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Bush vs. Obama Job Creation Infographics (Video)

The Bush vs. Obama Jobs graph shows the last 3 years ending in October 2010 with a video explanation of what it means. The second Democrat vs. Republican Jobs graph shows the job growth under the last 11 Presidents. In 5 minutes you can cut past all the Jobs doublespeak and look at the job facts by party.

Let's Go To The Video Tape

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If this is the reality, what happened in the mid term election. The criminal corporation's Astroturf Tea Party frightened and duped the American people, based on their Republican PR philosophy that the masses are asses and we can sell them anything.

This job creation reality that we are experiencing is consistent with Democrat vs Republican historic job creation facts see graph below:

What does it show? Under Democratic presidencies, job creation goes up. Every Democrat who followed a Republican did better than the Republican who preceded them. Every Republican who followed a Democrat produced fewer jobs than their predecessor.
And before anyone jumps on the "but that was because they got all the jobs that were started up under the previous administration," notice that where Republican followed Republican, the second administration came out worse than the first. When Democrat followed Democrat (for which we don't have nearly enough examples) job creation improved in the second administration.

And we can be thankful that McCain didn't follow Bush. Based on the pattern, we'd be down 8 million jobs by the time Palin finished off the first term.
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The question is, how do we help the President and his Democratic TeamAmerica continue their successful job creation for us, despite the extremest TeaBag House that will be pushing their Masses Are Asses agenda to kill middle class jobs.

One thing that we can do is make sure everyone you know sees these Job Creation Infographics. Knowledge is power, the bad actors cannot dupe the middle class and workers in general if they have the job creation facts. We have come to far to turn back now. This is what change looks like, let's show it. 

For to see or join a full discussion on this information visit my MSNBC/Newsvine Column on this subject. Poll: The President Brings Home 50,000 Jobs, What Have Republicans done for you Lately.

09/14/12 UPDATE
- 29 straight mounts of JOB  growth under our President and his Dems. (4.6 mil JOBS)
Obama Created more JOBS in four years then Bush created in eight years.
- Clinton JOBS score card: 42/24
in 52 years 66 million jobs were created
Dems 42 Repubs 24
- Bush and forty thieves blamed for economy Voter poll 57% to 35%
 By margin of 57%-35%, registered voters blame George W. Bush and the Republican Party for the poor condition of the economy.

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