Monday, April 15, 2013

Jeptoo of Kenya wins women’s Boston Marathon 2013

Even as she led the women’s Boston Marathon for mile upon mile with nary another female runner in sight, Ana Dulce Felix kept looking over her shoulder.

Turns out she was wise to be on the lookout. Because Rita Jeptoo was closer than she appeared."

Lelisa Desisa, a 23-year-old Ethiopian who won then men's but the woman had the dramatic story, Rita Jeptooo Kenya won the woman's Boston coming from behind. I can't wait to see them in my home town New York City for the Big One.

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Rita Jeptoo of Kenya wins women’s elite race at Boston Marathon; Shalane Flanagan fourth - Marathon -

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Radio Free America said...

We keep making a liar out of Jimmy the Greek. We can concentrate long enough to win a marathon or any other endeavor. If not mankind would not be here. As the first humans we concentrated long enough for humans to endure. We continue debunk their stereotypes of inferiority. Yet in any way they can they say we are mentally inferior, unable to learn.

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