Sunday, February 22, 2009

Alan Kayes an Example the Republican Party is Dead

This video of the African American Republican Keyes confirms that the Republican party is officially dead. If Keyes, Steele and Limbaugh are the best leaders they can come up with, no Republican will be elected in America for 100 years.

There is an interesting Cultural Health insight that can be gained from Alan Keyes. watching him brings to mind David Duke (Republican Grand Wizard of the KKK). Keyes and Duke are poster children for Cultural Poisoning in their own ethnic group. They are sort of Cultural Poisoning book ends.

It is also interesting to note that Keyes and Duke are not Joe the Plumber and Palin. They are both exceptionally intelligent and well read, so why do they say the things they say and do? Answer, extreme Cultural Poisoning.

This is such a great time for Cultural Health progress, symptoms of psychosocial dis-ease are popping out of the Republican party like popcorn in a frying pan.

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