Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Ghettopoly A New Game For Your Children?

Just as u thought u were getting a handle on the old Cultural Poisoning some new, 21st century, Cultural Poisoning shows up. Ghettopoly.

Cultural Literacy Minute:: The New Cultural Poisoning, Ghettopoly

Remember DoubleSpeak words are both symptoms of, and the means of transmitting, the Cultural Poisoning dis-ease.


Negro (and all it's variations)

These words do not represent any Culturally Healthy reality. There purpose is to distort reality in order to infect the target with Cultural Poisoning.

Now, those of you who have read DoubleSpeak in Black and White, know that Cultural Poisoning is not just words. We can identify Cultural Poisoning in Maps, Medicine, music and games.

We have a new form of Cultural Poisoning, Ghettopoly. Ghettopoly is a new game takeoff on Monopoly, a Western tool for teaching about capitalism and/or greed depending on your perspective.

What do you think Ghettopoly teaches?

Take a look at the exchange below then Go to the Ghettopoly web site

Date: Thu, 9 Oct 2003 08:22:58 -0400
From: "Shannon"
Subject: Feedback From Ghettopoly

*Ayana Brooks, Chicago, IL:
"Dear EUR,when I first heard about the
Ghettopoly game, I thought it was a joke!
However, upon visiting the website, I realize
that this guy was very serious, and he has other
'thug' games on the way. I wrote a letter to
him, and the following is his response:
'Should I boycott every single black comedian
who makes jokes about Asian Americans? Is Jay Leno
a racist because he made a comment about Asian
eating dogs? How about Dave Chappell, is
he a racist too? Do you think the puppets they
use on Crank Yankers are stereotypical too? How
about Snoop dog, is his show on MTV racist too?
What do you think when Rappers rap about 'Chink
eyes' or 'eyes slanted like' are they all racist
too? Or how Asians are portrayed in Black Movies?
I think before you pass judgment on my game,
you should first see it. I am sorry that my last
name is of Asian decent, maybe if my last name is
of Simmons, you would not be so harsh. There is all
ethnic groups in Ghettopoly. Including Asian, Irish,
Jewish, Hispanics, White, Italians, just like the real
Remember,the game is called Ghettopoly not
Blackopoly. Look up in the dictionary of the meaning
of the word Satire. I hope from this email that you
know I am not a racist person but a person who simply
decided to make a game that is not boring.'"

*Kelrae in Chicago:
"C'mon now!! Whats wrong with ghettopoly? I see
worse stuff than that on BET and MTV and these programs
reach people internationally, from the music videos to
Snoop's new black exploitation show. Did white folks
or black folks make the game? Or should that matter
since most of the producers of these degrading black
videos are white as well. If the game offends you,
then protest and don't buy it. Otherwise just accept
it as another stab in the face of the black struggle
as you bob your head up and down to the sweet sounds
of 'I'll Slap that Black Ho!' (a made up title that
I'm sure will soon be on the playlist of some new rap
song ... if it hasnt already been used)."

[ These two letters were taken from EURFEEDBACK at ]

"Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars."

You will note that there are other new forms of Cultural Poisoning coming.
Hudopoly, HipHopopoly, thugopoly and RedNeckopoly

So what should u do about this new form of Cultural Poisoning? Attack!

For the answer a more complete answer see DoubleSpeak in Black and White, page 155 "The Seven Point Cultural Poisoning Attack". See point five Educate or Attack Cultural Poisoning users.

Cultural Health requires Action to gain traction.

The question is, what games are your children playing on or off line?

P.S. CLMin : Indiginus Peoples day (A.K.A. Columbus day) next October if you are going to celebrate, celebrate the Culturally Healty Day.

2008 update: Wikified by Zamata.
Note: Ghettopoly was successfully attacked by Cultural Soldiers and the courts ordered the manufacture to halt production of the "game". Thanks to all in the BlogOsphere and on the earth that fought the good fight.

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