Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Cultural Poisoning - Definition

When Africans loose their moral compass and take on the Western woldview's criminal corporation values this is what you get.

This picture does not need words for it is clear that it does not reflect the great eternal values of Classical African Civilization, Kemet (Ancient Egypt). What this picture makes me want to do is leave the formula for Cultural Health and hope this young African brother lives long enough to someday see it.

Cultural Health = Reducing Cultural Poisoning and Raising Cultural Literacy

CH = (-CP +CL)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Nick Hanauer (1%) says Consumers (99%) are the JOB creators

The Republican myth that corporations are Job Creators just got blown out of the water by one of the people falsely accused of creating jobs. (Video)

The honorable Mr. hanauer tells the truth when he says that confident consumers are the job creators. Hiring more workers is the last thing a business wants to do. It only hires more workers when demand, demands it. He also puts a nail in the President Reagan "Trickle Down" economic theory. He points out with a graph, that since the rich's income has been driven up so much by the Republican's reducing their fare share tax contribution to TeamAmerica, we should be swimming in jobs, were not.

Let's Go To The Video Tape

When you hear Republican Presidential candidate Mitt, corporations are people, Romney tell you he is a job creator, remember what this wealthy American told you about how business works. You should also note that the Vulture Capitalist Romney, who made his business career by destroying jobs, would actually know nothing about creating jobs. What Romney and other Republicans have been saying about business and the economy is exactly opposite the reality.

Live and Learn or Crash and Burn!

Monday, May 28, 2012

The Three Stories of Memorial Day - An AA view

As the U.S. Civil War came to a close in April 1865, Union troops entered the city of Charleston, S.C., where four years prior the war had begun. While white residents had largely fled the city, Black residents of Charleston remained to celebrate and welcome the troops, who included the TwentyFirst Colored Infantry. Their celebration on May 1, 1865, the first “Decoration Day,” later became Memorial Day.
May 1 1865 will be the first words out of my mouth today, first to my mate and children, then to everyone I meet. I will alert them to the Cultural Health opportunity in the memorial day holiday for Americans of good will.

As you know in the pursuit of improving our nation's Cultural Health I emphasize the use of American holiday's as major Cultural Health opportunities, for the nation's short attention span is more focused during theses times and emotions are high. For that reason these are important times to identify major elements of Cultural Poisoning and provide family, friends and readers with the antidote, should they decide to accept the holiday cultural health mission.
Let's Go To The Video Tape

Thank your for your article Radio Free America
As a soldier in my time (Vietnam) and my father before me in his time (WWII). Memorial day is a serious holiday. Your MSNBC/Newsvine article has improved my Cultural Literacy today in a manor that will enable me to add a substantial antidote to what I historically do on this day.
On Thanksgiving I run the head line of "The TWO Stories of Thanksgiving. This year the Cultural Health Headline that comes to mind is "The Three Stories of Memorial Day". An so here it is I turned my comment into this commentary on my blog. 
!. The Emancipation Story - AA life and death battle against Cultural Terrorism
2. The Reconciliationist Story - honoring the dead on both sides, reunification.
3. The White Supremacist Story - Pro enslavement, anti- human rights for all
Yes, Historian David Blight in his Race and Reunion, does America a great favor in helping to restore her Cultural Literacy about this tuning point in multi-ethnic America's FORWARD moving history. So it is with great interest that Americans of good will should note the BACKWARD Republican presidential campain of Mitt, vulture capitalist, Romney in the context of Memorial Day.
As the great American Malcolm would say, we must open our eyes to the reality that the sons and daughters of the nineteenth century's unholy alliance of criminal capitalist and White Supremacists still walk among us carrying and spreading the dis-ease of Cultural Poisoning for the same reasons of old.
Why it was just two short weeks ago that a swimming buddy that had not been at the club in some time as he had lost his job in the Bush depression had  found a job and was back swimming with us. After the swim, in the locker room there was a heated political discussion, This now admitted Republican blurted out that he would like to see things go back to 1879. In my best President Obama demeanor I advised him that AA's would not see a benefit in going back to 1879. One of our mutual EA friends who was following our discussion leaned over to me and said, man, this is going to be a hell of a political season in the locker room, I agreed, lol.
So this Memorial day is a good time to retell the story of the original "Memorial" Day, Declaration Day and the ongoing battle over the memory of the civil war. Yes, in light of Tea Party extremist Republicans who want to re-fight the civil war there is a pressing need to shed light on this particular element of Cultural Poisoning as the White Washing of America's internal war is causing many low information voters in the old dirty south to again engage in Jim Crow voter suppression. This criminal disguised poll tax/test criminal  behavior by elected Republicans second only to treason.
So, yes, we have much work to to this memorial day, roll up those cultural soldier sleeves and lets get busy.
P.S. Don't forget the estimated 100 million fallen of World War Zero (WW0) c. 1500 B.C.E. to Present. While the battle of WW0 runs hot and cold, to be effective we must know which, battle we are in and the why big picture. 
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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Iphone/Ipad is the Gold Standard

