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Reverend Wright Wins The Cultural Health Award (Poll)

How can Obama's Minster who said "terrible" things about America be considered "Culturally Healthy" let alone get and "Award"? Reverend Jeremiah Wright speaks out for the first time on Bill Moyer's PBS TV Show.

Black Liberation Theology

By now everyone is familure with the YouTube Rev. Wright Loop-d-Loop used as a back door attack on Barak Obama. This event has made the Reverend infamous in some quarters of the European American Community. but revered and honored in most parts of the African American community. As a Cultural Health advocate I was happy to see this issue raised because it puts elements of Cultural Literacy on the front burner of American discussion for weeks. This is my cultural commentary regarding Rev. Wright's appearance on PBS

I conclude that this ex-marine patriot gave a good account of himself and his life's work. Growing an 87 member Christian church in a predominantly African American community to 6,000 members is a non-trivial task. I loved the Culturally healthy stained glass windows in the new church and wanted to join his church after the first ten minutes of the show.

If the truth be told, most African American spiritual leaders are culturally Illiterate regarding their spiritual roots. So the first thing I noticed about Rev. Wright, aside from is four degrees and his ability to speak five languages, is the fact that he is far more Culturally Literate then most African American ministers that I have met in my life time. Had I known someone like him, I would have spent more time in church. I think Obama reached the same conclusion. That is why he had such a positive influence on one of the Smartest Americans we have produced, who is now headed toward making his remarkable mark on the world.

To the question, should Rev. Wright just be quiet and take the abuse, I answer as Rev Wright did no, to do so would be wrong. No self-respecting Christian especially, culturally healthy African American Christians should allow their spiritual institutions to be denigrated just for "political gain".

Jews or Muslims would not stand for it and Christians of good will should not stand for it. The now disgraced Republican Party, that disrespected our constitutional separation of church and state, continues to try to use the American church to Culturally Poison and separate Americans. When will we Americans stand up and say enough of this Bush/McCain, let's force religion into politics stuff. Bush used the “Religious” Right as a wedge issue. He used Islam and fear to trick Culturally Illiterate Americans into attacking and occupying Iraq, and the corporate media helped. Now the anti-humanists are attempting to use the African American Church as a source of fear. Church and God should bring Americans together, not the reverse. You should from this day forward, take note, that anyone who tries to reverse the natural process of mutual religious respect is not our friend.

The honorable Rev. Wright, was right, to give the world’s first Christian Cultural Health lesson on National TV in prime time. Therefore he is the winner of the April Cultural Health Award.

Now let's see what you learned from the PBS special .

What continent does the story of the Holy bible (KJV) take place on?

Middle East
Other Explain

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Rev. Wright if you should by chance read this, get in touch with me and I will set up a Cyber-Church Social Network for your church and get you 100,000 new members in six months. Amen!

If you wish to learn something about Rev. Wright,
Let’s Go to the Video Tape and transcript .

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