Sunday, August 30, 2009

Obama Eulogizes Ted Kennedy (Video)

We as a nation and as individuals can lean much about Cultural Health from the life and passing of the honorable Ted Kennedy.

In Classical African Civilization, Kemet, (Ancient Egypt) the most important thing that could be said of an individual at the end of their time in this life was that they were a speaker of truth.

I watched the rituals of transition attend to Ted most of the day on Saturday. As I reflected on his life and his family and the remarkable spontaneous response from the man in the street of every stripe, it dawned on me that we Americans know truth when we see it. We know a good hart and a positive force, somehow automatically, even if we can't put it into words.

Speaking of putting things into words The President's thoughts reminded me that Ted grew toward truth. It is funny, how if we are on a bright path, we all speak more truth the older we get. On education, jobs and health care Ted spoke a lot of truth, but most notable to me, he spoke and acted a lot of family truth.

RIP Ted, Amen

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Evangelical Christens Attack Oprah Winfrey and Other Sissy Christians.

The Republican's Christian Health Care Mobs have been a failure and a disgrace to Christians everywhere, So what is the next move. Well the wing nuts have a Democratic ThirdWay card to play.

Just in case you had your RaceDar off, and missed the start of a new battle in the Cultural War, check this out.

"Progressives and evangelicals have begun to build coalitions on issue like the environment and Darfur, but we believe that we can go even further." - Rachel Laser

"We have radical Muslims. Radical homosexuals. Radical abortionists. We need radical, born again, spirit filled Christians to arise ! Do you follow me ? We don't need any sissy Christians, Oprah Winfrey Christians. We need prophetic, devil stomping, demon rebuking, blood washed, Bible believing, free-from-sin Christians !" - Rev. Samuel Rodriguez,

Let's go to the video tape.

It sounds to me like someone is trying to start a strange new divide and conquer Cultural War between "Hispanic" American Christians and African American Christians.

In case you think Rev. Samuel Rodriguez is just another crazy, think again. This a bright guy we need to know more about. Is he a friend or foe? His use of the term "Hispanic" might be a hint (Symptom). The question is what is the ThirdWay who's leadership he is part of. Some have called it a Democratic ThirdWay, hmm. Is this the right wing nuts changing their public image, like David Duke, and trying to sneak back into the Democratic party.

90+ % of AA do not vote for Republicans. The Repubs attack on the first Latin American Supreme Court Justice guarantees they lost 95% of The Latino American vote. If the President and the Democratic congress get affordable "health" care for all Americans passed, the Republicans will not be elected for another hundred years. Is the Demo Third Way the Republican plan "B" for when they loose "Health" Care?

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ted Kennedy a Remarkable Cultural Humanist, Dies at 77

Hetep and Respect Ted Kennedy, thank you for your positive life, your contributions to the Nation and your support of the African American community. (Video)

It is to this day, not uncommon to find two pictures of public figures on the walls of elder AA's King and Kennedy. Both were good examples of improved and improving Cultural Health in America. Kennedy and his family hold a special place in our harts.

I listened to the eulogy for his brother and it has given me pause this day to reflect on this most remarkable Irish American family of great Cultural Humanists.

Ted's Dream, as he recently expressed it, was health care for all as a right not a privilege. As we move forward in September to pass New American "health" Care, everyone in - no one out, a new Health Care battle cry will rise up in the American People.

Remember The Kennedy Dream!

RIP Ted, Amen

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Republican "Health" Care Reform Brought You Health Murder Organizations (HMO's)

That's right, two Republican criminals and their "reform" are responsible for the so called Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO's) designed to give you the customer less care and divert more of your premiums to management and shareholder profit. (video)

You see I was not blowing smoke, we have the Rethuglican leaders like Ehrlichman and Nixon (Known Water Gate criminals) on tape conspiring to destroy the American "Health" Care system and they were successful. You and I can claim ignorance the first time we let this happen, we will not be able to claim ignorance if we let it happen again.

Now, look at MSM reporting like CNN, with the Wolf and "Dr."Gupta. If you and I have heard these recording, so have they. but what are they reporting regarding the newvo Rethuglican Health Care mobs. I say there is a link between blacking out historical perspective, attempting to attack Sick O, their advertisers and Renewed HC Rethuglicanism.

Couple this with Dr. Linda Peeno's testimony under oath that she was hired to kill patients by an insurance company, and you have the facts. This should advise and empower you to act in your own self-interest by de-electing any Republican, or Democrat, that votes against Health Care Reform in September. This includes any congress person who tries to take the public option out of reform.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Will I be taking Swine Flu Shots 2009? NO!

