Saturday, July 29, 2006

Speed Stacking!

Hetep and Respect, Good Spirit. There is a new sport that your kids will love. It is called speed stacking and all it requires is cups.

In Classical African Civilization being able to maximize the balanced use of both sides of the brain was important and worked at. Speed Stacking like piano playing builds this capability (and does not take years to learn). It also builds Tremendous hand to eye coordination.

What is really neat about all this technical stuff is kids love doing it, just show them and they will build all these useful cosmological skills without you saying a word.

Teachers are starting to use it in schools because it can dramatically improve the mental tools a young person brings to the table.

Get some cups (supermarket ones with grips). Learn it yourself in a 1/2 hr and get your kid started, they will do the rest!

From a Cultural Health perspective this is a great way to achieve an ancient mission critical mental performance goal with inexpensive new modern technology.

Aunk (The Cultural Health Guy)

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