Sunday, June 29, 2008

Food Looks Like The Body Organs They Help - Video

This video teaches you how to tell what foods help which organs. It is amazing how simple Nature has made it for us if we just pay close attention.

Food Patterns of Our Body - Video

Food Patterns javascript:void(0)
Publish Postof Our Body - video powered by Metacafe

In African medical philosophy and Chines medical philosophy plants and humans know each other and play a complementary roll in each others lives. For Example, plants make oxygen which we use and we make Carbon Monoxide which they use. This tells the thinking mind, with out double blind studies, that these two life forces must operate under the same rules. Even if we do not understand the rules the connection is self-evident. This video puts in to words and pictures some of the things I have learned over the years from Dr. Kokyi, Dr. Ali, Dr. Amen, Dr. waskem and others.

The tomato looks like the hart and has four chambers like the hart, and when you eat it, it is good for the hart and circulation, WoW. Celery looks like the bones (leg bone with bone marrow) and bones are 23% sodium and Celery is 23% Sodium. So, it  is the case, that food mimics organ patterns to alert us to how they can help us.

I hope you will use this knowledge to minimize your need for the American pay or die, sick care system on the one hand and improve your personal health care system on the other.

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Nader Consumer Advocate, Consumes Racism? (Poll)

Nader and Imus make the news with racism like remarks this week. Both demonstrated symptoms of Cultural Poisoning. Imus is a good example of chronic CP Dis-ease. Video

Ralph Nadar Says Obama " TALKS WHITE "

Nader says, "...,there is only one thing different about Obama he is "half black"..."(first symptom of Cultural Poisoning) Then he says Obama wants to talk "White", implying that he doesn't want to be a "real" Black like Jessie Jackson, Wow. (Second symptom of Cultural Poisoning.

I liked Nader's work on consumer issues, I did not know that he was consumed by Cultural Poisoning. If Nader wanted to help me he would have endorsed Obama (he says McBush is bad news) and helped me and my family get National health care in four years. Nader is finished in my book, he is harmful to Democrats and African Americans.

Now lets listen to the repeat offender Imus

Don Imus' Racism Emerges Again!!

Imus is a good example of someone suffering from chronic Cultural Poisoning. Like the alcoholic, the tell tail symptom of the dis-ease is denial. When you hear someone deny any form of Cultural Poisoning, like Imus has, turn your racedar on low because it is about to get another big dose of anti-humanism. One thing you can count on from a drunk is that he will get drunk again.

These videos are presented as part of your Cultural Health training. With practice you should be able to detect Cultural Poisoning. If you have the Dis-ease I hope the video and discussion serves as an antidote.
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Sunday, June 22, 2008

MSNBC Gets the Testicular Fortitude to Kill A Smear (Poll&Video)

MSNBC did a remarkable thing that all the other networks should look out their front window and follow. The Republican Smear machine was activated to smear Michelle Oboma. The MSNBC research team found that McCain said he "...did not love America, until..." and Dan Abrams called the smearer's on their duplicity.

The Republican anti-humanists were trying to Black Boat Obama by going after one of his greatest strengths his wife. This is not new, Bush and the Forty Thieves Black Boated McCain talking about his "Black" Child in an election campaign.So we know that the Culturally Poisoned attack on Michelle Obama was designed to create the old "FUD", (Fear Uncertainty and Doubt). You know Obama's wife is unpatriotic, all Blacks are unpatriotic so Obama is unpatriotic and you can not trust him.

We know the deal, what is new is the fact that the mainstream media and the democrats did not let the Republican swift boat attack just hang out in the atmosphere without a response. Dan Abrams of MSNBC's 'Verdict put together a panel that put some of the people doing the smearing before the camera and challenged them on their duplicity. The Democrats put Michelle on the View and did other proactive things to neutralize the anti-humanists attack.

Now Dan and the panel did not use the words Cultural Poisoning this time, but they did call Mr. Larsons' remarks "borderline racist", this is close enough, I'll take it. Listen carefully to Lars Larson the radio talk show host that was exposed on the Verdict. He is a good example of the modern Cultural Terrorist a kind of David Duke light. The Republicans will deploy these smear machines strategically and we the American people must turn our radar on and get good at detecting them.

