Sunday, July 01, 2007

Supreme Court Restarts Race War in America

The King Bush fascist five on the Supreme Court openly attacked African Americans by deciding that Blacks should officially get inferior treatment again in America. The Criminal court that prevented all our votes from being counted is now moving in the direction of re-enslaving Africans in America.

In restarting the race war in America King Bush and the Republican crime family have expanded its war on Brown ethnic groups to three fronts Arabs, Latinos and now Africans at home and abroad.

America you are making a grave error. We now have a King in the White House who has attacked African American and Latino voters at the polls, a Pope sitting in the Vice Presidents seat and now a Supreme “Court” led by White Supremacists and one Cultural Traitor. We are disgraced abroad and now at home, talk about America going to hell in a hand basket.

The anti-African American Supreme Court decision ends the Cold Race War in America. This is the second shot in the Republican restart of the race war in America.

American sheepeople who have been asleep, wake up! Before this goes to far. We cannot sustain a war abroad and a war at home. Vote in 2008 to end these two wars.

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