Sunday, February 28, 2010

Black History Month - Obama Sees Self In African Pyramid

Wow Black history month is almost gone and I feel like I missed it, This is because we are living a major milestone in the American story of Black history with our first African American President. (Video)

Like most Africans who go to Classical African Civilization, Kemet (Ancient Egypt), Barack Obama the first African American President, saw himself in the Pyramid

Back when our President went to Cairo in modern day Egypt to give his historic speech to the Arab community, he did far more than just talk to the folks that now occupy this African land. He, like most Culturally Literate African Americans (AA's), took time to make his pilgrimage to see his ancestors and their work.

What a remarkable spontaneous (what we call insperience) reaction by Obama and Dr. Hawass to the President's interesting relationship to the shiny ones (ancestors).

Let us fast forward from Classical African Civilization, Kamet, past World War Zero (WW0, AKA African Holocaust) and the great names of modern AA history, like Harriet Tubman, Malcolm and Martin to the Present. For as the famous motif of the two lions standing in front of African Buildings remind us, While yesterday (Rt lion) is important and Tomorrow (Lt lion) is important, Today (walking into building between the lions) and what we do now, must be our focus.

Today the President of all the people has a Health Care Reform Bill on the table, that will help all Americans in general, and AA's in particular. Not everyone who should be focused on HCR is, Why just the other day I heard, on the Al Sharpton show, a heated discussion between him and Tavis Smiley regarding the question, has Obama address the needs of the AA community.

Let us take a lesson from the two lions of the shiny ones, Passage of Health Care Reform (HCR) will do more to help AA's and all of America, then anything since the 1960's. The Lions are asking us this Black History Month, where is your focus? What have you done to help this President pass what you hired him to get done for American Health and well being.

Let me close as I began, Black history month (some say African Heritage Month) is almost over and I feel like I missed it because I have used it as an Action Month to be lived today. This February is also the month that Dr. Amen has come out with Metu Neter Volume four, a book about Kemetic transformation. Cosmologically February is the northern hemisphere month to begin change.

I have been Emailing, faxing, calling my congress people urging them to pass HCR and to Stop the McCain Anti-Vitamin bill. The question is, will you join us in transforming this February into a month of Action.

It is never to late for change. Amen!

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Friday, February 26, 2010

Stop The John McCain Anti-Vitamin Bill

Senator John McCain has put forward a bill, The Dietary Supplement and Safety Act (DSSA), that would prevent you and I from getting Vitamins and other "dietary supplements". If you plan on maximizing your health we need to stop the McCain anti-vitamin bill now. (video)

Could this be the same John McCain who lost his presidential run against Health Care Reform? The same McCain that had the nerve to come before us, in the light of day, at the President's Health Reform Summit, without a written plan or one useful suggestion for improving our health? This could not possibly be the same McCain, allegedly concerned about deals with the drug makers?

Not only do I know this man to be a mortal enemy of any American for health care reform, but now Americans, who voted for him, no longer believe him, now that he has demonstrated his naked FDA/Drug company stand against American health.

Let's go to the video tape.

What a disgraceful, despicable person. He was just on TV at the summit against all Americans getting basic sick care. Now he is trying to sneak a anti-vitamin bill through to prevent me from managing my own health care.

I am healthy and proud to tell my Docs, that I take no drugs, under penalty of Death!

My secret
, keep your supplement pill box full and your drug pill box empty.

Mr. Anti-Vitamin McCain
, you will have to pry my vitamins from my dead hands.

We must stop this unholy alliance between McCain Republicans, the Bush undead and the FDA, who are wholly owned subsidiary's of MediPlex (medical industrial complex i.e. The Food and Death Administration [FDA], drug company's, Medical "insurance", like Nixon HMO's and Shop Wrong [Rite] Supermarkets, etc) .

Take Action

I just joined the Alliance for Natural Health (ANH). I first heard about them from Nearing a columnist on MSNBC/Newsvine. As you know LifeRcise and physical health is one of my main focuses. I hope you will take a look at some of their other campaigns like the Codex Alimentarius that marshal forces to stop unwanted and sometimes criminal interference with our natural food rights.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

If I Were Buying a Smart Phone Today

The reports of the Iphones death because of Android and Windows Phone are exaggerated. Many think that open phones will win in the end and Apple will be left with 10% of the market.

This is an an interesting assessment of the smart phone end game with windows phone and android left standing. The problem for them is two fold the short term and the apple adjustment.

Short Term

Open is the way to go long term. Sort term apple with 200,000 apps has a one or two year lead and their hardware is bullet proof. Any hardware or software problems in the open players could kill them it the public's mind.

I have an Iphone . If I were buying today I would be thinking Android, however, with the announcement of windows phone, this places the old IBM FUD (fear uncertainty and doubt) into the game. Android might loose and I would be stuck with a boat anchor. I would decide to get the market leader Iphone, and watch the also rans to see who wins.

The Apple Adjustment

Your end game assumes an Apple steady state that is not likely to be the case. They are the communicator innovator and are likely to stay out front. They have voice now and 4G will probably have multi-tasking, pico projection and video conferencing.

What happens of Apple makes a deal with At&T and every other carrier? What happens if they then go open, hmm. I'm just saying it ain't over till the fat lady sings and she is not on stage yet.

