Thursday, December 20, 2007

Bush Restarts “Indian”/American War

Bush and the anti-humanist Republicans have caused the restart of the “Indian” War in America. During King George’s rein the Lakota “Indians” declare their formal separation from the United States of America.

Modern day decedents of the indigenous greats like Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse of Turtle Island, commonly known today as America, re-declare their freedom and seventy.

This declaration of unilateral preemptive withdrawal from unjustly imposed United States treaties was delivered to the U.S. State Department earlier this week. The Newly energize Lakota Nation declared that 33 treaties have been broken. To my surprise, there were no media reports of any mention of the other 300 or so “Indian”/American treaties that seem to be hidden in the basement of the U.S. Congress.

This action puts the status of northern Turtle Island (The Dakotas, Nebraska, Montana and Wyoming) back into dispute. We can assume from this action that the Lakota Nation will not be adapting the new Bush concentration champ cards (“National ID Card”), as they will be providing their citizens with their own drivers licenses and passports.

As I reflect on what has happened from a Cultural Health point of view, the words that come to mind are – Talk about chickens coming home to roost --. Was it not Bush, who unilaterally withdrew from international treaties. Seceded from the United Nations and unilaterally preemptively attacked Iraq. Was it not Bush and the anti-humanist republicans, who attacked African Americans by suppressing 1 million plus votes. Was it not the now disgraced, lawless Republican Supreme Court, that declared, that all American votes will no longer be counted. Is it not Bush’s government, that is building walls and turning a blind eye to Latino American and Arab American harassment?

Remember the drowning Blacks, Latinos, Native and other Americans, while Dr. Rice went shoe shopping and Bush stayed on vacation. Remember out of control police and the record breaking rise in police brutality with these new electronic wipes (tasers) Native Americans watch African American progress rolled back with the Republican/Libertarian reversion to European American Affirmative Action. From Juliani’s New York to LA. We see police shooting Blacks 20 to 50 times with no justice, or Jena 6 Justice.

Bush was part of baseball leadership that perpetuated the culturally poisoned denigration of Native Americans with “mascots”. Right in his back yard the Boston “Red Skins” sit, and he has not raised one, single, word of moral outrage. Not to mention, White House connected Republicans (now convicted criminals) banding together to continue to steal the Native Americans blind on his watch.

Speaking of “chickens coming home to roost” What should we Americans due about all this. If we put our heads in the sand, or fall asleep at the switch, while bush and the crime family rob our treasury blind, kidnap and torture human beings at will and generally tear up the only thing that holds all of us ethnic Americans together, the constitution. Then as oldfogy said, “…we are, I am afraid, selling ourselves to the Devil and he may be collecting soon…”

The wheels have come off Iraq a long time ago, they are now coming of America. First our economic wheels start getting wobbly with the dollar sinking like a rock and the mortgage bubble about to blow up into recession. In addition, Bush made the social wheels wobblier then they need to be by attacking African and Latino Americans and putting them in voting cages. Now this, with the Native Americans, I respectfully suggest, that the few of us Humanist Americans left, circle the wagons, impeach Cheney and open negotiations with our brothers and sister of the Lakota Nation.

What can you do? Help eliminate indigenous related Cultural Poisoning you come in contact with, from sports CP to Black Hawk Helicopters.

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