Monday, May 12, 2008

Black and White Twins?

When Kylie Hodgson gave birth to twin daughters by caesarean section, she was just relieved that they had arrived safely.

It was only when the midwife handed them over for her to hold that she noticed the difference between them.

Remee, who weighed 5lb 15oz, was blonde and fair skinned. Her sister Kian, born a minute later weighing 6lb, was black.


Cultural Literacy Minute: Black genes are dominant and White genes are recessive. If and Africoid and a Caucasoid mate the most likely result is a substantial melanin producing child.

If two substantial melanin producing Human beings mate, a melanin child it the expected result. However, there are exceptions to the melanin rule. Albinism is one exceptions. This multi-ethnic million to one shot above is another exception.

Live and Learn or Crash and Burn
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As we move away from natural exceptions there are other exceptions

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Technical Note:
I know it is confusing but knowing is better then not knowing. Melanin does not just produce skin color it is in every organ in the body. It is my understanding that human melanin production is controlled by master gland (Pineal) programing. The question is how do these stories inform our understanding of melanin science. My Cultural commentary is governed by Mendel's Law, what I call Melanin Law in Humans. I used the KISS principle in this story to relay the basic facts and keep the story short However, this does not mean the story is simple. There are wiki links in the story if you want to jump in deeper biological water.

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