Sunday, February 28, 2010

Black History Month - Obama Sees Self In African Pyramid

Wow Black history month is almost gone and I feel like I missed it, This is because we are living a major milestone in the American story of Black history with our first African American President. (Video)

Like most Africans who go to Classical African Civilization, Kemet (Ancient Egypt), Barack Obama the first African American President, saw himself in the Pyramid

Back when our President went to Cairo in modern day Egypt to give his historic speech to the Arab community, he did far more than just talk to the folks that now occupy this African land. He, like most Culturally Literate African Americans (AA's), took time to make his pilgrimage to see his ancestors and their work.

What a remarkable spontaneous (what we call insperience) reaction by Obama and Dr. Hawass to the President's interesting relationship to the shiny ones (ancestors).

Let us fast forward from Classical African Civilization, Kamet, past World War Zero (WW0, AKA African Holocaust) and the great names of modern AA history, like Harriet Tubman, Malcolm and Martin to the Present. For as the famous motif of the two lions standing in front of African Buildings remind us, While yesterday (Rt lion) is important and Tomorrow (Lt lion) is important, Today (walking into building between the lions) and what we do now, must be our focus.

Today the President of all the people has a Health Care Reform Bill on the table, that will help all Americans in general, and AA's in particular. Not everyone who should be focused on HCR is, Why just the other day I heard, on the Al Sharpton show, a heated discussion between him and Tavis Smiley regarding the question, has Obama address the needs of the AA community.

Let us take a lesson from the two lions of the shiny ones, Passage of Health Care Reform (HCR) will do more to help AA's and all of America, then anything since the 1960's. The Lions are asking us this Black History Month, where is your focus? What have you done to help this President pass what you hired him to get done for American Health and well being.

Let me close as I began, Black history month (some say African Heritage Month) is almost over and I feel like I missed it because I have used it as an Action Month to be lived today. This February is also the month that Dr. Amen has come out with Metu Neter Volume four, a book about Kemetic transformation. Cosmologically February is the northern hemisphere month to begin change.

I have been Emailing, faxing, calling my congress people urging them to pass HCR and to Stop the McCain Anti-Vitamin bill. The question is, will you join us in transforming this February into a month of Action.

It is never to late for change. Amen!

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