Sunday, December 17, 2006

Black Panther Party Marchs on New York City Police

Thousands of African Americans unite against police brutality in New
York City. 50 days for fifty shots, no peace and good will this Christmas as the cry no
justice no peace hits the streets.

Most Americans are still unaware that unarmed African Americans were
recently shot at 50 times in NYC. Blacks, from The New Black Panther Party for
self-defense and Al Sharpton on one end, to the NAACP and Democratic congressmen on the
other, unit against rising police brutality in New York. Blacks have marched on the police
station where the Killer cops are employed and they have marched two Saturdays in a row on
the city. This last Saturday they marched down Fifth Avenue, the famous shopping district
in Manhattan.

With King Bush’s civil war in Iraq, and the civil wars in
Palestine and Lebanon and the general attack on American Arabs only channel 7’s Like
It Is, devoted an entire show to the anti-police brutality marches. There has been a
general black out of the Black marches, no one wanting to highlight a potential civil war
breaking out between Blacks and police.

Watch this video
(05:14 Minutes) minand see for yourself what is going on. The video is of very poor
quality but listen to the voices they are more important then the visuals in this case. If you have cleaner video’s put them up in
your comments. Also, see this Tribute
to Sean Bell
(2:47 Minutes) the African American killed by the police.


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