The glass and metal Iphone stands head and shoulders above the plastic Iphone knock offs (Droids). (1) It is the most beautifully phone  (2) It has the best quality of all mobile computing platforms. (3) It has the most advanced, complete and functional ecosystem. Last but not least it has Siri and the best programers/developers write for the Gold Standard first.

When Apple put Siri (artificial intelligence) in the Iphone it instantly made all other "smart" phones simi-smart, just above the old dumb button phones.

Smartphone Rankings | PhoneDog:

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Growing Body Parts - A Status Report 2012

In 2010 the regrown finger on 60 minutes was the big story, now dentistry has taken the lead in regenerative medicine at the hospital of my birth in New York City. Everybody knows that if you loose your adult teeth you have lost them forever, right. Maybe not, the new dentistry is closer then you think (Video)

Human molar scaffolding and the Mao Technique  to help your body grow its own teeth

From my point of view as a patient, dentistry remains one of the barbaric area's of modern medicine. That's OK call me a coward. It is a kind of sick care patch and repair till we have to pull your tooth out approach. I mean they still use drills and pliers while you are awake. Not to mention the mercury filling toxic metal controversy in the dental community.

Now to be fair, their are integrative Doctors and  dentists that use vitamin c therapy, Biomimetic Dentistry and other means to actually improve a patients dental and overall health or at least explain to you how to minimize the toxic load on the body from root canals, gum problems, etc. But what if our dental sick care system could be transformed into a dental health care system? I am 60+ and my dentist says to me dentures or implants. I think about the story I did here in 2010 and I say, neither, I want to regrow my own teeth, am I crazy?

 Lets Go To The Video Tape

After watching the video you know, two years ago my statement would be completely crazy, today it is still a long shot but a lot has happened in two years and if I can get into a clinical trial it is no longer out of the question. Dr. Jeremy Mao, the Edward V. Zegarelli Professor of Dental Medicine at Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC). IMHO Dr. Mao could be the Steve Jobs of dentistry.

For details click here

On the other cost dentistry is also taking a lead in regenerative medicine.Dr. Ophir Klein MD PhD UCFC (Video) is focused at the animal study and petri dish level of tooth regeneration.

In Japan they are focused on bio-engineered teeth and hair at the animal stage of research. (Video)
In Iceland where it is coldest they seem to have been the busiest, moving ahead of the world in regenerative medicine. What is important is at the end of the video, they are growing stem cell teeth in humans (Video).

In conclusion, when I did this regenerative medicine status report as sort of informal survey of the ReMed we had most of the work being done on organs and one group that just had a tooth grow in mice. I thought then that teeth would be the first to make it to substantial human trials. Now it may have been wishful thinking as I need this new tool but low and behold the Iceland group is regenerating teeth regularly and right in my home town at CUMC they have their patents and are looking to do the human clinical trial FDA approval cycle.

Although the video does not say so, I think the New York Mao technique is using the ECM technology out of the military which, is what I thought would have the greatest potential when I first saw it in 2010.

Wish me luck in getting into the NY trial.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Scientists Turn Human Skin Cells Into Healthy Heart Cells

 "In a medical first, scientists in Haifa, Israel, took skin cells from two heart failure patients and reprogrammed them into stem cells that generated healthy, beating heart muscle cells in the lab. Though human testing is likely a decade off, the hope is that such cells can be used to help people with heart failure repair their damaged hearts with their own skin cells." (Video)

Aunk's commentary:
What this means in a nutshell is that an elder like me in the future will be able to get a new hart that the body builds from my own new skin cells. My LifeRcise Goal is to live to 120, in Cultural and physical health and wealth, for me that is the year 2066 and beyond What is you LifeRcise goal?

Whatever your goal the reality is the longer we live the more likely it is that science can keep us living. Check out what I am doing for my hart right now by jumping rope. Keep your hart strong now so it will be easy to rebuild part of it if you ever need it. Where is your rope?

