Sunday, August 20, 2006

Op-Ed Judge Rules - Gangsters are in the White House!

Polls indicate that most of my fellow Americans disapprove of King Bush II and the Republican crime family’s running of the war on terror and the war of choice in Iraq. While these are good reasons for wanting to make a change in November, they are not the most important ones.

This week an African American judge had the gonads to render a legal judgment on what the average person in the street new from common sense. American freedom is going to hell in a hand basket because of the Kings illegal actions, which are being covered up. The Republican congress of corruption wants to in fact spit in the face of lady justice and pass legislation that would retroactively make their King immune from laws.

There was another “King” and crime family in Germany, who put themselves above German law and led the German sheeple to slaughter. The America I know will never be destroyed from without, destruction will come from with in if left unchecked.

November may be our last chance to start to remove the gangsters from the White House. In the African American community many are concerned and rightly so, about Gangsta Rap. I would submit to my community that the King and his gangsters are a more immediate threat to us then our local Gangsta’s. I challenge the African American community in general and the Hip-Hop community in particular to turn your attention to politics, now through November. Follow the articles in NewsVine to get the political 411.

If you have “Black” Republican friends, like I do, now is the time to get with them. Sit down over dinner in their houses and help them focus on the King and doing the right thing in November. All Democrats need to apply this strategy to all Republicans. Introduce them to NewsVine, November needs to be an inside job.

The MIM media may not be on this story but NV is, get a copy in you mailbox (news feed, blog, bookmark, etc.).

Below are just a few of NewsVine articles the make the case for the importance of including independent media in your news diet.

I Will Not Pledge Allegiance to the New World Order, by Pamela Drew

National "Impeach Bush" Movement Ignored by Corporate Media, By Ardith

Soon There Won't Be Any Freedoms Left For Them To Hate by Pauline Brock

The good news in this story is that our American justice system has ruled that it is unconstitutional to spy on American Citizens. The Bad news is that the King can now legally confiscate our bottles of water.

Note: MIM = Military Industrial complex Media

Enough is Enough!

Fight the War on Terror & The War on the Constitution

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