Monday, May 31, 2004

Memorial Day and African Americans

Hetep and Respect Good Spirits

Memorial Day's Cultural Health Minute

U know the Cultural Literacy Project's practice of utilizing "Holidays" as Cultural Health opportunities. Memorial Day is no exception. In this spirit, read and head the Cultural Health Minute below.

Remember and tell someone about your family's military service.

On Memorial Day African Americans should remember our ancestor's sacrifices in World War Zero (WW0) A.K.A the middle passage or African Holocaust. 100 million innocent men, woman and children died, in our Big One WW0.

Remember and remind folks of the living and passed on casualties of the Cultural War
Including Marcus, Martin and Malcolm in America and from Hepatica to Ncruma in the motherland
Last to not least remind folks of the living sleeping giants among us.

A great tribute to our fallen ancestors on Memorial Day would be to wake up a present day Sleeping Giant.

What will you do on Memorial Day?

Cultural Health Requires ACTION to gain traction!

Rudy Aunk
DoubleSpeak in Black and White Publisher


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