Saturday, February 28, 2009

Black History Month, Cultural Health and Physical Health go Hand in Hand

As we come to the end of Black History month it is interesting to note that this historic time reunites three things that most Americans do not connect but should. The three things are Black People, Medical Technology and the Presidency.(Video)

World Health Organization Symbol

It is interesting to note that in this African year c.12,009 (2009) we are living a remarkable almost unthinkable chapter in Black history month. This chapter will be revisited in Black history month for century's to come. If we are fortunate the Cultural Health of the world will rise to a point when Black history month is no longer needed as the non-culturally poisoned history of Black people in America and the world will be a natural inclusive part of American and world history once again.

Speaking of history, one of President Obama's three top investment priorities is health care. So everyone should be trying to learn about the American system, other systems and partaking in the discussion of what the new an improved American "Health" Care system should be. This presents a Black History month Cultural Literacy Minute opportunity.

Have you seen the Magic Wand of Ti Huti (Caduceus) medical symbol that is the lead picture in this article. How about the RX on drugs (medical recipes). Watch the Ashra Kwesi video at the Per Ankh (Name of the first hospitals in recorded history) in Classical African Civilization, Kemet (Ancient Egypt).

So here we learned about the great African doctor Imhotep thousands of years before the Greek Hippocrates. History tells us that Hippocrates studied at an African Per Ankh (hospital) at the medical hub of the then civilized world. We also see the Origin of the Rx of the Doctor. Now "Drugs" is a specialty managed by druggist. In Imhotep's (Greek Aesculapius) time all doctors made medical recipes. And finally you saw carved in stone the same medical tool set more or less that you will find in operating rooms and doctors black bags to this very day.

Note: While Hippocrates is the most widely known doctor in Western history and Imhotep is the most widely known doctor in African history Ti Huti is actually the first doctor in recorded history to emerge from the smoke of the ancient past. Imhotep in fact studied in the Ti hutic school. The Greeks transliterate this ancient figure as Hermes.

To see more on the magic wand of Ti huti (Caduceus) click Here. To see the Origin of the wand click here.

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