We have real important issues to deal with as a nation. The election in November will determine the fate of not just out country, but the word. We must not again allow Republicans to spin us out of our shoes, so that they can once again steal everything that is not nailed down and drive their rescission into a national depression.Keep your eyes on the prize 1. End the War, 2. National Health Care and 3. The Obama Green Moon Shot (energy independence)

If you want to help stop smear and other forms of Black Boating at the birth canal , click here and watch MSNBC.

To Vote in the Poll .(June 22, 2008)

For more polls, click here.

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Monday, June 16, 2008

Obama Talks about Cultural Health on Father's Day (Video)

Obama makes a remarkable speech about one of the most important elements of Cultural Health, fatherhood and the family as rocks in our foundation. (video 23 min)

Barack Obama's Speech on Father's Day

There are some that will say this speech is political. They will say that everything Obama does from now to November is political . And yes, this speech will have political implications but the speech goes way beyond politics as usual. I know of no candidate for President of the United States that would come to my church and have the good judgment, skills and empathy necessary to make this call to action and paint this picture of positive change on Father's Day.

He pointed to a number of things that fathers should incorporate into their lives and their families.

High Expectations
empathy (not sympathy)
Faith and hope

It is interesting to note how respectful Obama's speech was. Respectfull to the church, to the community, to fathers, mothers, children and the Nation. My regular readers know that I start most conversations with Hetep and Respect. I point this out to say, that Obama may not use the terminology of Cultural Health yet, but his speech was culturally healthy.

Barack talked about not just fatherly responsibility and family responsibility he talked about national responsibility. He talked to the fact that each citizen has a responsibility to improved the Nation's Cultural Health so that we leave a better nation for his children,our children and the world.

That is my Cultural commentary. That is what I heard, a call to action and a message of hope to fathers, individual families and the National family. What did you hear?
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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Your Dentist Could be Harmful to Your Health - Dental Fillings (Video)

I remember over the years the many dentist that told me mercury fillings were safe for me. Now I understand how these dentist harmed my health and unnecessarily destroyed my mouth.

Smoking Teeth = Poison Gas

Dentist you have an obligation to develop stem cell teeth so you can repair the damage you have been doing to people all your life.

(medical industrial complex) especially, chemical company's like the ones who make fillings and cigarettes can kill you. Allopathic Doctors do sick care, not health care. Learn how to maintain your own health and be suspicious of drug doctors, ask questions and research bad effects ("side effects") of anything someone recommends you put in your body.
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McCain Will Privitize Social Security

The kiss of death comes out of McCain's own mouth. He simply does not get it. No elder in their right mind is going to vote for a person who is on the record for privatizing social security. It is a non starter and another example of his poor judgment.

John McCain Plays the Social Security Word Game

McBush same policy and same dishonesty habits.

Elect no Republican for another 100 years.
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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Kucinich Presents Bush Impeachment Articles (Poll)

January 9 2008 Dennis Kucinich D-Ohio presents articles of Impeachment for George W. Bush.
The question is Should Bush be impeached or put in irons and sent to the International court.

Impeach Bush - Kucinich presents Bush impeachment articles

Are members of congress that do not support articles of impeachment guilty of obstruction of justice?

McGovern in the Washington Post says Bush should be put on trial. Hear what the people have to say about it.

Cafferty File: Time to IMPEACH Bush and Cheney

Where do you stand.
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Monday, June 09, 2008

The Separate But Equal News Network

Photo from bio of then-Congressman J. C. Watts, who was a delegate to the 2003 Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) Conference on Racism, Xenophobia and Discrimination.Image via Wikipedia "Why J.C. Watts' black television venture is a bad idea."

Latino Americans have channels, I don't hear any complaints, So it also makes sense that other ethnic groups would benefit from a Culturally Healthy channel focused on their issues. On the other hand, that the Republican Mr. Watts should lead the charge is at best suspect.

The Republicans, including Bush and the forty thieves, have a long track record of recruiting Cultural Traitors to their camp. The Cultural Traitor Judge Thomas comes to mind.

In the way of cultural commentary, I did not see anything about Classical African Civilization, Kemet (Ancient Egypt) on BET and I would not expect to see it on a Watts Republican Black TV channel.

My preliminary judgment, potential good idea, the leadership and his proximity to the Neocon crime family raise cultural red flags. It is more likely that a Republican Black channel would be used, like Fox News, for mega doses of Cultural Poisoning rather then Cultural Health.

