Saturday, December 30, 2006

With Friends Like This Who Needs Enemy's

With friends like Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and the forty thieves who needs enemy's. Donald Rumsfeld shakes hand of Saddam Hussein of Iraq before the hanging. (Video)

There are certain pictures that you never see. There are certain dots that you are not allowed to connect. Remember the American saying "he is a son of a "B" but he is our son of a "B". Until he pisses us off that is.

I went to reference my story in a comment to a reader on Newsvine and it was gone, so I found this video. Truth Crushed to earth.

Donald Rumsfield and Saddam Hussain handshake

I did a story on this in the Bush era of fear and secrecy on Newsvine (now owned by MSNBC) and here on Google's blogger and it disappeared. Try and find it in a Google or Newsvine search. Now lets see how long it lasts in the new Obama era of responsibility.

There are some things we should never forget less we repeat them. National Cultural Literacy, the good,bad and ugly, is a requirement for Cultural Health.

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