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Who Won The ABC Debate? (Poll)

Most people say ABC did a disservice to the American people. The MSM says Obama was on the defensive. Many people I know say Obama won, who is right?

The blogOSphere has been buzzing since Wednesday about the ABC presidential debate, I don’t plan to go over that again here. We all know that the debate was in two parts. Parts One, 45 minutes of manufactured issues and Part Two, concrete issues. Here we are on Sunday and I no longer remembered all the details of the debate but I was left with some impressions.

Here is my impression of who I thought won part one and two and overall.

Part One manufactured issues

Obama first out of gate. Remember the first open question? Hillary was slow and Obama jumped on it, like siting in the first chair in, in the first row in the class room in front of the teacher. He was aggressive from question one. Corprate media's attempt to spin Obama as defensive fails on me. Dissatisfied with the 45 minutes of non bread and butter questions, yes, defensive, no.

Hillary did not ask the questions but she piled on every negative non issue question that came up. I think she lost points with the people for piling on with the questions that the audience booed Charlie Gibson, and George Stephanopoulos for.

Obama gave her a pass when she was asked about lying about being shot at and bombed. He gained points on the moral high road. However, when Hillary refused to get on that high road with him by piling onto the 45 year old boogie man question, he demonstrated he can be tough by emptying both guns on Hillary. He fired back, President Clinton pardoned to of the boogie men you are so upset about (paraphrase). Naturally, when asked if she wanted time to respond, she declined. Obama wins again.

Finally, the most important win of the night comes out of Hillary's own mouth. When asked if Obama can win the general election she reverses herself and says the now famous, Yes, Yes, Yes.

Part one goes to obama. He was on offense from question one to the end of the round.

Part Two: Concrete Issues

It is interesting that the ending the war question, is the only issue question I remember from part two. Hillary the policy wonk got out wonked. In the heat of debate Hillary overstated her case. On the other hand, Obama slam dunked Bush, McCain and Hillary with one punch. Obama looked very presidential as he made his explanation of how the President is the strategic policy maker and the Generals are tactical implementers. he then pointed out, unlike Hillary he would consult with them in their tactical role.

Obama Wins Part Two on the ending the war question alone in my book.

Let me make one more point before we get to my overall rating. Remember the seemingly out of the blue random citizen that George Stephanopoulos had ask the strange Flag Question? Well it was not random it was a fraud. Click Here

I posted this comment earlier in the week, not understanding at the time that the flag Question inadvertently demonstrated that Obama's "bitter" voter alert was on target and that the flag question is not about the flag.

I want to know who the woman was that Gorge S. got to ask the ridiculous flag question.

P.S. Did you notice that Hillary was not wearing a flag? I wonder if the commentators had one?

The question should not have been about a flag pin, it should have been about how she and I get my health care pin.

Overall, for my money Obama wins the debate hands down. The polls support this opinion. In National polls Obama is up and in the Pennsylvania polls he is closing the gap.

Now here is my Cultural commentary.

The woman who asked the flag question is Nash McCabe. She is a blue collar European American out of work, in need of food and her husband is very ill. If this person is typical of our national Cultural Health we are in trouble. Have anti-humanists in America been successful at focusing citizens on flags instead of their own food? If my spouse was sick, I would ask a potential leader of our nation what he will do to help my spouse, wouldn't you? Read the McCabe Story here.

The real question is, why do people where the flag? is it a code? Are they patriotic? Have Bush and the forty thieves coned them into drinking the neocon fool aid? David Duke wears a flag, what does that mean, is it like wearing a confederate flag?

Note: to take the Newsvine poll click the head line of Click Here.

Just in case you still think Hillary won the debate just listen to Bill, he will fix that.

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