Tuesday, March 22, 2011

BREAKING: Frederick Carter’s Mississippi "Hanging" Autopsy Results signed off

Mississippi Medical Examiner Signs Off On Frederick Jermaine Carter’s Autopsy Results, indicates the family should have the results some time this week. (Audio/video)

WEALLBE News spoke with Dr. Adel Shaker, the Deputy Medical Examiner for the state of Mississippi. In an exclusive interview with WEALLBE News, Dr. Shaker has revealed that he signed off on the official first autopsy results on Frederick Jermaine Carter today 3/22/2011.

You will recall in 2010,  that the African American Frederick Carter was found hanging from a tree in Greenwood Mississippi a town notorious it''s Cultural Anti-Humanists. Original story here. Join the discussion on MSNBC/Newsvine. There is also a second independent autopsy done by the family. We will need to take a close look at these results as they become available. 

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