It is interesting that MediPlex thinks the masses are asses and have forgotten the 1976 Swin Flu hoax that Citizens say gave them neurological disorders. (CBS 60 minutes Video)

Did the doctors know that Swine Flu can cause neurological dis-eases?

I generally do not take vaccines because of mercury and other harmful ingredients. I surly will not be taking the 1976 Swim flu vaccine again. What has changed with the group of doctors from the first batch. Did any go to jail, or loose their medical license from the Wallace report on their misconduct and harm to the public? No, then I conclude that nothing has changed and MediPlex is still in the medical murder medicine for profit business. President Obama, I disagree with you on this one.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New Rules: Black President, Police Say Carrying Live Guns to Debates is OK.

Hard to believe my eyes. It was just yesterday if you were not a card carrying Republican with and ID to prove it you could not get withing X feet to miles (Free Speech Zones) of where President Bush might be. (Video)

Could these police be some of Sgt Crowleys brothers? Speaking of "Free Speech Zones" I am speechless.

And it gets worst, now bringing machine guns to places where the American President will be is OK. I mean how can you have a peaceful debate without one or two guns. Click Here

People are making the excuse of state open carry laws in 40 states. There are state laws that allow you to carry signs. Remember when Bush and the forty thieves would have you carry your signs miles away (Free Speech Zone). You will recall Republicans had people arrested for carrying the wrong sign let alone a gun.

If I came to a Bush event with a gun I would be put in jail as a terrorist, with no charge and no access to a lawyer.

Why would and African American, or anyone, be at an Obama event with a weapon? More importantly, why are these people not in jail or in a psychiatric ward.

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Obama invokes grandmother's death in health debate

Obama invokes grandmother's death : "Now, it's personal. President Barack Obama invoked his own anguish over the death of a loved one as he challenged the debunked notion that Democratic efforts to overhaul the nation's health care would include 'death panels.'"

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Republicans Want Americans to Get Health Care in Animal Stalls.

We know the Republican AstroTurf Health Care Mobs are against "Health" Care Reform. The question is what are they for? Democracy Now and MSNBC reported the answer. (Video)

The Anti-humanest Republicans have been trying to scare the elderly and addled brained with Presidential Death Panel outright lies. They are happy that Health Insurance profits are up 422% and that the number of insured Americans has dropped 18%.

Think you have good insurance and don't need "Health" Care Reform (HCR). Remember the movie John Q, when "Health" insurance and Hospital dirty tricks kick in, you could be the next American to find yourself being placed in an Animal stall for treatment.

If you want to improve your understanding of the actual state of Health care in America Click Here. If Obama wants to continue to regain reform momentum in September, as he has in August, he should do a town hall meeting from A Remote Area Medical care giver location during the first week of September, and see if the Republican HC mob has the testicular fortitude to show up and face sick Americans who don't have medical insurance.

A RAM Town Hall meeting would seal the deal for passage of "Health" Care reform in September.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

White Disorderly Mob Harasses Black Cop

Black Police Officer Shows Sgt Crowley How Professional Policing Works. When you take Cultural Poisoning out of the mix the results are remarkable. (Video)

This video lit up the #Blck twitter sphere on Sunday. You will note a White mob engaged in disorderly conduct in the AA officers face. Disturbing the peace would be an understatement. Notice the professionalism of the well trained officer.

You will note that these citizens are not in their homes or on their front porches. They were at a public "Health" Care reform meeting, No ARRESTS! Good Cultural Health lesson.

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Saturday, August 08, 2009

Democrats Attack Republican Town Hall Mobs

The Republican "Health" Care Town Hall Mobs remind me of the old KKK mobs. Remember how African Americans attacked these American anti-humanist? We can learn from history. (Video)

Don't look a Health Care Reform Gift horse in the mouth. You never can tell where you will be when you need to exercise your human right to Health Care.

There is something very noticeable about the Palin mob, The Tea baggers and their latest reincarnation as the "Health" care mob. I notice I don't see many (most times any) AA, Latino Americans of Native Americans. These anti-Humanists (life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for some) carrying swastikas and chanting "Just Say NO", have a strange new screaming ritual they use at meetings with grownup.

The President has an Air war answer.

This is the right, no punches pulled, type of air war needed to defeat the millions of dollars the Medical Industrial Complex is spending everyday, to try and prevent you and I from getting the same health care we give our congress persons.

You remember the 2000 election Florida AstroTurf protesters. People took pictures of them trying to stop the votes from being counted. They tracked them down, got their tax records and found that they were paid Republican National Committee operatives. Criminals and other wrong doers usually know they are wrong, so they try to hide.

