Sunday, February 07, 2010

Black History Month - AA's Dropping like flies - Oprah, Dr. OZ & Diabetes.

February is Black History Month and I usually write a traditional article on Cultural Health. However, if your physical health is shot, Cultural Health will not mean what you think it means. I suggest that we need to use this February to focus on physical health and our quality of life. (Video)

One hundred African Americans a day are dieing from Diabetes. 80 million people in America have this disease. Many of my friends and family have or know someone with this illness, How about you and yours.

Let's go to the video tape:

If you want to do something concrete to help improve America's National Cultural Health and its physical health this Black History month, I suggest you call your congressional representative in support of passing the "Health Care" Reform (HCR) that has gotten through both houses.

Yes, it is badly effecting the African American and Latino American community but it is a Western epidemic. As America's Dr. OZ points out it does not matter what party or ethnic group you are part of, diabetes cost us Americans 174 Billion Dollars a year and this cost will double.

I conclude that these numbers are under counts. I mean I can see people everyday in New York that I bet have diabetes and don't know it, and have not been to a doctor in years, because they can not afford it. Come on America, We can do better! We are better then this. Pass HCR Now, it is a start.

Everyone in America should have access to quality sick care and we as individuals better start working on our own health care.

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