Health is wealth and medicine is movement.

Scientists Turn Human Skin Cells Into Healthy Heart Cells | Healthland |
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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Republican Supreme Court Justice Arrested!!

 "Today Pennsylvania Republican Supreme Court Justice Joan Orie Melvin was arrested on serious charges." Next we the people need to arrest the criminals on the Thomas Court (SCOTUS).

There is a thin line between Judges and criminals and Republicans like Thomas and Melvin have been walking it so close they were bound to fall off. We need to start to clean our courts out. Moral turpitude in a judge anywhere is moral turpitude in our justice system everywhere.  

Daily Kos: Pennsylvania Republican Supreme Court Justice Arrested!!:
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Supreme court nominations, one more reason to re-elect our President and give him a Democratic congress.

Elect "NO" Republican for 100 years, starting in 2012!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The First Diabetes Meter to Plug into the Iphone.

This new app could really make a difference in the long term quality of life for many Iphone customers with diabetes, especially children. (Video)

Sanofi has announced that its iBGStar, the first approved blood glucose meter to interface with the iPhone, is now available in the U.S. 

This can be a god send especially, if you have children or grandchildren with diabetes, type I diabetes is especially hard on young children. instead of telling the doctor what you remember since the last time you saw him/her you can give them all the medical facts in detail. You can track management progress with indispensable graphs and statistics. You can even send your doctor or one of the new health care teams created by the Affordable Care Act an Email with your details.

Let's Go To The Video Tape

This is one more example of why you want to get yourself and your children the gold standard in IPC (interpersonal computers) The Iphone is not just a phone, it is valuable mobile information tool and where all the best developers and manufactures launch their best apps first.

Recently it has been reported in the media  that phone company's like AT&T and Verizon have sales persons that have been baiting and switching customers to Iphone knockoffs, like a droid or the Windows's phone. The Customer typically will ask for an Iphone and the sales person will say something like I have this phone that is "just as good or better". or they will say this is cheaper. They will then use the old sales gift of gab to switch the computer illiterate customer into the phone that makes them a Bigger commission or more revenue for their company. I use to sell cell phones, so I know how that works and what your manage can and will tell you to do as a salesmen, if you wants to keep his job.

The reality is these kludged Simi-smart phones are not "just as good" as the gold standard as evidence by the fact that they don't run this diabetes app. Just the fact that the Sales person makes a comparison to the Ipone should tell a customer something. They will run diabetes apps someday, just like they will someday run most of the apps that the Iphone/Ipad runs, maybe. However, That is not the case today and they may never have the complete ecosystem that the Iphone has thanks to the genius of the great Mr. Jobs.

The relevant facts are, you can get this app for FREE, your insurance will probably pay for the glucose meter. and a company like AT&T will give you a free Ipone with your two year contract. If the $15 data charge is out of your budget talk to a family member maybe they will chip in with you, especially to benefit a child.

Health is wealth, so we invest in eating healthy food and going to the gym, we should also invest in the best information tools we can possibly afford for ourselves and our kin. Aside from all the other information benefits of the Iphone/Ipad, what is a human's health worth?

Knowledge is power

iBGStar Glucometer for iPhone Now Available in U.S.:

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Glooko syncs Roche meters, iPhones via infrared

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mitt Romney's Cultural Terrorist Action Uncovered in a Criminal Attack

Five eyewitnesses step forward and testify that Mitt Romney lead a hate crime attack on a homosexual at his school.

Remember Bush who put explosives in the anus of frogs when he was younger. We now know what he did to human beings as an adult President. People who suffer from moral turpitude at best and frontal lob deficiency at worst need psychological testing, this is not simple "Bias". Deranged individuals who physically attack others should not be allowed to hold any job involving the safety of human beings.

When we look at the behavior of Cultural Terrorists we find that hater behavior typically does not show up all of a sudden. Haters typically do not just hate one group of people. The Klu Klux Klan is a good domestic cultural terrorist example. They have a "Christian" cross as a symbol  and hate Blacks' Jews' Latino's etc. Having said that, it is interesting to note that Mr. Romney grew up in a church where they believe, as dictated in their bible, that black skin is a curse from god and as a result acted on those words by banning Black People from their church and priest hood during the same time Romney lead a psychotic attack on a peaceful law abiding alleged Homosexual.

Romney's staff says he does not recall the incident. Hmm, he is not suing the eye witness for slander he is just not recollecting. Now, if someone were to say that the man who would not spend money going after Ben Laden or try to save our American flag ship auto industry and assaulted people he did not like did not recall that he was a tin man coward,  I would not disagree.

