Sunday, May 25, 2014

Apple Announces Health Kit - Droids go blind!

The world is expecting Apple on June 2 to announce Health Book (Kit) and rewrite the book on personal bio-metrics even before the Iwatch is announced. The Droid people are worried about Health Kit and the deteriorating health of Droids. Read this important Droid story that the Apple announcements are overshadowing.

Not only is the Apple announcement at their Developers conference about to Blind side the Droid tribe again. But evidence has surfaced that Droid was blind before the conference. Droids don't have a sophisticated motion chip like Iphones M7 chip but we assumed they could tell where they were in space. Well it turns out they can't. (:-( 

I have often reported about the importance of getting the most for your money. In portable computing Technology the gold standard is Iphone period. This article demonstrates yet another example of Iphone clone (Droid) mediocrity.

A wise man once said, "you may not always get what you pay for but you never get what you don't pay for".

A new article "Bounden delays iOS to Android port - Google phones' gyroscopes don't work" lays out the details of why cheap is not better and can actually be very bad.

See video below: The Droid "Giro" accuracy is all over the place. In some cases there is no Gyroscope. They really dupe the technologically illiterate by simulating a Gyro using a compass and accelerometer, WOW. The Droids literally do not know where they are

This is a good example why most A class developers create apps for the Iphone first. You write the app once for the gold standard and it runs on all IOS devices. Just for the Droids in this picture the App developer (in this case Bounden) would have to write 6 different apps to run on Droid. The fact is to cover all the Iphone clones (droids) the developer would have to maybe make"100" different Apps. No developers are going to do that.

One of the interesting numbers from WWDC 2014 is that 89% of apples users have the latest operating system (the software the apps live in). but only 9% of Droid users have the latest Operating system. What does this mean to us as users? Think about it if you were a developer (makes apps) would you spend your valuable time writing you great app for the latest operating system of a mobile computing device  where only 9% the market could run your app. Or would you write for the 89% market.

The answer is self-evident and this problem with Droids is called fragmentation.

What is worst no one knows how to solve this Google Droid fragmentation and quality problem. Don't believe the hype, open is not always better, mobile computing is two new and for my money just the opposite is true at this point in time.

I had a friend last summer who had received seven droids from his carrier Verizon to try and fix problems he was having. bottom line if you are not up on technology, do your self a favor get the gold standard and avoid all the slapped together junk that is out their.

The best selling phone at all the Major US Carriers is Iphone. If you want to understand why Carriers are sticking their less informed customers  with Droids, the answer is simple, MONEY. No, it is not because the Droid is just as "good" as the Iphone, They make more money off Droids. Read the book Dog Fight, it is a good account of the relationship and capabilities of  Apple, Google and Microsoft, and the other also rans.

If money is an issue and you are forced to by a cheap phone, I recommend you go with a Windows Phone, at least they are not just trying to clone the Iphone and their quality tends to be better then the patch work of the run of the mill Droids.

Buy American, Buy the Best!


Bounden delays iOS to Android port after finding many Google phones' gyroscopes don't work:

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