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Bill Moyers: Rupert Murdoch said Iraq War would bring $20/barrel oil (Video)

Rupert Murdoch and the corporate criminal class in America enabled Bush and the forty thieves to go to war. The anti-humanist believed they could steal Arab  oil and drive the price down to $20 a barrel. Their Cultural Illiteracy brought us Bush/McCain $5 a gallon gas in America.

In 2003, Rupert Murdoch who owns O'Reilly, said the Iraq war would bring oil prices down to $20.  Murdoch and  the Republicans  are finished in America, the cat is out of the bag.
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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Should Obama Choose Hillary As VP (Poll)

The Democrat's  made history  and  headlines around the world with  Obama's  primary win.  Now the question is Hillary and unity.

I watched the historic coverage of Obama making the numbers and becoming the Presumptive Nominee of the Democratic Party. Wow, this is a proud moment in American history and a hopefull time at home and in the world. In fact, a quick look at front pages of News Papers at home and abroad, Obama is the front page lead in what seems like every paper in the world. Overnight Obama has become one of the best known names  in  the world.

It is remarkable to note, that In one act of the American people, National Cultural Health at home and abroad has been dramatically improved.

One chapter closes and the real hard work begins. The first big question before Obama is Hillary's role and party unity for the five month general election campaign.  I  think we have heard the answer in Hillary's speech and Obama's speech.

Obama said:

This is the moment we start to provide health care for our sick
This is my number one issue, so this was music to my ears.

In case you missed the speech

Barack Obama Democratic Nomination Victory Speech

Hillary said, she wants health care to be central in whatever she does going forward. I think a deal will  be cut and Hillary will play a leadership role in getting universal health care started in  Obama's  first  term.  The  question is,  will  she  lead  the health care charge  as  VP  or in some other role?

In case you missed Hillary's speech.

Hillary Clinton Speech New York June 3rd 2008 Part 1 of 3

Whatever the outcome, if I was in a fight, I would want Hillary and Bill on my team. One thing the Obama campaign has demonstrated, is his extraordinary organizational skills and good judgment. Here is his judgment's first and possibly most important test. What would you do?

To Vote in the poll Click Here

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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Ida Fast Wolf Introduces Obama (Video)

The opening speaker at yesterday’s Town Hall meeting in Rapid City, South Dakota was 8th grade teacher Ida Fast Wolf, a member of the Oglala Sioux Tribe and a Rapid City resident.  Ida’s story has become all too familiar across the country—the story of rising gas prices hitting middle class families harder than ever before .

For the full story click here
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White Priest at Obama's Church Makes YouTube Loop

Father Micheal Pfleger preaches about White privilege and denial using Hillary as an example, causes fire storm. This seems to be the last straw in Obama's decision to resign from his Chicago church.

Father Pfleger Rant - Final Straw or Obama Exit Strategy?

Well, I can say without fear of contradiction, Obama sure knows some fiery preachers. I would not have made that speech, nor would I have resigned from this open, flexible, pull no punches , high energy church. I may not agree with everything they say but you have to admit these folks will keep you awake on Sunday. But then again, I am not running for President of the United States of America.

If we take the unfortunate  reference to Hillary out ,  Father  Mike sounds like he was making a useful cultural poisoning point about denial of White Privilege in  America.  This is  another "clip" of something  I would like to  see  the  full speech on.

Was this the final straw or Obama's exit strategy? It was a little of both. Obama and family were talking about the attack by Republicans hacks on him and on the church. He cannot control what happens at Trinity Church, this is politically problematic. The church has done great work in the community and is now getting death threats. Obama's decision to resign from the church is probably, on balance, the best thing for Obama's campaign and his former church and the people of that community who need the unhampered services of that institution. 

Speaking the full context
, here is a part of Father Mike's speech defending African American leaders and Cultural Soldiers, that you did not see looped in the corporate media.

Father Pfleger Defends Farrakhan, Wright, and even Obama

Did you notice the Culturally Healthy mud cloth on the podium. Finally what should European Americans take away from this continuing surprise about what goes on in the Black church. Church, is one of the places that African Americans and their friends speak freely. You may not like what you hear but if you want to, "hear" Black people, church is one place you should listen to.

Cultural Literacy is a terrible thing to waste

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