676 the John Conyers (D-Michigan)bill.

Stat Initiative 3:00 Minutes.

California has a plan that should be looked at closely. If you want to see the full version of this video Click Here This is one of the best Single Payer Video's I have seen. (22 Minutes)

Federal UHC-SP Initiative 4:00 Min

What do you think will we get Single Payer in the first pass of reform or the next pass.

UHC in 2009 or Bust! Single Payer Action Join us

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Friday, March 06, 2009

The Great Health Care Debate Moore Vs. Gupta, All Three Rounds (Video)

Dr. Sanjay Gupta CNN's Allopathic mediplex reporter attacked the great Micheal Moore's Sicko and Moore was pissed. They went on Larry King to fight the first battle of the Universal Sick Care Wars. Come See them fight it out faced to face.


Dr. Gupta starts off by apologizing for an error of fact he made. But as near as I can tell said nothing about health care and made no useful argument against Moore's demonstration that the current American medical system is one of the most immoral in the civilized world.

My Opinion Dr, Gupta looses round one let's see what what happens in round two.

Michael Moore vs. Sanjay Gupta Fireworks pt2

The Patient knocks the Doctor to the canvas. His role as a medical mobster for mediplex is unmasked as he says Free medical care in not free. He knows Moore knows this but it is FREE to the patient who pays nothing for sick care when he/she is sick. Here the Doc insults all us patients by calling us "unsophisticated", meaning dumb, saying we can't understand "free" universal health care. Last but not least, the allopath Doc basically uses the Republican scare tactic of evil Socialist Government run health care.


They end on a good note, but Moore lands knock out blow when he exposes that Gupta's one staff expert is a Republican MediPlex think tank plant. I have seen enough, I raise Moore's hand, as winner and still, Health Care Heavy weight champion of the world.

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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Alan Keyes Cultural Traitor and Smart Lunitic

Alan Keyes is an African American Republican who ran in the historic 2008 Republican Presidential primaries.

Many Americans do not know Mr. Keyes because of McCain and the Palin mob and simply blocking Mr. Keyes. But like Clarence, AA should not have the right to vote, Thomas every American should know how detect this type of Cultural Poisoning in an individual and this type of lunacy in any person running for public office.

Let's Go To The Video Tape

Now I don't remember the arrest part but I do remember what he said and it is his words that are important.

Cultural Literacy Minute: Words are both the symptoms of Cultural Poisoning and the means of transmitting the disease.

Now just in case you are inclined to think that Mr. Keys is just stupid because he is a treasonous and an insurrectionist, think again. Not like Palin, the most effective Cultural Terrorist are quite smart indeed. Weather you agree with his marriage as a Principe argument or not one must admit that it is masterfully constructed.

Mr. Keyes is an important example to remember as it relates to World War Zero where we lost 100 million+ innocent man, women and children. Cultural Anti-humanists were smart enough and effective enough to turn tens of thousands of Africans into Cultural Traitors (Jews call their CT collaborators). They did not pick the stupidest African, they picked fairly bright Africans to "oversee" his fellows or live in the house. In fact, the smarter the African was the better the example he made of why it is "futile" to resist.

Mr. Keyes' daughter came out of the closet as a lesbian and he disowned her.

Once a man's mind is sufficiently infected with the dis-ease you will not have to tell him to go to the back door. Why if there is no back door, he will make one for his own connivance.

Some Cultural traitors are money traitors, some like Keyes are mind traitors some like "Justice" Thomas are mind and money traitors teach your RaceDar to tell the differences.  

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