Mitt Romney’s prep school classmates recall pranks, but also troubling incidents - The Washington Post:

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Interactive Google Map of Right Wing Violence in America

This is a live interactive up to the minute Google Map of Right Wing violence in America. Every voter should follow this map right up to election. The Republican started something with the Palin mob and we better watch it closely.

The interactive Map:

You can take your mouse and expand the map by hitting plus to see more detail. You can look at individual incidents in a state to understand what happened there. This map is a real eye opener. If you think the Republican pandering to Cultural Terrorist in there ranks is not dangerous to the Nation think again.

The American Front is a White Supremacy group well represented on this map. Do you think they vote Republican  Democrat.

As was said in the hot war times of World War Zero (WW0), Keep a Sharp Eye!

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

How Was The Obama Decision to Take Ben Laden Out Made (Video)

Last week was the fist antislavery of Osama Bin Lanen being brought to justice by America. It was a good news day for our Nation's security and honor, except for the bad news the Republicans tried to bring to the table. Here are the facts as we know them.

Here is a detailed look with TV camera's in this situation room for the first time ever.
Let's Go To The Video Tape

Clinton spent 76 missiles to kill Ben Laden and failed.

Monday, May 07, 2012

Obama Kicks Off Campaign and Kicks Romney Butt in Ohio and Virginia

In the swing states of Ohio and Virginia the President kicks off the Democratic progressive campaign with a bang in front of massive crowds. Here is a short 2 minute video to give you a flavor of the American peoples energy. But you really want to see the two videos I link to here to understand  the big picture.

Let's Go To The Video Tape

Did you notice the FORWARD 2012 mission statement, It automatically leaves the Republicans with the BACKWARDS mission statement, brilliant. When you see the whole speech you will understand how the President plans to nail that BACKWARDS mission statement to backs of Republicans.

I had an animated discussion with a fellow swimmer and gym rat that I had not seen for a while in the men's locker room at my club. He actually told me he wants to go back to 1776. I wondered what I would say to him the next time we meet. Now I know!

See the full video's
Ohio Video
Virginia Video

What you should understand about these massive crowds is that both were assembled on the same day.May 5th 2012 our President gave both speeches on the same day. There is no Republicans who can assemble this size crowd once in one day, let alone twice in one day. The ninja proff is on the move.

Every American knows the Democrats and Republicans have opposite missions. Now we have two words that make these opposite missions crystal clear. FORWARD AND BACKWARD.

My mission between now and the 2012 Election is to make sure that everyone I meet hears these two words and understands what they mean.

P.S. The Face of Failure: Only 500 People Show Up To See Mitt Romney In Ohio

Culturally Poisoned George Zimmerman's Hatred of Mexicans Uncovered

The young Turks report that Mr. Zimmerman in addition to the hate crime against Trayvon Martin and his violent past, has also been caught demonstrating Cultural Poisoning against Mexicans (Video).

Is this a Latino American that hates other Latino Americans?
Let's Go To The Video Tape

Cultural Terrorist ("Haters") typically do not just hate AA's or Jewish Americans, their psychotic thinking process can extend to LA's too. In the AA community the Republican Judge Thomas of the Thomas Court (SCOUTS) is such an example. It is unfortunate to see Cultural Treason in any ethnic group. 

Let the 2005 Myspace record psychological dysfunction be entered into the public record of Mr. Zimmerman's decent from his human spirit into his animal spirit. What we need is for the psychological community to step up to the plate and provide society with tests to detect such dangerous social misfits and take appropriate steps to protect the public and treat the ill person.

George Zimmerman Disparages Mexicans On MySpace Page - YouTube:

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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Samsung Wins World in Smartphone Sales, Still Trails Apple in U.S. : InfoGraphic

 "Samsung may still be trailing Apple in U.S. smartphone sales, but according to IDC, the company is now the top mobile and smartphone reseller in the world. The former champ: Nokia, which now ranks third after Samsung and Apple, respectively.

Of total smartphones shipped worldwide Q1 2012, Samsung accounted for 42.2 million — a 267% year-on-year surge — reports IDC. Number two Apple shipped 35.1 million (up 88.7%) while Nokia shipped 11.9 million (down 50.8%), followed by RIM with 9.7 million (down 29.7%) and HTC with 6.9 million (down 23.3%)."

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Samsung Wins World in Smartphone Sales, Still Trails Apple in U.S.:

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