Monday, November 12, 2007

Newsvine - Open Letter/Challenge to Mr. Cosby.

I Rudy Aunk do hereby challenge the honorable Mr. Bill Cosby to Culture Graphically pull yourself up by your bootstraps. Specifically Mr. Cosby, I challenge you to advance yourself from your current psychosocial position of Cultural Citizen, to the higher cultural ground of Cultural Soldier.

Your new book Come on People is helpful. Hitting our young Sleeping Giants over the head with a 2x4 to get their attention is needed. Focusing on parents and education is a much needed piece of the cultural puzzle. Trying to move a soul from Sleeping Giant Hood to Cultural Citizen Hood is a good thing.

I understand that I have used some terms that you may not be familure with.

Please take a minute to come up to speed on CultureGraphics as it relates to melanin folks.CultureGraphics 101 -The Soldier, Citizen, Giant Outline, click here.

As you know, your work in I Spy and The Cosby Show broke the Amos and Andy paradigm and people were living and laughing with African Americans instead of at Black people. You helped literally change the way Black people saw themselves in America and the way Americans saw us.

You have more ground breaking work left in you. In fact, you are one of the few people at this point in time with access to the financial and educational resources, to again utilize the media to help guide our community to the next level.

As you achieve Cultural Soldier Hood (I am confident you will succeed in this) I challenge you to produce two movies, First and epic movie about Classical African Civilization and then a children friendly cartoon series that educates them about the Classical Africans.

It is only fitting that because you played a doctor in your first ground breaking production, that you should play the great Classical African physician Imhotep, in this ground breaker. Think about it, a movie on the scale of “Moses” about the untold story of Classical African Civilization. A movie, lets call it Imhotep for the sake of this discussion, that will gather more eyeballs then Roots, as it edifies our people and the world about the original “roots”.

Now that you have our attention, what are you going to do with it? My suggestion, supercharge our education and once again establish a new paradigm for our youth and America at large.

Hey Bill, if by chance this open letter should reach you, I will be easy to find. After shooting some hoops with Fat Albert, we have sat down near the court and he is asking me some questions about this Cultural Health thing.

Hetep and Respect my Brother

Aunk (The Cultural Health Guy) To watch the MSNBC Meet The Press Cosby Video and hear what Bill had to say about racism and the future, click here..Newsvine - Open Letter/Challenge to Mr. Cosby.

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