Friday, February 03, 2017

A Culturally Healthy Reporter Knows Objectivity is Dead

With the Cultural Terrorist "President" Trump Loose in America the News media is faced with a choice regarding their views on democracy and the role of truth and morality in news production. Lewis Wallace is an example of a Culturally Healthy  reporter, who wrote a piece entitled Objectivity is dead and i'm ok with it. It is a must read for all writers, reporters and readers, 

Here is what it says:

Like a lot of people, I’ve been losing sleep over the news of the last week. As a working journalist, I’ve been deeply questioning not just what our role is in this moment, but how we must change what we are doing to adapt to a government that believes in “alternative facts” and thrives on lies, including the lie of white racial superiority.

link to piece

I am confident you found the piece thought provoking. The question is, what time is it and what is the state of your Cultural Health? Or for some, the more important question might be what should the state of your Cultural Health be in these challenging times?

After President Obama's election and the risE in the nation's Cultural Health that it seemed to reflect, I put my pen down for a while. However, the Trump tragedy and Wallace's piece is challenging me to pick it up again.


Here is a suggestion. If you hit the tab above on the right marked test it will take you to the Harvard Implicit Association Test for your preference regarding African Americans vs European Americans. I suggest that this is a good way to begin to answer the above questions regarding the status of your cultural health. 

After you take the test comeback and let us know how you did and what you think.

Cultural Health requires ACTION to gain traction.

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