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How to stay healthy after 60 or marriage whichever comes first

As you know my focus is Cultural Health Physical Health and Technology. Here is were you will find the latest information and links to my physical fitness and wellness information.

You are what you eat and understanding the food you eat is a good place to start. Fruits and veggies are our friends and are here to help us if we know what to look for. Food looks like what it helps.

The heading of this page LifeRcise is the title and subtitle of my forth cumming book on physical health.  There are a lot of people doing health for the post baby boomer generation here the focus is 60+. If I can do it so can you. Now this is not to leave you young folks out. You have parents and/or grand parents that need this information. Not to mention, by way of example, you know what 60+ looks like when a person has not known how to take care of their health. So you know what you will look like if you do not pay attention. A word to the wise should be sufficient as my mother would say.

Ever Been to a health practitioner that is less healthy then you. The classic one is the over weight dietitian or nutritionist.

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The Channel is just getting started but over time it will have video of myself and other elders in fitness and wellness mode. It is one thing to talk health it is another to do health. Have you ever been to a doctor that is in worst shape then you are? 

LifeRcise products I use and recommend for optimum health and wellness. 

Eye Health:  I have not worn eye glasses for about 7 years now. Learn the secret our ancestors left us on Hey health. Eye of Heru TuneUp is a popular short book that explains what I did. 

MediPlex: your key to understanding the Medical Industrial Complex and it effects on your health and well being.   

Integrative Doctors that I respect and admire 

Dr. Majid Al M.D. World expert in Oxygen therapy, castor oil packs and Dr. Ali's breakfast. 

Dr. Pressman M.D Radio Archive It is amazing to me how many people go to the doctor and get blood tests but never get a copy and con not tell you there Vitamin D levels. A word to the wise if your vitamin D level is less than 80 ng/ml everything else is off. The Blood test most folks get is the 4 page test result I call the sick care blood test. Dr. Pressman is on of the docs that give the 15 page health  care blood test to all his patients as the minimum wellness indicator. It includes the 4 page allopathic SOP plus full vitamin, mineral and hormonal panels. I know you thought a blood test was a blood test. Well it is this kind of basic information, that no one told us about in health ed class, that is the difference between being healthy and fit after 60 or not. 

Jerry Hickey R.Ph (master compound pharmacist) Listen to one of his radio shows. He has a remarkable gift. He has a photographic memory for every drug and herb and study he has ever heard.You would be surprised at all the health great ones that consult Dr. Hickey on pharmacy issues.
If you are in the New York / New Jersey area you can actually consult with Jerry and bring your blood test he will read it for free and advise accordingly also for free. 

Dr. Amen Qi Gone Master, Kemetology expert, Chinese medicine consultant and author

Dr. Ankhnu Uaskhem M.D. Understands the medicinal use of Vitamin C, Traditional Chines Medicine and Traditional African Medicine.


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