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Avatar Gets Cultural Health Seal of Approval

Avatar Receives the Cultural Health Seal of Approval and is in the running for the Culturally Healthy movie of the year Award.

Avatar is easily the most Culturally Healthy major movie of the African year 20,010 (2010)thus far. The two billion pulse Black people worldwide and countless indigenous people, got the Cultural worldview imprecations of this move. Great job Mr. Cameron and crew.

Blue Christmas

This movie did not get the big mainstream movie award for a reason. Some European American writers have tried to culturally confuse and belittle the Cultural literacy importance of the biggest grossing movie of all time. People flocked to see this movie like they flocked to see Roots on TV for the same reason, it improved their Cultural Literacy.

This is good for the Nation's Cultural Health, if the movie is seen in the proper light and used to promote harmony on TeamAmerica and Cultural Humanism in the world in General.

Here are some details about Avatar and it's connection to the Central Worldview (African), that you may have missed. Were does "I see you" come from? What names from Classical African Civilization, Kemet (Ancient Egypt/Nubia) are in the movie? for answers to these questions and more read Avatar Africans and Racism

From a Black Cultural Health perspective my analysis is straight forward. For the first time in a major motion picture of this magnitude, Worldview Theory was on display in 3D for all to see, vibrating seats in the Imax and all. James Cameron did a masterful job in creating Avatar.

What a remarkable technical and cultural feat, from the luminescent landscape to the Na-Vi's connection to the land and the other life forms on Pandora. On Earth, their have been from the earliest of times in recorded history, three major Worldviews and their attendant Values, Interests and Principles, (VIP's). The Central Worldview (African), The Eastern Worldview (Asian) and the Western Worldview (Caucasian) in their order of entry into the historical record.

With the entrance of the last Worldview onto the global stage, with its core value of excessive individualism, we see the Cultural War begin, c 1500 B.C.E., with the Core value of communalism held in the Central and Eastern Worldviews. Most indigenous cultures hold communalism (the people) in high regard. Individuals put the interests of the people and nature before their own petty individual desires. It is in fact, the natural way of existence for spiritual beings having a human experience, before the advent of greed and the criminal corporations of the Western Worldwide.

So we see in Avatar the natural initiation based process of learning about the cosmos and becoming "one of the people" and one with the universe (one verse). We are reintroduced to the people model standing in strong contrast to the excessive individualism belief/desire model of "I want that rock", and I will kill and enslave all the people to get that rock, if need be.

It is interesting to note, as we contemplate Avatar and it's People vs Rock model, that the founding documents of the United States of America start with the words "We the People". You should note that these words were written by Cultural Humanist men that were students of Classical African Civilization, Kemet (Ancient Egypt/Nubia) i.e. Masons.

As the movie ends and the bad guys (Earthers) are sent back to earth, the "hero" is called a "race" traitor (in Cultural Health language, a Cultural Traitor), we are left to ourselves to think. What has Earth become, a place dominated by the people of the Rock who will come back to fight for rocks another day? Is Earth run by the of humans of the People, in a Global Village that will punish the evil Rock people?

What ever the answer, I am sure the squeal with give it to us with its now legendary new Genre that I call Cultural Literacy entertainment. Roots revolutionize TV ratings with this hard to pull off Genre. Last but not least I would like to alert you to one more big movie coming from this big box office Genre, The Last Pharaoh, by Will Smith, Staring Will Smith. Is it possible that the Last Pharaoh will be bigger then Roots and Avatar? I will see you back here after the movie and lets see.

Last but not least, here is a place to Avatarize yourself.
Na'vi Aunk (The Cultural Health Guy) on Pandora

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Aunk said...

The universal appeal of Avatar among indigenous people is remarkable in its universal appeal. Peoples see themselves and their people in the movie.

I heard James Cameron say in a Democracy Now interview how struck he was by the acceptance of the film by indigenous movements worldwide. He now spends time with these movements and this result means more to him then the money the movie has made.

Did you see yourself and your people in Avatar.

November Ninth said...

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