Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Anti-Tech Republicans Took Solar Panels off White House, President Puts Them Back

The President Barack Obama will have solar panels put on the roof of the White House, according to Energy Secretary Chu. Democratic solar panels were first put on the roof by President Carter. Republican President Reagan ripped them off the roof and now the Dems lead us Green to future jobs, by putting them back. (Video)

I did a piece questioning the President's judgement in leaving the White House White, I am glad to see that his judgement has improved. The White House must lead the way in shining the light on Green and Technology jobs in general. This is exactly what our country needs a shining Green House on the hill.

In 08, the Republicans offered us the self admitted Computer Illiterate, John Anti-Vitamin McCain, I think we the people made the right choice.

We just finished the Beck "Honor" Rally and the Big Ed Labor Rally, there were many obvious differences in the two rally's, one of them is that one was focused on jobs and the other was not. We have lost a lot of Technology jobs in America because Republicans and corporate Dems have sold us out to China and India, this must stop. We must go Green and Buy American, but the foxification of the news has blocked this message out for many.

I hope you get this message, China is not going to eat our technological lunch, because America is going to Vote Yes to the President's High Tech green vision and high tech jobs in November.

What do you think, did the President make the right decision to put solar panels back on the roof? Do you think we would have gotten a Green Vision, or solar panels if the Republicans were leading this country?

Original Poll and discussion found at MSNBC/Newsvine

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