Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Iphone Gets First Weather Prediction App (Review Video)

In our battle against the elements, Dark Sky is definitely a digital tool we want to have in our pocket.
The weather app for iPhone aims to tell you exactly when it it going to rain down to the hour.
And Dark Sky is beautifully crafted to boot. Couple that with excellent graphics and maps, and the app becomes a truly enjoyable way to help you nail down the next downpour."

This screen shot shows you a graphic of the weather over your head, and not just choppy snapshots of the radar every five minutes as in the Weather Channel or Weather bug, but a smooth scroll of the weather's path. 

The yellow line tells you more detail about rain fall then any app on the market. It predicts light, medium and heavy rain fall in ten minute increments.  

Dark Sky Weather App - Business Insider: "
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Below you will see a video of the two smart folks who invented this app and what they intended to do.

Let's Go To the Video Tape
Now that is what they wanted their app to do, does it do it? Click Here to see a review of Dark Skys.

  Aunk's commentary: I swim outdoors and play tennis most days in the summer so if it is going to rain in the next hour is very important to me on a daily bases. I brought the app of $399 today. I live in the North East and  will be testing this app over the next week. I will get back to you with the results as an update to this article.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Picture of Mitt Romney's "Civil Right" Father puts their Cultural Terroism on the Table

This Republican Picture of Mitt Romney's "Civil Right" Father puts their Cultural Terrorism on the political Table.

Republicans have not done MItt, Corporations are people, Romney any favors with this picture of his father which, cuts both ways. We thank Mr. Romney for any positive role he played in the Civil Rights Battle of World War Zero (WW0) and call to your attention his and his son's cultural terrorist roll in the same war c. 1500 BCE - Present.

Mitt Romney's Grandfather was from Mexico

Need More information: Question was his Grandfather a European Mexican as in those who invaded Turtle Island from Spain and murdered and enslaved the indigenous people? or was he an African Mexican, indigenous Mexican or multi-ethnic Mexican?


And I'm not saying that Romney is racist BUT he has never denounced his church's views on African-Americans - you know, the ones that hold that dark skin is a "curse from God?"

Now you have pointed out the facts this picture represents regarding the Romney historic and present relationship to AA's. The fact is that Romney leads the party of David Duke and the Tea party who are against all AA & LA rights from health care to LA dream children act the President just implemented.

He and his father may or may not be racist, but they both are Cultural Terrorists suffering from life long massive doses of Cultural Poisoning,

I dear a Republican to put up a link to the Bible that they both swear is the word of GOD. The section where is talks about Black People please. Thank you in advance for your fine participation in this presentation of the Biblical "Fact" According to Romney and his grandfather.

You are right the apple does not fall far from the tree. Now weather that tree has been used for apples or Psychological lynching is another matter.

Here is the source and context of this article. MSNBC / Newsvine

Saturday, July 07, 2012

Serena Williams is Wimbledon Champ - This Changes Everything

Williams Wins 5th Wimbledon Singles Title, with Aunk's commentary.

"WIMBLEDON, England — For Serena Williams, the tears came slowly, a release of all the emotions that accumulated over the last two weeks, the last two months, the last two years."
frm Rt Serena, her father and bid sister Venus

There was the euphoria of winning her fifth Wimbledon singles title, tying older sister Venus, and her 14th Grand Slam championship. The satisfaction of purging a stunningFrench Open collapse and the aura of vulnerability that followed. The relief that comes with reviving a career on the brink, from cheating death, from outlasting a patient and persistent adversary who on Saturday nearly pulled off a comeback as stirring as Williams’s.

Williams Wins 5th Wimbledon Singles Title - NYTimes.com:
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Aunk's commentary

For me the Queen is back, as everyone interested in the game knows, this changes everything. If the arguably best player in the history of women's tennis is back, then what was a pretty open field in the women's Grand slams may have just changed.

I got up early and watched breakfast at Wimbledon to get the 411, cut the grass and was ready to sit down and watch the match. What a match it was, In the first game of the first set I think Serena only let Radwonska, touch the ball once or so. Once again she got a terrible call. Her service ace that was in, a lines person called it out. Replay, not only was it in but it was way in, and with a right call she would have won the game and probably the match in two straight sets. The lines person should be fired. Although Serena did not say it, I think that call got in her head for a minute, you know this bad call thing seems to "happen" to Serena with an unprecedented regularity in the final match of a slam.

Radwonska utilized this "accident" of fate to make a 2nd set comeback. Then Serena settled down (put hetep back in place) to business and in one game of the third set, not only did Serena not allow Radwonska to touch the ball, she did not allow her to even see it, serving four straight aces, wow!.  The American made her polish opponent look like she was frozen in snow shoes.

The good news is, we have one sister back and one we hope and expect to be back on the court in top form soon. Venus a word of advise; limit your contact with allopathic only doctors. They and their MediPlex drugs are as likely to kill you as help you.  Find yourself a good integrative doctor, like Dr. Majid Ali or Dr. Pressman who can give you a 15 page health care blood test instead of the Allopathic only 4 page sick care blood test. The better picture you get of your blood the better off you are going to be sooner.

IMHO, autoimmune is not a diagnoses, it is a sick care only cop-out. Get with some integrative champions of medicine to help put you back on tract.

Great game Serena

Update: Williams sisters win Wimbledon Doubles Championship. Venus closed out the match with and  ace, fitting. It was a sight to behold they played outstanding doubles against very good opponents only breaking them once in each of the two sets. Imagine playing like that after not playing for two years. - Speechless.

Hetep and Respect to the magnificent sisters.

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Wimbledon: Serena Williams Ousts Defending Champion Petra Kvitova

Everyone is focused now as Serena has a real shot at the title. This win signals she is back big time. The semifinals ratings will be through the roof. 

You would not believe the Culturally Poisoned Picture that was with this story.

It was a resilient trio of Americans that took the courts at Wimbledon on Tuesday, three players who have battled through recent illness and injury that might have ended the careers of some pros.

In the end, only Serena Williams was left standing, having blasted her way into the semifinals at the expense of defending champion Petra Kvitova, whom she dismissed 6-3, 7-5 in 84 minutes.

Full story

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