The old KKK were cowards, the first thing they would do, would be to hide under sheets so their neighbors could not identify the evil ones. The best thing for evil is light. There have been successful Health Care town hall meetings where the participants had to show identification and wear name tags. They were told the rules and seated one at a time where they could be watched.

Just like you lovingly treat your children at home, we must treat the tea baggers. If you disobey our meeting rules like, screaming, you get time out (kicked out). You know what happens on Newsvine, where I have a column, violate the code of honor and there is a consequence. We need to bring honor back into our Nation's "Health" Care Reform discussion.

The three pronged Dem Attack
1. Put the mob on TV for the people to see
2. Take names and numbers (light)
3. Kick meeting disruptor out. follow up

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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Have You Seen Monika Hunter? Police Say “No” To Amber Alert! | What About Our Daughters

Have You Seen Monika Hunter? Police Say “No” To Amber Alert! | What About Our Daughters: "15 year-old Elizabeth Monika Hunter, has been staying with relatives in Capitol Heights, MD and is now missing. Her sister Renee Jennings sent a private email that’s been forwarded requesting help. Hopefully we can cross-post at several blogs and across social media to get the word out."

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Clinton Proves That Bush Caused Korean Problems

President Bill Clinton securing the release of Americans from North Korea demonstrates that President Bush was the source of most of America's problems with North Korea.

You remember when Clinton and Kim Jung Il got along and The President of North Korea had UN camera's monitoring his nuclear program. You Remember when North Korea was working with its Asian brothers and sisters in South Korea to unify like the Asians in Vietnam. Then Bush called Kim Jung Il an ugly little pygmy and put Korea in his axis of evil.

You will recall it was then that the camera's came out and the new Korean "problem" started. Kim is sending a message.

The message is, now that the good people of America have come to their senses and gotten rid of the crazy Bush. I can act rational and work with you folks again, now that you are not threatening to attack my country in some kind of crazy Bush holy war on "evil".

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Sunday, August 02, 2009

Gates/Crowley off the Front Page - “Health” Care is back.

Friday night on the news Hour Ch 13 (PBS) had it at the end, but the commentator said there was not enough time to cover it. Sunday talk leads with the economy and Health Care, so the President was successful in getting this story off the MSM front pages.

"I’m outraged. I can’t believe that an individual policeman on the Cambridge police force would treat any African-American male this way, and I am astonished that this happened to me..."

My advice to our President is if someone says “friend”, you say no comment. However, anything that will help my friends and all our citizens get affordable, transferable, non cancel Health Care is a good thing.

This is my last call for alcohol on this issue. One of the things missed in most of the commentary is the shock to Dr. Gates’ cultural system. Dr. Vega an African Latino American professor knowledgeable regarding Cultural Health calls this shock Post Traumatic Gates Syndrome (PTGS). Dr. Joy DeGruy who is an expert on a subset of Cultural Poisoning she describes as Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome (PTSS), informs us, from a psychologists point of view, about AA PTSS behavior as a result of the enslavement during World War Zero. Most AA’s, especially males, have a PTSS understanding of the full danger inherent in interaction with police.

A relatively small number of AA’s, usually highly placed in the system and not Cultural Soldiers have a cultural orientation that sees the reality of the three levels of police attack on their fellows but do not envision that such a thing could ever happen to them. When an attack does happen to them, especially in their home (a man’s castle), the shock and behavior (PTGS) that results can be profound and unpredictable.

So the question is will Dr. Gates disappear like Dr. Wright disappeared “for the good of America”. Regressive Republicans have demonstrated that they will attempt to use “race” and now health care to derail the President and the will of the people. I think Gates has been asked to keep a low profile and not put himself in enemy hands as a tool to get the focus off of “Health” Care reform.

Will Dr. Gates’ sue, will he convert Sgt Crowley into a Tim Wise anti-racism activist, will Dr. Gates connect with Cultural Soldiers and do a documentary on Classical African Civilization, Kemet (ancient Egypt) or will he just agree to disagree and disappear? Only time will tell the end results of this police attack and I will be paying close attention and keeping my RaceDar on.

What is the Cultural Health teachable moment, regarding the Beer heard around the world? We must mount an effort to pass a law requiring all police officers in America to wear pinhole camera badges. The technology is here, my Iphone has a video recorder in it and it is lighter than many police badges. Citizens must arm themselves with cell cams. Let’s use the technology to get the facts, protecting our good police officers and citizens.

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