Friday, September 12, 2014

Health Care For $4: Walmart May Be your next Doctor?

 "Goodbye, doctor’s office. Hello, Walmart?

Based on Walmart’s latest moves, it’s not as unlikely as it sounds.

After years of “Will they or won’t they?” discussion, Walmart is making its long-awaited move into delivering primary care: "

Aunk's commentary:
 I voted for our President to do three thing when he was elected. He has done two and a half of the three things I hired him to do. The most important of the three was to pass healthcare reform so ordinary hard working Americans could afford health care. 
The President's Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) seems to be having some positive unprecedented consequences in making Healthcare Affordable. Imagine going to a health care clinic While you shop at Wal*Mart and it only cost 4$, now that really would be affordable. See the link below for full details. 

Health Care For $4: Are You Ready For Walmart To Be Your Doctor?:

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