In the short term, I think the announcement of Windows Phone will boost Iphone sales and slow Android/Google Phone sales. Let the Smart Phone wars begin.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Obama's Green America is Moving Forward, The Bloom Box

No, I didn't say Boom Box. The Bloom Box is demonstrating that fuel cells are here and they work. Beach sand plus green and black paint (secret) makes a fuel cell you can hold in your hand. (video)

Watch CBS News Videos Online

One cell can fuel a European house and two will fuel an American house. General Powell is on the board, Google is a customer and 400 million has been invested. This is serious stuff about America's future. Imagine a fuel cell that you can hold in your hand, powering a home or village in Africa or India. If the new President's America leads, everybody wins. I must see video.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

President's Feb 25th Health Care Reform Shootout at the OK Corral in Tombstone

On Thrusday February 25th, in this historic Black history month, the Democrats and the Republicans will face off on Health Care Reform at high noon just like back in the day at the O.K. Corral in Tombstone (Video) On that day, I well be joining the virtual march on Washington for reconciliation, how about you?

This is it, it is going to be a knock down drag out, take no prisoners fight to the death on Health Care Reform (HCR) . Will the Republicans really contribute or did they come to fight and die for the insurance companies. Well, unlike the OK Corral, this fight will be on TV so we will all get to see for ourselves, who takes what position for me as a patient, or against me as a patient.

What will the Dems and Repubs write on my tombstone?

He lived a long high quality life because we passed HCR

He Died young because Repubs said no to the people's HCR

Repubs said no, but Dems gave Aunk a long life anyway by passing HCR with simple constitutional majority's

If you are for HCR, we need your help to write my obituary, join the Feb 24th Virtual March on Washington for HCR.

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Man Bulldozes His Own Home (Video)

Man knocks down his home rather then let the banksters size it. Good for him! We need to run the banksters out of town. If anyone should loose anything is should not be people and their homes.

I hope Americans will take a lesson from this man's example of how to deal with thieves hiding in Bank clothing. Banksters commit felony's daily and with no punishment just the hardworking folks take the hit? enough is enough lets change it. Put your money in a credit union or a community bank. Find a place without the banksters.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

It Takes a Village to Raise a Racist

If the parents suffer from Cultural Poisoning are the children doomed to catch the dis-ease

Click Here for details - It Takes a Village to Raise a Racist

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Black History Month - AA's Dropping like flies - Oprah, Dr. OZ & Diabetes.

February is Black History Month and I usually write a traditional article on Cultural Health. However, if your physical health is shot, Cultural Health will not mean what you think it means. I suggest that we need to use this February to focus on physical health and our quality of life. (Video)

One hundred African Americans a day are dieing from Diabetes. 80 million people in America have this disease. Many of my friends and family have or know someone with this illness, How about you and yours.

Let's go to the video tape:

If you want to do something concrete to help improve America's National Cultural Health and its physical health this Black History month, I suggest you call your congressional representative in support of passing the "Health Care" Reform (HCR) that has gotten through both houses.

Yes, it is badly effecting the African American and Latino American community but it is a Western epidemic. As America's Dr. OZ points out it does not matter what party or ethnic group you are part of, diabetes cost us Americans 174 Billion Dollars a year and this cost will double.

I conclude that these numbers are under counts. I mean I can see people everyday in New York that I bet have diabetes and don't know it, and have not been to a doctor in years, because they can not afford it. Come on America, We can do better! We are better then this. Pass HCR Now, it is a start.

Everyone in America should have access to quality sick care and we as individuals better start working on our own health care.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

President Goes To GOP Lions' Den -- And Eats The Lions

President Obama went to the House Republican retreat in Baltimore for a one on one knock down drag out thriller in Manila. The champ kicked some serious butt. (Video)

This performance was just unbelievable. Could you imagine George Bush, father or son, daring to stand before house Democrats, they would be torn to shreds. It is remarkable what a cultural humanist, armed with the facts, can do against the forces of anti-humanism. We citizens of good will better acquire and demonstrate the same skills when talking to our Republicans friends. What do you think?

Apple's iPad tablet computer stocked with greener features

Newsvine - Apple's iPad tablet computer stocked with greener features: "'New tablet computer from Apple will be free of mercury, PVC, BFR and arsenic.'"

Monday, February 01, 2010

Pres. Obama's First State of the Union Address

In case you missed this 2010 speech, here is your second chance to see and understand this full historic, America will not be second Speech. Lean about the new high speed trains that will create jobs in America and what is planned to keep us first.

Find out what the President is doing to help small business get loans to your community and stop health care dirty tricks.

The take away message for me is, America will not be second. Jobs are the 2010 focus. We will take the money (30 billion) we are forcing the banksters to return to we the people and invest it in commercial banks that will give loans to the community including small business. Small business investment and tax credit. We will pass Health Care Reform (HCR). The Republican Senate tried to block legislation that the President wants and he signed and executive order to get it done anyway. I say the same thinking must be applied to HCR.

He also called out the Republican criminal court that "ruled", 5/4, that inanimate objects ("corperations") had the same rights as human citizens.

What are the actions I will take and recommend that you take. I will move my money to a community bank. If you want money in your community, you better put it in your community in an institution that guarantees to reinvest it back in your community.

We the people beat the Corporations in our election of President Obama by using the internet to raise the money he needed and to communicate his party's message. I will let my senators and congress person know that I want legislation to nullify the Republican criminal Supreme Courts attempt to allow corporations to out spend "we the people" in Presidential elections. I suggest you do the same.

What can you do? a simple one two three punch is what you can do
1. Move your money to a community bank
2. Get Health Care Refom passed
3. Stop the criminal court from killing your internet power.

No Shoes, No Problem? Barefoot Runners Put Far Less Stress on Their Feet

No Shoes, No Problem? Barefoot Runners Put Far Less Stress on Their Feet | 80beats | Discover Magazine: "Perhaps the original design is still the best. In this week’s Nature, Harvard’s Daniel Lieberman and his team reported on the impact force of people who are used to running barefoot versus those of us who wear spongy sneakers to protect the bottoms of our feet. Those who ran barefoot (the way humans evolved to run) moved differently, and with far less stress on their feet than the shoe-wearing masses."

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